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on success

Essay / Religion and Spirituality

on success Success is what satisfies you even you lose or win.A success ful person is he who gives his lips to his eyes . .you can get success by hook or by crook but your end… Read More

on pleasure

Essay / Religion and Spirituality

On Pleasures. pleasure is not which smiles us but satisfies us.what we think is dream,what we see is illusion,what we feel is reality.Sorrows grow pleasures and pleasures grow tears.Man's real is not laughing but weeping.A smiling face… Read More


on success Success is what satisfies you even you lose or win.A success ful person is he who gives his lips to his eyes . .you can get success by hook or by crook but your end will be so panic.Achieving goal doesnot matter what matter is your way of celebrating your success.Succeeding throwns wear bloody diamonds.Fall and rise is a success but rise and fall is a failure  .some fallen are succeeded and some risen are defeated.Goal of life is not success but to maintain balance in all matters.victorious heads never rise but to bow and scrape.Drems give you success but hopes make you successful.Success is the key of happy life but only happiness in life is not success. There are some lanes which will lead you only to success, no matter what you are, where you are,humbleness,harwork,honesty ,forgiveness,patience,tolerance,keeping promise,helping the needy  these are parameters of success.You will never see a person who is oppresser and is succeeded,and you will also never see a person who is tolerated and is deteriorated.If you did not succeed this is your fault but if you succeed this is not only your own effort.Today in history those names shine who got success but never thought success as their goal of life.Man is always succeeded even he loses or wins because if he loses he will get a lesson towards success. It is not a fact that a happy life is a successful life.To some death is  more successful  than  colourful life.Some fruits of success are not tasted by the person who strove  but by the generations to come.A hopeful attitude gives success ful results but a coward attitude ends with harmful ending.Those who end with success are never ended.The falling beginning ends with success where as a rising beginning ends with fall.Entrance of success is always under shades of dejection and anarchy,but those who continue  conquere  the whole world.To take revenge is not success but to forgive is a success.Giving some one beatiful moments of smiling is one of the touching form of success. Success is that your hands should be used to help people and the people,s hand should be raised for you for prayers.Donot consider success as conquerring the  world but very small perspects can give you success even quenching the thirst of a thirsty person,or feeding the hungry.Tears can wash stains on your heart what a sea can not do ,weeping is a reaping.Your dealing moments will give success to your feeling hours.One moment can give you success for centuries and centuries can not give you success for a moment.Some time your ears can give you success but your lips can let you fall.Your words are not yours but lips are your own .If you live to die ,you are not succeeded but if you die to live you are succeeded.If you celebrate your own success it is failure but if other celebrate your success it is a really a success Your  success of conquere should not let you fall .Many rising  heads are under feet but many bowing heads are wearing crowns.Beauty of success is beauty of your thoughts.As we have uncompareable example of The Holy Prophet (PBUH)when he conquerred Makkah and got success which was being striven from many decades,while entering into the conqurred city The Prophet bowed His head to restrain from pride,at that day those who compelled  Him to leave Makkah and killed his companions and relatives were awaiting death punishment but they were surprised to listen the forgiveness for all.This is one of the most beauty ful example of success that we can not find on the map of the universe.



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