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Friendship story

By Paj Thoj

Chapter 1

Why nobody like me

Once time there was a girl name Dora. She live all by herself. She didn’t have no one nearby. All the world didn’t like her so she stood inside all the time. She walk closer to the mirror across the hallway and she stares deeply inside. So Dora begins to tell herself “Why no one like me? It is because I’m a different girl than everyone.”

The mirror start it shining up. Dora cover her eyes. She said what going on?

     Chapter 2

The mirror talk about Dora and her.                         family

The mirror said to her “I want to talk to you something.”

Dora said “what do you want to talk about Mirror.”

Mirror said “did you say why all the world don’t like you.”

Dora said “Yes!”how do you know about it?”

Mirror said “easy I know  this place when you were a little girl.”

Dora said “really, what my birth

Mirror said,“ that a good questions. You birth was  October 30 1999.”

Dora said “wooooooOO, that why all the world hate me.”

Mirror said “ No, it long story, do you want to hear it or not?”

Dora said “yes I do want to hear it.”

Mirror said ok. Long ago in 1898. There was a beautiful girl . she was sweet girl. One day she said to herself. I will take a walk outside. She was poor. She bump to a boy .

The boy said “watch out where are you go.”

She said” sorry I didn’t want to bump to you.” She start stare at him. He start stare at her too.

The boy said, “What your name.” He start smile at her.

She start smile at him back.

The girl said, “my name is Rosa. What is your name.

The boy said, “My name is José. Can I ask you question.

Rosa said, “Yes. you can ask me a question.

José said. Do you have friends or not.

Rosa said, “No I don't have a friend. Nobody likes me here in world. She was feeling up sad.

José said. Don't be up sad. I want to ask you that do you want to be My friend.

Rosa said, “Yes!I do want to be your friend. They became friends forever. But the way she had bully name Janavie. She have a best friend name Angelique.

chapter 3 I love you.

One day They became in love each other.

José said, “I like you.

Rosa start laughing. she said, “You are crazing . I know that you like me like a friend.”

José said, “No. I like you like a girlfriend.

She got surprise. She said “No! this a joke José.

José said “No! I got in crush on you Rosa. Do you got crush on me.

Rosa got nervous. He said that  to her. That She like him.

Rosa said, “Yes! I do got in crush on you.

José said, “Do you want to be my girlfriend yes or no.

Rosa said, “Yes! I do want to be your girlfriend.

José said, “ok. Do you want to meet my friend.

Rosa  said Yes! I would meet your friend. I need to tell you are you rich or poor.

José got surprise. He didn't want to lose her. He thought about it said to his mind. I don't want to lose her . I need to tell her the true.

José said, “Yes!I'm rich. I can speak Spanish.

Rosa said, “ok. I love you. We both are mexican. What about your families meet me. Start hating me. They say, you need to break up with her.

José said, “hahaha. You are crazing. First you will meet my friend. Then you can meet my parents.

Rosa said, “ok. I will first meet your friends . Then your family . I love you. at Saturday 9:00 am let meet each other with your friends. That good

José yes.9:00 am is good. I love you too.The next day José thought about let me invite  my friends. To tell them the good news. He start saying yes let them know. he was in the hallway sitting in his chair. Where is my cell phone is. It was in the front of the table. he said he here is it it was closer to me. He pick up his phone start calling his friends He said I will make a group chat  to call them to tell them the good news. he great a group chat Who I'm going to add in here. oh yeah I forgot about it. I will add Marco,Mex,and Joe.

Now I can call them now.

chapter 4 call my friend

José start calling them. All his friends were here music in one place. The place  It's called The Richest people in the world.

They hear their  ringtone in their phone. They got surprise. They all say that Jose was calling them. They got surprised. They walk away. They went closer to the outside of the front door. They answer their  phone.

They said “ what's up bro. How you been today.”

Jose said “ super good bro. I have good news. I'm dating a girl right now.

Jose’s friends got surprised

They said,“ Wow bro.” What her name?

Jose said, “ My girlfriend name is Rosa.

They said, “ That a pretty name. If she rich that cool. Not a poor girl because she is all sticky. What you wanted to tell about us

Jose  was mad with his friends. He told them nothing anymore.

He hang up. Told himself why my friends don’t like poor people. He didn’t care about what they say to him because he is  really love with Rosa.

He said, “ i don’t care about my friend what they say. I am really in love with Rosa. she beautiful girl.i ever meet.

Jose though what Rosa was telling the true what about my family doesn’t like her either. I need to talk to her.

He had his phone and started calling Rosa.  

Rosa was take a shower she was singing so loud. Her phone rang. She  did heard it. She said, “ who is calling me . she step away from the shower. She can reach her phone and find it was her boyfriend .she answer it.

Rosa said, “Hi babe

Jose, “ hi sweetie. How you been today.

Rosa, “ been good. How about you babe.

Jose, “kind of mad with my friends.

She got surprise when he told her that he was mad with his friend

Rosa, “ why you mad at your friends.

Jose, “ I mad with them because they told me I couldn’t date poor girl. Only rich girl. Talking about that I want to say sorry maybe you were right. I thought my head so what about my family doesn’t like you either. I don’t want to lose you Rosa. i really love you. What show we do?

Rosa, “ Don’t worry about it. I forgave you. I love you two. I don’t know about it.

Rosa,“I got a plan!”

Jose,“what the plan babe.”

Rosa,“okay bae. My plan is we don't tell nobody that we dating each other.”

Jose said, “ That cool bae. You know what bae?

Rosa,” What bae.

Jose,” I care about you. Nobody will never make us break up together. I’m always be yours. I love you so much.

(Rosa Pratact Jose)

Rosa,“awww bae I Love u too.  Bae promise me u wouldn't broke up with me.

Jose was bored of  her . He though his mind maybe I got the wrong girlfriend. She does stick bad ugh why I'm dating her. He lie to  her

Jose, “ I'm promise bae I wouldn't break up with u(x)

He put his feet and his fingers cross.

Rosa found out that the girl name Rose was famous of design dresses saw in the new on her phone.

          Chapter 5 the new girl name Rose

One day there was a new girl. Nobody know about her. She was rich. Rosa walk with her boyfriend.

Jose saw the new girl and fell in love with her. The new girl saw Jose and fell in love with him. Everybody stare at Jose and Rosa they were laugh him.

Everybody, “ hahahaha look you are poorich. You like stick girl.”Jose got upset ran away. Rosa follow him

He was at the cafeteria

Rosa found him.

Rosa said,“ what wrong bae.”

Jose said,“I need a space right now please bae .”

Rosa said, “I want to help you Bae.”

Jose stand up. walk to her. He  punch her and kick. He yell at her. Rosa fall dawn in the floor.


Rosa stand up . she ran away from Jose.Rosa tell him something.

Rosa said,I thought you love(with a cry)

Rosa ran far away from Jose. she was outside. The new girl saw Rosa and she annoying Rosa she walk to school and she went to the cafeteria. She saw Jose.

The new girl said,“Hi why your girlfriend crying.”

Jose said,“Oh I punch her and kick her.”

The new girl said,“why did you punch and kick her.”

Jose said,“she annoying.”

The new girl said,“oh ok. I heard that your girlfriend is a cheater.”(lie)

Jose got surprise.

Jose said,“what that means she cheating at me too.”

The new girl said, “Yes.(lie)

Jose said,“thanks I'm going to talk to her. What your name.”

The new girl said,“my name is Rose. What your girlfriend name and your name too?”

Jose said, My name is Jose. Ugg My freaky cheater girlfriend name is Rosa.Talking about her. I needed to find her and talk to her.


Jose found Rosa. he grab her shoulder so hard.

Rosa said “ Ouch! That hurt.

Jose walk with Rosa. He still grabbing rosa shoulder. In the forest.

Jose said,“Ok tell me why you cheat at me!”

Rosa said,“what are you talking about?”

Jose said,“ Don’t lie to me Rosa!”

Rosa said,“I don’t get it? I didn’t cheat at you.”

Jose said,“You know what Rosa!?”

Rosa said, what bae ?

Jose said,“ don’t call bae! I’m break up with you.

Rosa was feel upset

Rosa said,“why?”(sad)

Jose said, you lying to me and you cheat at me.

Rosa said, Let me guess. I’m annoying  because I told you promise me you wouldn’t break up with me. You the one who  lying to me. I saw you look at the new girl. Go out with her. I don't want to see you anymore. I don't know why I became friend with you when we were little kids.

Rosa ran far away  from Jose. And went back to her house in the forest.


Ros was crying so hard. She said this in her mind.

Why he needed to lie to me. I hate him now. I want to go different school yeah I will. I called my teacher today. I'm not going to that school.(mind)

She put out her phone. She started text to the  teacher.


The teacher said, “hmmm someone is texting me

At  the desk

She grab her phone and answer

(Cell phone)

Teacher: Hello

Rosa: hi teacher I'm going to different school. I'm not coming their anymore. Oh tell Jose I have a nice day with his new girlfriend. What's her name.

Teacher: okay Rosa. Her name is Rose. Are you mad with Jose.

Rosa: yes I'm mad and upset.

Teacher: why Rosa

Rosa: because he broke up with me and he called me I was a cheater and he said I was lying to him. He grab my arm so hard and he the one who lie that he promise me he wouldn’t break up with me. That why I'm not coming that school anymore.

Teacher: okay Rosa have a nice day.

Rosa: you too teacher.


Chapter 6 brand new day to start again.

One month later

Lucky I work so hard now I can go to my new school and start new life again. Without people bully me and hurt my feeling anymore rosa (mind)

Rosa was getting ready for her sleep. She finish .

She went to sleep . in the morning rosa wasn’t feeling well.Rosa woke up. She said this in her mind.

Omg I feel like I want to throw up. I need to go the bathroom.(her mind). She went to the bathroom. She throw up in the toilet(bathroom)

One week later she did this over and over she thought this in her mind.

I should go to the hospital to check what wrong with me.(mind)

Next year

Now I'm going to the hospital to check what with me. I couldn't stop vomiting(mind)

Rosa was changing to her clothes. She got ready to go to the  hospital.


Chapter 7 what about my dad Mirror

Dora what to say something she said this to the Mirror

Dora said,“What about my dad Mirror.”

Mirror said,“ ok Dora I will tell you about  your dad now.

Dora said,“yeee.”

Mirror said, Ok the story.

Dora, “Ok mirror”

Chapter 8 about your dad

(The mirror tell the story)

Your dad didn't forgot about your  mom. He thought what your mom said to him.  

I don't know why we became friend with you when were kids.(though this in his mind)

He said this in his mind.

I do still like rosa and Rose. I talking about Rosa where is she. Oh no did she went to a different school for me. She did said she doesn't want to see me anymore because I hurt her feel so bad. Maybe I will text her.(mind)


Jose grab his phone in the table  now I'm going to text her

(Texting in the cell phone)  

Jose: Hi Rosa I want to say. I'm sorry that I hurt you please be back to our school.

Jose send the massage

This what massage said

Massage: sorry this phone block you.

Jose said this in his mind

Oh no she block she was telling me the truth. I'm a bad boyfriend. I was rude with her.

The next day

Now I'm going to get read for school(mind)

Jose was still  upset what he did to your mom because he broke up the promise he said to her. He got ready for  school.

He was walk to school. He was in his Rose saw him and start ran to him and hug him to

Jose friend and Rose said

They so cute couple then Rosa.Rose was blush. Jose didn't he almost forgot about Rosa. He push Rose. He start yelling at Rose.

Don't touch me. It was your fault that Rosa left this school. I don't know why I feel in love with you. (Yelling at Rose)

Jose friends and Rose friends.

They said,“Why you still like Rosa? What about she sick. Doesn't mean you need to be push Rose .”

Jose said this all your fault. Calling us bad think and you to rose. If I found out she block me. I hate you all! Never come to me anymore.

Jose ran away from them

He went in to the school. He saw a teacher. He walk at the table. He said down


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