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            Caesar Rising (prequel to Trail of Dust)

Novel by Gideon Elrod


I've read some very excellent work here on Booksie, but the reason I'm plugging in for Gideon Elrod's "Caesar Rising" is that not only is it beautifully and exquisitely written, but the message it dessiminates to the world and the cause it fights for is very noble and very important for mankind. If you have the time, I'd highly recommend you stopping by and reading some of it. It truly is a work of art.



The One-Stop Story Shop enlightened


“How many times have you had to go to 37 different story shops to find all of the different kinds of stories you wanted? You had to go to the Drama Store to pick up one story, then drive all the way across town to purchase a comedy story, then back across town to pick up that true-crime story you had your eye on. Before now, you might have had to pack a lunch, hire a babysitter, max out 3 gas cards, and make plans to possibly stay overnight in a dubious hotel just to pick up the books you wanted. What a hassle! Well, not any more! Introducing The One-Stop Story Shop. No matter what kind of story you’re in the market for, you’ll find it at our brightly-lit store! Come in, order a cup of coffee (unfortunately theft of our coffee cups has been a problem, so we've had to nail them to the counter and insert straws), pull up a chair, and read your butt off (well, not off, because then you’d have balance problems!). Or, if you’d prefer, take the book home with you. Why not, it's free! So purchase whatever category of story you’d like and read, read, read!”

                                                                                                          —advertisement by Mike Stevens.






*********AISLE ONE: THE SOWING CIRCLE*********



Jon Mayler


Unlike the other authors in the shop who will be “plugging” themselves, I'll be plugging Jon Mayler. Jon's one of those once-in-a-generation authors, folks. He's a master of the literary fiction genre, that's for sure. His works include The Impossible BookA Trail of DustEmpty SheetsCitizens of Ujah and To Kiss a Princess. If you're looking for an interesting professional read, you're looking for Jon Mayler. WARNING: His work may weigh a little on the “heavy” side for some readers







Lee Edward Neale


 I've been accused of many things in my time, but being boring is not one of them. Read my stuff. If I get famous, then you can say: hey, I knew him when he was an idiot, and guess what? -- nothing's changed! I like traffic lights, and have a bald pet Weasel named ferret that does Britney spears covers in exchange for hashish pellets. Sometimes we do tours.







Gideon Elrod


I'm more than just your average freaky geek, I'm a goddamn genius! If you don't believe me, I have the papers from the insane asylum to prove it.  "Oh, it's so lonely at the top of Mount Olympus." Now, kindly turn your backs, for, "The muse is upon me!" *Snap snap* "...Fetch me a small lyre.”






Hello. I'm on this site so I'm obviously aspiring to be a writer. Don't ask me what I write because it changes often. All I know is that I love to do it even though it stresses me out and is one reason I procrastinate. But that's just who I am: a scatter-brained procrastinator who writes just about every story idea that pops into her head - good or bad. If you think you can handle my diverse writing, it's waiting for you. 



*********AISLE FOUR: MONTY'S ROUNDUP********




I'm just a middle aged guy from Iowa (that's one of the states somewhere in the middle of the U. S.). I happen to have two and a half brains, which makes it easier for me to write in several different genres. Most of the time they're in the jars on the shelf (I never said they were MY brains, now did I?) As far as what you'll find, should you bop on over to my page, there's lots of poems, humor, and other odds and ends. BYOB. Enjoy!



I was born a small kid, grew into an adult kid, and started writing; warning, exposure to my writing has been known to cause disbelieving blank stares among readers. Read at you own risk!


***********AISLE FIVE: POE'S CORNER***********



I write from my heart. Peak experiences and essential wounds. But sometimes the efflux of this hollow muscular organ of mines is utter nonsense [ the likes of The Magical Juicing Factory and Imagine Being A...]. Amongst the magnitude of these great names I am simply 'Khano' the sixteen year old writer. I'm done here.




 'I'm just a hyper, spazzy, depressing, bipolar fifteen-year-old girl with a deadly love for chocolate and Hollywood Undead songs. I write poems...sometimes they're good and sometimes not, but it's not MY decision, that's up to YOU to decide. With me, what you see is what you get, get it? So read, read, READ!'





I've been a poet in my mind sense I was very little...Oh, sense my uncle told me that I couldn't...all of my poems are about my life and all my experiences through my life...and I've had a great time...writing everyone...even the dark ones...if you need to laugh, to cry, to wonder about life and death...they are poems...from A to Z...and it's all "ME.” And I've chosen a butterfly to give me "wings" to get to places faster and to give soft hugs to people who need them on occasions...thanks for asking...I'm ruled by Jupiter "Lord of truth"...TAGS...




**********AISLE SIX: TREKKIES' CANTINA*********



KP Merriweather


 This 27-year-old writes a lot because she can't sleep. Why not read her works if you can't sleep? If you're up late and need something worth reading, check out the works of an eccentric chain smoking, pill popping, liquor swilling insomniac that's also a science fiction and fantasy writer. After reading "Signet: The Most Unlikely Beginnings", "The Last Remnants: Spellbound" and "Crossfire", there's also other awesome stories in a variety of other genres.








Munch (Hi)! The key word for me is: COHESION. When I write, 90 percent of my work takes place within the same narrative universe, meaning works like "Pantheon," "Alpha Awakens," "Zero-Two," and "Lunar Snail" will share similar themes, story lines, characters and even reference each other. One of my main goals is creating my own mythology, and similarly to Lovecraft and King, be remembered as a sci-fi/fantasy icon and become the subject of academic analysis and fan fiction in the future. I support equal rights for homosexuals and people of ambiguous gender; they have no choice as their orientation has been proven to be a genetic mutation. I am against organized religion and can be considered agnostic; in my stories none of the religious from real life exist and in their place are my own Pagan fabrications. I accept the fact of evolution and need to reiterate in my work that EVOLUTION IS NOT PROGRESS BUT ADAPTATION. Whenever I comment on other people's work, I try to be as honest as possible. Common themes in my work include the power of love and willpower, the world not being an black and white place, the unification of science and the supernatural, and all life in the universe having the same worth.



**********AISLE EIGHT: SHERLOCK'S CRIB********



***********AISLE NINE: CUPID'S SHRINE**********

love stories containing a lot of depth, or just an interesting take on the subject. no erotica


*********AISLE TEN: CLIFF'S HANGABOUT*********


action adventure.

***********AISLE ELEVEN: KIDS' BEAT************

self explanatory






horror and suspense thrillers. it better be good. I don't much care for horror, but a good suspense thriller I can digg. A good one's hard to pull off though. no erotica.



the classics


I'm more than just your average freaky geek, I'm a goddamn genius! If you don't believe me, I have the papers from the insane asylum to prove it.  "Oh, it's so lonely at the top of Mount Olympus." Now, kindly turn your backs, for, "The muse is upon me!" *Snap snap* "...Fetch me a small lyre.”




Jon Mayler


To explore your sense of familiarity with "Ujah". It is derived from "Hallelujah". It seemed appropriate to name fictional pre-existential beings after a term for praise. Most people seem to initially think I misspelled "Utah", which is humorous but not the case.
















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