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Location: United Kingdom

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Last Updated Feb 03, 2018

Double the Fun! Shattered Remains: Chapters 12 and 13

Hello Readers!

Update: Shattered Remains Chapters 12 and 13 have been uploaded finally! Sorry for going AWOL for several months - writers block is a killer  ;)

Hope you all love the new chapters and please let me know what you think :) 

Look forward to hearing from all of you!!

Medea René

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Dear Reader,  

      Although I have been living in England for most of my life, I was born in Canada and visit what I like to think of as my 'Homeland' very often. My love of writing started at a young age and I wrote my first official poem at the age of nine. From then on until I turned fifteen, I entered multiple competitions through YoungWriters who published three of my poems and two mini-sagas. 

      I am an Accountant by day, and a Writer by candlelight. Sounds poetic, right?  These days the balance between my everyday life and writing is a little less balanced than it used to be - but that's all part of being a grown-up I guess. I am still writing, just not a regularly as I used to. But I hope all my readers will be able to wait for my updates - I'm told it is worth the wait. ;)

      My fictional story interests are mostly fantasy, greek mythology and horror/thriller. I enjoy a good book about vampires or witches or even Goddesses (I admit my most recent indulgence is the Goddess Summoning novels written by P.C Cast).  My poetic inspiration is definitely Tim Burton's 'The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy' and I also enjoy sketching anything from mysterious mermaids to beautiful fallen angels. 

     At the age of seventeen I finally managed to finish a story of my own (after nearly two years of abandoning this idea) and at eighteen I finally published my debut novel, Reflections of Darkness on Kindle. I am currently writing a prequel to this story called Shattered Remains.

I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I did writing it.

Medea René



Novel: Reflections of Darkness


Image used in cover: © 2014 Medea René   -   Cover edited and designed by myself.  

Novel Summary:

When Ashley Bennett and her brother are sent to live with their aunt, all hell breaks loose – literally. Ash is determined to solve the mystery of her mother’s tragic death... could the strange, mysterious and hauntingly beautiful boy she befriends have the answers? A chilling tale of a promise to a stranger, a mesmerising music box  and broken mirrors.

“ I crossed the room to the mirror and stared at a long, jagged crack that ran from the impact point to the bottom left corner. I raised a hand and traced the pattern, wondering why my mother had broken the beautiful mirror.”

Genre: Paranormal/Horror

Status: Completed


What People Have Said:

"You write so well and so free from distraction that you bring the story to life, almost like watching a movie. What isn't described, I can fill in with my imagination... I will certainly be back to read more later. I am so glad that I came to visit..." "This is so easy to read. The story just plays out in my head so naturally. I could just about smell the breakfast toast, and could feel Ashley's pain as she was bullied. That kind of thing never happened to me. I can't imagine what it would be like going to school every day and having to deal with vicious bullies. I like the way the chapter begins with what seems to be a normal family morning, and ends with a gripping climax. This promises to be a very good novel and I am looking forward to reading more…"

- Fernglow

"The forest was enchanting and I loved the way you brought it to life with your descriptive words. As for the story! Wow! Intriguing and spooky! I wonder what evil this wooden music box holds? I'm hooked! you are a wonderful writer my friend! cant wait to read on..." "You're a very talented writer my friend. The story is totally compelling and it flows nicely... The scene in the kitchen was truly frightening and well written. The first chapter reminded me of a dark fairy tale and I love this whole musical box thing going on too. Alluring and evil. Absolutely loving the read! Can't wait for the next riveting instalment ..."

- Peacemaker06


Novel: Shattered Remains

Shattered Remains.jpg

Image used in cover: © 2015 Medea René   -   Cover edited and designed by myself.  

Novel Summary:

Sarah Rider made a promise. How will she cope when her best friend turns on her and reveals to be a demon from the Otherworld? When nobody else believes that her imaginary friend murdered her mother, Sarah is sent to the Institute. The doctors say that she is crazy.... The demon is laughing now, and she is in no position to stop him.

" 'She needs another jolt I think,' the calm, monotone voice drawled, 'up the voltage by another one hundred amps.' my eyes flew wide as I realised what he meant. 'No!' I gasped desperately, 'I-I'll be good!' a nurse took advantage of my open mouth and shoved a rubber plug between my teeth. It touched the back of my tongue and made me gag momentarily before I heard dials clicking into position behind me somewhere. I squeezed my eyes shut, anticipating the pain to come. "

Genre: Paranormal/Horror

Status: Incomplete


What People Have Said:

"I just discovered this novel, and I'm already hooked. The story is extremely detailed, which I can't say about a lot of books."

- CitrusPenning

"This novel is off to a good start Medea. You make ordinary everyday events seem so real, with just a hint of mystery and the drama to come - enough to keep most readers wanting more." 

"Medea, there are several writers on Booksie whose stories I enjoy, but not many can hold my attention the way you do. Once I started reading this chapter, I could not stop. You made everything seem so real and so terrifying. You are without doubt one of the best writers that we have on Booksie at present. I am so glad that you didn't abandon this novel."

"This is a seriously chilling chapter. You make it seem so real and so hopeless for Sarah."

- Fernglow


Reading Requests:

I will try to look into reading requests whenever I have time - usually I will read the first chapter (or a specific chapter if you ask me to) and make a comment giving critical feedback. 

Note that I am honest about what I think and I will give negative feedback as well as positive. You do not need to take my suggestions on board, but by asking me to read your work you are inviting my opinion. 

I look forward to reading your work and I love finding great stories; my favourite genres are Thrillers, Horror, Crime, Comedy and sometimes a bit of Romance as long as it isn't cheesy.


AN: Copyright © 2014 Medea René        All Rights Reserved  

I would appreciate if nobody makes any copyright infringements on my work or self-drawn front covers. Please do not use any of my work without my written permission. Thank you.  


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