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Welcome to my "Creative Universe"! And Thank You for stopping by! I Do return the support on reading requests and comments. I hope you enjoy the reading.


Upcoming Novels

"Creative Universe" - More than one book sharing a world and one another has a cause and effect on the other. Certain characters will and may crossover in other books and develope different story arcs. All my novels are within the same universe but in different time periods. And happening at the same time, at some point!


The Double Lives Trilogy: Enigma (Book 1)



~Running from your past doesn't solve anything, Hiding things in the past doesn't make it better; But what's inside of you has to perish! The choices we make are the ultimate tool's to form one's destiny. This is a dark complex story about fate and its consequences. Choose your path! You may have a second chance at life!~

Status: In Progress

Rated: R / Mature

Chapters: 18 of 22

2480 Reads and Counting


Main and Sub Characters

Codered / Victor Ames --- Protagonist ----- At the age of 16; In the year 2018, his life took a drastic turn. Seperated from his family in Southern Europe and was shelted by North America. Secretly, he was tormented and trained to be a ruthless assassin. Until the year 2031, He went AWOL from his agency. That life became tiring and a new life budded inside him. His new mission is to live a second life; a better one. With goals, ambitions and wants. A real normal life. Starting over was easy but new trials awaited him. Ranging from self growth, fatherhood, to love but death and killing remained to follow him. Losing someone close, shows him the true value of life. Compared to the numerous of lives; he onced ceased. A new purpose blooms for him.


Victoria Green --- Supporting Protagonist ----- All Victoria ever wanted; was to be successful like her loving father. She even wanted to pursue the same field of work he did. Her father truly inspired her and they shared a very strong bond together. Everything changed once the 2016 winter olympic games was bombed. She was 15 at the time. This catastrophe was dreadful and very close to the heart of Victoria. It was tragic and changed the course of her life. But did it change for the better? In adulthood, Victoria becomes a detective and a new love ignites in her life and redirects her on her original path. But at the very same time, opening her lover's mind to greater possibilities.


William Battle --- Pro and Antagonist

Little Rock / Mysterious lover / The Young Man / The Young Boy --- Antagonist

Syphon --- Secondary Antagonist

The Watcher --- Supportive Antagonist

Catherine Diaz / Pure --- Victor's Fiancee'

Valentina Withers / Strong Love --- Catherine's childhood friend

Genessa Merlot / Conciever --- Childhood friend of Catherine & Valentina

Alan Camden --- Catherine's Cousin

Davie Thomas --- Alan's friend and CEO of C.I.D Industries

Ted --- Friend of Catherine, Valentina & Genessa

Marty --- Ted's childhood friend

Chief Director Townsen --- Victor's Commanding Officer

Chief Director Green --- Victoria's Father

Kyle Cross --- Victor's fellow Officer

Captain Cross --- Kyle's Father

Det. Bailey --- Victor's Partner

Det. McVay --- Det. Bailey Brother in Law

Det. Starks --- Fellow Detective

K.C --- Kyle's Brother

Raymond Case ---- CEO of C.I.D Industries

Donovan McCall --- Attorney

Estelle Battle --- William's wife & Donovan's Daughter

Eve McCall --- Donovan's second Daughter

The Rat --- Informant

Aunt Cecelia --- Catherine's Aunt & Alan's Stepmother

Mr. Camden --- Alan's Father

Dr. Felix --- Known Scientist, Founder of The Felix Emerald

Joy --- Dr. Felix's wife

Connie --- Joy's Daughter

Sylvia --- Dr. Felix's Daughter

Dahlia & Lily Battle --- William's Little Girls

Nevin Ames --- Victor & Catherine's Son

Nikolai Romanov --- Russian Mob Boss

Fred --- William's Bestfriend

Dr. Divis ---- Scientist at C.I.D Industries

Linus Phillips ---- Board member of C.I.D Industries

and so on.....


Here's a Picture of Vanity City



The Timeline  B.O.B (Before Olympic Bombing) For  Both!

1975 B.O.B ---- Mr. Camden is born.


1977 ---- Aunt Cecelia is born.


1979 ---- Dr. Felix is born.


1980 ---- Joy is born.


1982 ---- Chief Director R. Townsen and Chief Director C. Green is born.


1984 ---- Captain Cross is born.


1987 ---- Donovan McCall is born, Nikolai Romanov and so is Mergn (Earth Years).




2000 B.O.B ---- Alan is born and so is Dr. Divis.


2001 ---- Victoria is born.


2002 ---- Victor is born and so is Detective Starks.


2003 ---- Linus is born.


2004 ---- Detective Battle is born, Steel-Nigh is born and so is Davie Thomas.


2005 ---- Detective Bailey, Fred and Detective McVay is born.


2006 ---- Catherine, Ted, Marty, Estelle Battle and Movile The Martian are born.


2007 ---- Valentina is born.


2008 ---- Genessa is born and so is Eve McCall.


2009 ---- Syphon is born.


2010 ---- Kyle Cross is born.


2013 ---- Sylvia is born and so is Princess Feela The Martian.


BOOK 1 Starts ---- 2014 ---- K.C. is born, Electron is born....A young Little Rock and The Watcher met eachother.


2015 ---- R. Townsen starts his campaign for Chief Director. He's running against Clarence Green. 


2016 A.O.B (After Olympic Bombing) ---- The massive and devastating bombing of the winter olympic games occured in Ontario, Canada North America. No one could be trusted. Nations raged war with one another over the global event. The mastermind behind the bombing is still at large. 


2017 ---- Mercer/Khadim is born, Random countries are bombed and forced its population to migrate to other near by countries. The World is beyond a WW3. Individually, North America, Russia, Europe and some of Asia, launched "Y.A.P" (Youthful Assassin Program)


2018 ---- Connie is born, Ryezin is born. North America bombed and invaded Europe; taking in all lost or forgotten children. Some were even taken from their families for the sake of Youthful Assassins Programs. 


2019 ---- Little Rock gathers his girls.


2020 ---- Donovan gets kidnapped, Codered goes on his first solo mission


2024 ---- Dahlia Battle is born.


2025 ---- Technology evolves and so does experiments on humans. It seemed everyone needed super soldiers, spies and assassins.


2027 ---- Syphon meets Codered, Little Rock does his second murder.


2029 ---- Lily Battle is born.


2031 ---- Codered fled from his agency and started a new life in Vanity City.


2032 ---- Victor meets Catherine, another murder occurs by the hands of Little rock.


2033 ---- Nevin is born. Victor and Catherine are on the run with their son Nevin. They're running from Little rock.


2034 ---- Victor and Victoria must rescue Nevin and solve the Little rock murders and uncover his identity. Superhuman experiments take place. The first Two are successful.


BOOK 1 Ends-----2035 ---- The Watcher sends Electron and Mercer to annihilate Victor and Syphon at the end of 2034's Winter. Later in the Fall, N.A.I.D's Chief Director is Promoted to World Leader.


2036 ---- ????? ------------------l  BOOK 2 Starts

2037 ---- ?????                       l

2038 ---- ?????------------------------v

2039 ---- ?????----------------------------End Of 2, Start of 3                         

2040 ---- ?????______________^


2041 ---- ?????                       l

2042 ---- ?????___________l  BOOK 3 Ends

2043 ---- A new era begins and so does The Unnatural Beings saga


The Unnatural Beings: Dying To Live (Part 1)






Felix X(2).jpg


~Its a new world within the year 2043; the possiblities are limitless. In this changed world, one menacing leader forged it. Destruction and chaos is his past. Only one other graceful leader stands before him and thrives to put an end to all evil things. The graceful one can't face it all by himself; so he recruits new beings that have been exposed and altered by the radiation of "Felix X". A powerful world changing weapon, thats beamed from an enormous spacecraft in space. A new breed of heroes and villans will ascend upon this new world. The Menacing leader has more deadly schemes erupting and it includes "The Death Probe"~

Status: In Progress

Rated: Young Adult

Chapters: 6 of 11

85 Reads and Counting


Main Characters

Exposed to Felix X beam      Galactic Being

H-Hero SV-Super Villan V-Villan N-Neutral


H-Dr. Felix - A wise and scientific leader. The founder of The Felix Emerald. Arch-enemy of The Watcher


SV-The Watcher - An intelligent, insane driven, Power struck World Leader. Evil isnt the word for him. Super Arch-enemy of Dr. Felix.


V-Dr. Divis - The Watcher's lead scientist. Creator of the "Death Probe"


H-Electron - Strives to make the world a better place with his new abilities. He's also apart of Dr. Felix's Resistance against The Watcher. Was once a N.A.I.D super spy with his partner Khadim (Known as Mercer back then)


H-Khadim - He's a Loyal servant of God and of Dr. Felix's Resistance against The Watcher. Was once a N.A.I.D super spy with his partner Electron. He now fights for peace with the voice of God leading him.


N-Mergn - A very powerful being from another planet far far away. He gets his name because he's a mediator between two rivals that seek war. He only wants peace, so he persuades the rivals to end the fued and merge together as one. To become even stronger than before. In the wake of "Felix X" he witnessed the carnage from far far away.  He could hear dreadful cries and alarming screams from the people on Earth. This saddens his heart and sends him towards Earth.


H-Ryezin - A victim of Nikolai Romanov's motives. Nikolai forever changes him; by taking away his parents when he was young. He only has his loyal friend Lynx, who is his guide dog. full of anger; he only wants vengeance upon Nikolai Romanov. But he doesnt know that, someone already dealt with Nikolai.


V-Linus - A former board member of C.I.D Industries and future soldier of The Watcher's


V-Steel-Nigh -


V-Movile The Martian -


H-Princess Feela The Martian -


H-Syphon - Very known from past events. Has a deep past with Victor. But now he fights for Dr. Felix's purpose.


H-Victor - A Very known face. His history and past is the key and roots of all of this.


Connie - Daughter of Joy and Sister of Victor. She has a strong mind and strongly stands by her father's views; Dr. Felix. She's very positive and wants whats best for mankind. Love interest of Electron.


Joy - The wife of Dr. Felix and mother of Victor and Connie.


and other past appearances....


Part 2 will be coming soon to all computers near you


Light Of Vengeance 


Coming Soon! Check out the promo for more info and details!





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