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The Sleeping Beauty

Book / Romance

We All Know The Story Of Sleeping Beauty..The Story About A Princess Who Falls Into A Deep Sleep Because She Poked Her Finger By A Spinning Wheel And Onley Her Prince Can Wake Her. Well This Is… Read More

By The Ocean Side

Book / Fantasy

What Happens When One Night You Decide To Take A Walk Out By The Ocean...What Happens When You See Something Teal And You End Up Going After It...Well My Life Changed For Good Thats What Happen! This… Read More

The NightMare With In

Short Story / Horror

What Happens When You Find A Book? What Happens When You Start To Read The Book What Happena If Everything You Read Happend To You? Well..Thats What Happen To Katherine That Is Also How She Died..And It… Read More

Grim Peach

Poem / Horror

People Die Everyday,People Die Diffrent Ways,This Is A Poem Based On 5 Year Old Ernest The Boy Who Choked On A Peach. Entrey For Phoenix Personiam,Creepy Alphabet Challenge. The Reason It Says Published In 2009 Was Because… Read More



Dragons ARE Awesome..I Plan On Haveing One As A Pet When Im Older ;)

My Name Is Barbara But People Know Me By Barbie(: I Was Born On July 27 Nineteen Ninety Five In A Realy Hot Ass State And No Its Not Florida. And I’m Currently Still Living Here When I Am Old Enough I Would Like To Live In Either Canada Or The United Kingdom Or Maybe Even Alaska. I Attend A  High school And This Will be My Sophomore Year(2010-2011). If You Happen To Go(: Im Really Quiet Around People I Don’t Know, And I Only Talk When It Is Necessary At School. With My Friends I’m Really Random and Silly and Unexpected and Weird And I’m Not Quiet I’m More Active And Talkative And I’m Happy (: My Favorite Subject In School is History And English I Am Going To Miss 7Th Period World Geography.



I Love Animals With All My Heart, My Eyes Always Leek Salt Water When I See Any Animal Cruelity.I Love Peeps The Only Time I Eat Them Are During Easter Season. I Love The Chronicles Of Narnia And The Vampire Academy Series. My Favorite Disney Princess Is Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) My Favorite Disney Animation Would Be 101 Dalmatians My Favorite Movie Now Is Prince Of Persia: The Sand Of Times Supernatural Is The Best Show On Earth!!!!! So Yeah Getaplaylist! Standaloneplayer GetRingtones


Prince of persia best movie ever...^_^ jake gyllenhaal did an ammazing job:other films with jake gyllenhall that i love include:donniedarko the day after tommrow jarhead I LOVED HIM IN DONNIE DARKO HE WAS FREAKIN ADDORABLE I LOVE THE WHOLE SMURFF SPEECHXD


I Love My Prince Caspian<3 i married to him infact ^^benbarnes<3  Ben Banres is freakin ammazing and talented he should be in more famous hollywood movies..then again i like the fact that hes  not famous hawhawhaw i could kiddnaped him XD


Supernatural fan...why yes i sure am ...oh and im team sam ^_^ i loveee youu jared <33 and to freakin genvieve i hate you and i want you do die i hate how you acted as ruby KATIE KASSIDAY made ruby you just fucked her up. so thanks oh and im glad you died in season 4 of supernatural. im also mad about the fact that you stole my man but its okay because one day he will wake up and DIVORCE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! so ha.william-beckett-print--large-msg-12.jpgimagebyjude92

I Also Lovee My William Beckett<3 the acadmey is should go on warped tour again and then i could like stock william XD and like kiddnaped him XDDi love his name..yeah i know random..i wanna name my kid william damien or damien william fun fact :D


Last but not least CrissAngel i love him also...i would love to kidnaped him but that would be difficult since he has like lots of fans >< but ehh who knows i still might do it :p i love his like magic tricks everytime time i see him to something unbelavle its makes me feel like i can belive in myself and can acomplish stuff so i thanks him well im to lazyy to put more sexyy picutres so ima go peace. and yes i did just make this pink ;)


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