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The Story Of My Life


Greetings, random stranger who on his travels through booksie has ended up here reading this, the story of my life. 
I know not who you are, nor how you came to find me but let me just say.... -big wide smile- Hi! how's it going?
The name's Navy. Age: 18 yrs and still counting 
(borrowed words from Flynn Ryder)
Ye might be weary of yer travels, mate, and ye might be hungry. i suggest you join my crew!
We give free food and sea water to any man who calls me "Captain".
Now you must be thinking where the story of my life is? right? right?


if yes ---> Din't i tell ya! X]                                if no ---> why u do dis T_T


Here it begins:

I was born in Idris. A cute lil shadowhunter born to the wealthiest family of Idris. 
My parents had relatives in the Boer Mountains so my summers were often spent there.
There i once stumbled upon an egg while playing in the woods. Later i was told that it was no 
ordinary egg but a DRAGON egg. Imagine my excitement for a second! 

-a second-

When the egg hatched and a purple-ish gray female dragon came out of it, i immidiately named it


Zaphyr has lived with me since. Sometimes she goes away for days on hunt
but she always comes back. I can always sense her through our rider's bond.
When i came of age, i recieved a letter from a school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
The headmaster, Mr. Dumbledore, was a good old friend of my parents so they sent me to Hogwarts.
It was amazing there. Hogwarts was my second home.
In my fourth year at Hogwarts, a tournament was held at my school.
And much to my parents' despair, my name was reaped in the Hunger Games.
I was to enter an arena and attend a death match! 
The only advice i got was: 

"Survive! and never like either One Direction or Justin Bieber!!"

And then suddenly i was out there in the open, hunting for food. I never knew if i'd survive the day
or be dead by the end of it. I found a cave and took refuge in it.
I lived on Nutella for days. 
Those were the loneliest days of my life. I missed my friends, the elves.
I especially missed Legolas who had been my friend since childhood.
It was he who taught me how to be cool and shoot arrows that hit targets rather than the grass.
I must have lived in that cave for a week. When i walked out and sniffed.. wait! sniffed?! 
That's when i found that i was a shapeshifter.
An idea struck me right then and i turned into an ant and walked out of the arena.
I ran away then.
I ran and ran and ran until I found a stable and stole a horse (called Spirit).

I ended up in a place called King's Landing in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.
A crazy place it was!
I got stumbled up in a conflict between some men and a chair made of swords. 
They conspired against each other.
Killed and drank wine.
Everyone there said "I'm the king! lulz!"
But then a woman (with white hair *-*) said:

"Valar Morghulis"

And suddenly every guy in the kingdom dropped dead as if by magic.
All that was left was women.
I left that place while they were discussing "dead boys" in the court.

My next stop was Mystic Falls.
It was a normal old human (mundane/ muggle) town.
Suddenly someone reported a vampire attack.
And then a werewolf attack.
And then a witch attack.
And then a doppleganger attack.
And then an Originals attack.
And then a vampire hunter attack!
(And also a ghosts attack)

I could take no more. I took Spirit and began travelling again.
I landed in a place where there were people named "Snow White", "Rumplestiltskin",
"Red Riding Hood", "Regina (normal! ^_^), "The Hook".. and such.
It was as if i had walked into a live "Once upon a Time".

Spirit began to get sick so i had to move on without meeting Prince Charming :(
I heard he was a real charmer. -sigh-

I was walking through a desert.. when:

-A Wild Old Wizard has Appeared-

There i was standing with a face like: O.o
When he addressed me by my name and said:


So i said:  YAAAAAAAAY!!! ^o^
-party rock anthem plays-

And then the old man disappeared. Gone with the Wind.
His last words were: 

"Frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn."

So i travelled on my flying bison, Apa, and together we headed to 
The Soul Society!
It's a secret place so don't tell your friends about this bit of my story. pliss.
Soul Society is a place where Old Men rule and young men have no idea what to do with a sword.
They play all day long with fake weird-looking spirits and call themselves 
The Soul Reapers!
Don't get me wrong, it's a fun place. They give you free swords ^_^
I liked many people there. Some of them are:

1- Hitsugaya Toshiro          
2- Ichigo Kurosaki             
3- Byakuya Kuchiki            
4- Nelliel tu Odelschwanck
5- Zaraki Kenpachi             
6- Grimmjow Jaegarjaquez

They sent me to Karakura Town to search for a little boy with mismatched eyes.
I found him and asked him:
"Yo, why you be having mismatched eyes? auditioning for X-men?"
And he said to me: 
"One does not simply ask a graceling why he has mismatched eyes."

That's when i found out that there were people called Gracelings. Whatta name!
I let him go cuz he had white hair and pretty eyes.

Back in Soul Society, the old man din't like my move so he banished me.

-i cri everitaim-

Then i walked and flew...

And ended up here!
i've been sitting here since,
eating chips and reading stories + poems.

-The End-



If you've read this, you're the most important, most amazing, most splendid, most interesting
being to ever walk on Earth. Keep it up and stay being awesome 
(like me :P)



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