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LOL we all know your attracted to this guy!


The Booksian Report! Welcome all! This report was created to get to know more about this particular new Booksian. For all we know, this 'NinjaKK' character (seems like an extremely dodgy person to us, don't you think?) may very well be a pedo. You see, we can never know. So, we've formed questions that can easily unmask a person with dark intentions. We've recorded this 'report' onto this unknown person's profile, for all to see and know. (This thing is irremovable, we're such geniuses). And now... let's get to the point. Apparently, according to the records, 'NinjaKK' (also known as 'Ninja', 'Kasai', 'Ken', or 'KK') is merely a 14 year old. KK's weight and gender cannot be verified, unfortunately. For now, we shall suppose that this KK person is a GUY. (But do not worry. For your safety, we'll try ever so harder to get more information about this person). Although, we HAVE been able to squeeze out some more handy information for you to review: KK... is ASIAN. (A possible martial artist... hmm... possible stereotyped asian eyes? Interesting...) KK... is a FIRST YEAR STUDENT. (A newbie to secondary school. We must take this information very seriously...) KK... has an undeniably fresh sense of humour. (So beware, if any jokes are cracked. It can be fatal, so approach subject with caution and a possible helmet...) KK... also goes by the name of 'King of Spades'. (This must be a his gang name! A leader of some mafia! Either those first two choices or... he's an extremely exceptional poker player...) Hopefully, this information has proved useful to you. Next proceeding will be more info about this laddie. We had successfully kidnapped him on his way home from school one faithful day, and threatened to tape his talkative mouth if he didn't fill out this form. We advise you to view with utmost caution. Remember, this is for the fate of Booksie. If you plan to make any sort of contact with this person, you need to know who you are be-friending. Name: Kasai Ken. Uh, it stands for 'Fire' and 'sword' in Japanese. Now, can someone tell me why I got snatched? I didn't steal anyone's jar of cookies this time! Hieght: 5 feet 2. I'm sorta short... but my epicness makes up for it... can I go home? Wieght: What the - *following word has been removed* Age: 14... Birthday: Something... *draws a line of fail galloping horses* Your bad habits: Uh... elegantly brushing my amazing bangs away from my awesome face? On a scale of one to ten, how hilarious do you think you are?: Haha... if your 'scale' is only up to ten, I've broken it. Are you cocky?: If you force me to, I guess? Can I go home now? How good are you at Martial Arts?: You'll find out pretty quick if you don't send me home. And finally... do you play Poker?: What? *sketches troll face here* There goes his completed form. We have even attempted an interview with our all famous marty Farms. With his wit and charm, every subject thrown under his eyes had had their very secrets unleashed. It goes as follows: Interviewer - Marty Farms: 'Hello KK! Nice to meet you! Been having a nice day?' KK - Subject: 'Yeah. Till ya'll came along.' Interviewer - Marty Farms: 'Brilliant! That's good! If you just answer my amazing questions, I believe your day will get much brighter - ' And the interview ends. With a running leap, a twirl, a flip, a smooth pirouette, and the chicken dance to ward off people trying to stop him, he jumps out the nearest window, and hurls to his death. So. You can imagine our disbelief when we found out that he still lived to make this account. Take this information about 'KK' very seriously everyone. This, is dangerous business. If he does something out of hand, please tell us by contacting this number: 000-111-2220. Thank you have a nice day.  

Yeah... you probably take me for some criminal... HEY! The baddest thing I've ever done was steal my older sister's backpack by hiding it somewhere so that the following morning when we were off to school, she had a hard time finding it! But hey! It was for a good cause! *Ahem* Anyway. In case you're wondering, I don't play poker. I don't even know HOW to play it. I'm just called, 'King of Spades' for the fun of it. ;) I'm also deliriously happy that Booksie doesn't have a Bio word limit thing. I can rant endlessly in this thing! *Insert evil laughter here* :D So yeah, I'm hungry. Fantasy, Humour, Action/Adventure and Romance are my favourite genres. Feel free to send in requests with those genres. Hit me up whenever you feel like chatting. Pretty sure I'll reply, so no worries. (And if I don't, feel free to just rape my comment box and spam me with profanity.) I fan back when someone fans me. :D (That's not a bribe either. If I don't fan back, feel free to just molest that submitting comment button down there.) SEE YA. <3

First time ever typing that '<3' thing. And that was my second.

Seriously, see you though!


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