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Location: Glen Innes, Australia

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Herro all. If you have read my publishings and i haven't returned the favour yet i am truly sorry! It's so hard to get around to everyone and make sure i haven't missed anyone, if you want me to read your work and i haven't yet, please comment on my wall and ask...

I'm not doing this on purpose, I just cant keep up with it properly, and it would take forever if i went through and did it individually... Thanks to everyone :D

I’m updating this thing again because I wasn’t satisfied. (That’s what she said)


Greetings and Salutations.




My name is Angelicque, but people call me Moo. I hate my name because I think it makes me sound like a French hooker.

I have two beautiful daughters and they are my whole world. Yes, I know I'm young. No I don't care if you think I'm a whore. Yes, they do have the same father, and yes I am still with him. No I am not married, and nor do I want to be.

I love to write, and I always have. I am working on two novels and a short story at the moment. I won’t post them until they are perfect though, which won’t be for a long time. So just deal with my poetry.

I have a fucked up head. Blame either my upbringing or all the drugs I did. But fear not, I am good and clean now, apart from Meds, smokes and the occasional drink (or ten).

I once knew the meaning of life, several hundred times. But when the trip wore off it always escaped me... Now I indulge in science to get the answers. I don’t believe in God so don’t preach to me. Believe what you want, but I am unable to put my faith in something blindly.

I aspire to be the female Equivalent of Stephen King.

My favourite colour is Green. Like ya mum.

I love many different types of music, my favourite bands are Green Day, Placebo, Breaking Benjamin and Blink 182. I have too many artists that i like, so i won't write them all down. As long as it isn't country , bible preaching crap or most screamo, it's all good.

I like to draw manga, and read it, and bask in all its glory...

I love to read normal books, write (No shit), watch cartoons and draw creepy comics.

My favourite cartoons are Metalocalypse, SpongeBob, Flapjack, Squid billies and American Dad.

My favourite Anime’s are Higurashi no naku koro ni, Death Note, School Days, The Melancholy of Haruhi  Suzumiya, Kaichou wa maid- sama, Skip Beat, Ouran high school host club and a few others...

I love Cats...

I’m what i have dubbed myself a “CuntBitch”. I am fully aware of it and don’t wish to change that part of me so deal with it. I probably won’t be a cunt on here unless you really piss me off. But even then it would just result in a “Keyboard Warrior Battle” and that’s kinda retarded so just don’t piss me off.

If you read my stuff, you CAN be honest with what you think about them. But how I write is how I write, if you want even stanzas then go to conventional poetry. I write my way. If you don’t like it, get the fuck over it because I really couldn’t give a flying fuck at a sack of potatoes. If there are any mistakes that you think I have overlooked, please let me know so I can fix them. Any advice you have would be appreciated.


I’m sorry, but I won’t read your novels. I will return the favour by reading a chapter and giving you my opinion, but I most likely won’t read the whole thing. Between the mangas I read, drawing, writing, playing piano and the rest of the stuff I do in my day to day life, I don’t really have time to be sucked into a million stories.  If I am enthralled by it I will read, and tell you so. But I have specific tastes as to what writing styles I can put up with. I WILL read and comment on poetry, because that doesn’t take much time, and if I like your work I will become a fan. PLEASE DON’T fan me if you don’t like my work. I want people to honestly like me for what I do. If I like your work then I will fan you. But if it doesn’t hit me hard I won’t. Again, I have specific tastes.


My sense of humour is sick and twisted, and I like it.

If you steal any of my writings I will haunt you. And I’m not joking, or am I? –Dramatic reverb-

But seriously, don’t steal my shit.

I shall add to this in time, and add pictures or something bright and shiny.


Anyway I am 21 and I live in a small town full of old people and teenagers. So it smells like urine and it is loud and annoying. No offense to teenagers but god the ones here make me want to go on a homicidal rampage.

I like to dye my hair funky colours. At the moment I am a fading purple, next will be snow white and poisoned apple green. After that will be rainbow... Or something.

I am growing my hair so it will cover my boobs in the shower... I wish I was a mermaid.

I really hate being sticky. 

 I love Pokémon. I wish I was a trainer so bad it makes me ache... -sigh-


My head floats in the clouds all day long... Fantasies and stories that I just make up to amuse myself. I thought maybe it was time to share these acts from my over active imagination, to see if they are any good... 

I love horror, thriller, mental-illness scenarios and genres. I am not much into fantasy unless done extremely well.... The world is a crazy place... My mind has convinced me of this.

Please enjoy my stories and poetry...  

My main Novel I have been working on since I was 17, and I don't want there to be any mistakes because the story is very intricate... I want it to be perfect. It is called "My Hypothetical Friends" and I hope you enjoy it when I get around to publishing it... It is horror, thriller, and psychological.. It will make you go “What a twist!”

Another one I am working on is called “Sins Bearer”. It is horror and thriller fantasy and sci-fi(kinda).


Thanks for reading... And i am sorry it was long.


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