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I go to school. I am ahuman. Other peoples feet bother me..............Oh, and i forgot to mention I love the Moon! I live in a house (which surprises some people) with my mom and dad and my and my little sister..............and I have a dog his name is Jake........he's really cool, he likes to listen to my ipod with me and he likes to listen to Tokio Hotel too!.............anyway I have like two best friends in the whole entire world: Iggysgirl and Defiance both from my home town, they're really awesome too we've been threw alot of crazy, unnessisary stuff together.


 The guy in white? Yea he is my FAVOITEST person in the whole intire world!!!!! His name is Tom Kaulitz and he is the guitar player for a band which is pretty awesome. He is in a band, called Tokio Hotel, with his brother Bill (the guy with black hair) and his two friends Georg (I think he's the one with long brown hair) and Gustav (the blonde one). They have a bunch of great songs: Monsoon, Black, Durch Den Monsun (the original version of Monsoon), By Your Side, Rescue Me, Break Away, and Ready Set Go!!! OMG THEY ARE THE BOMB!!!!!!!!  (But Tom....Tom is my favoitest!! -^^-)

About Myself



Birthplace: Hawaii

Current location: (It's confendial) Westsiiiiide of Florida....dawg.......?

Eye colour: Grey, Blue, or Green it depends on what I'm wearing

Hair colour: Strawberry-ish blonde


Boyfriend: None

Good At: Talking and making people laugh.

Bad At: Writing, I'm a terrible writer.

Prsonality: Me? I have a bubbly kind of personality, I like to have fun and I have a sunny outlook on most things. When I'm hanging out with my friends I may act a little silly and I play around childishly. But around people I've just met I'm kind of shy and after getting to know their personality I let my own shine threw.


Food: Pasta

Restraunt: I don't really have a favorite

Candy: Dark Chocolate....mmmmmmm

Number: 5,395,439,105

Colour: Green, Purple, Blue

Animal: Dog

Drink: Coke, Strawberry Nesquick, Ice tea

Perfume: Some sort of stuff my mom got me...she said it was time to be a 'lady'

TV Show: Scrubs , Spongebob, Wifeswap, Extra, How I met your mother, and The big bang theory, House

Songs:The whole Scream album- Tokio Hotel (the beastest.....yes, beastest)I don't care- ApocalypticaRiot- Three Day's GraceHandlebars & Rise- Flobots Gives you Hell- The All American Rejects Greenlight- John Legend Love Lockdown- Kanye West Clint Eastwood- Gorillaz



This or That

Pepsi or Coke: Coke (duh)

Mcdonalds or BurgerKing: Burger King, I guess

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Hot Chocolate or Coffee: I like both......mixed together

Kiss or Hug: Hugs

Cat or Dog: Dogs

Rap or Punk: A little bit of both, but I like Hip Hop more

Summer orWinter: Winter

Scaryor Funny Movies: I chose both

Love or Money: I think love is more important



Bedtime: Summer: whenever Schoolnights: 9:00

Most missed memory: My good ol' dangerous home town and all the people in it.....*Sniffle*..........

Best Physical feature: .......I guess my curves......? Some people don't have them so.....yea then there are those people who have to much......I'm not one of those people (Not to be vain or anything)......(awkward moment)

First thought Awakening: .....................*Rolls over and gose back to sleep*

Ambition: To be able to roll my toungue and make that silly noise, I can't do that....yet

Best Friends: Gaby, Natalie, Maraha, Olivia, Rachelle, Katlinn, Kayla, Raymond, Erica, Carmele, Kamryn, Rebecca, Destiny, Kira, Tahjia, Ryan, Onix, Christina, Anissa

Weakness: The look of blood, and my family and friends; I'd do anything for them if their life where in danger.

Fears: Clowns (AAHHHHH!!!)

Longest Relationship: Never had one

Everbeen Beaten up: Nope

Ever Beaten someone up: You can't prove anything.......! (Jk) I've never beaten someone up

Ever Shoplifted: Never

Been Dumped Lately: Haven't had to be no relationship


In A Guy

Favorite Eye Colour: I don't really have a spesific colour that I like in an........eye

Favorite Hair colour: It dosen't really matter

Short or Long Hair: It depends on his hair style

Height: Obviously he'll be taller than me I'm pretty short

Style: No nerd, no scocial, and definently no prep

Personality: Laid back and funny, someone who'd be fun to hang out with and who'd be fun to be around.

Hot or Cute: If I had to choose I'd go for cute. 

Muscular or Super Skinny: Neither just regular


More Randomness

What Country Do You Want to Visit: Tokyo Japan, Ireland, or Germany

How do you Want To Die: Surrounded by loved ones or while sky diving

Mall latley: I don't go to the mall very often.

Get Along With Your Parents: Yes. Mostly

Health Freak: The exact oppisite

Do You Think Your Attractive: No freakin' comment

Belive In Your Self: I did, but then my history teacher said "Shelby, your just not very bright" (but I guess she was wrong cause, I have all honnors classes in my next year of high school! What! She just got owned!!!)

Want to Go to Collage: Yep

Been In Deep Crap: Yes. Different hour. Different problem

Been In Love: I don't really know, I mean of course I've had butterflies in my belly before but I don't think I've ever been in LOVE before, the kind of love where you can barely get threw the day without having them around you, I haven't felt that way yet.

Do you Sing: Yes in the shower and to destroy all my enimies

Want to get Married: Um, yea

Do you Want Children: Possibly

Favoite subject: Art and guitar class

Least favorite subject: Math, Physics, and Violin (Only because of my violin teacher)


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