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Location: Reno(not exciting enough?), United States

Member Since: January 2012

Last online: February 2019

Open for read requests: Yes

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Urgent Notice: Update 9/10/14 I have decided that I'm really bad at promises since I haven't really posted anything yet. I really want to but haven't yet done it. I may post a poem or two in a bit. Maybe the anxiety of having a giant comeback is getting to me? Who knows. I blame life again. Always blame life, kids. (I am half-joking, guys.) See you soon! Hopefully?


 Update 2/6/14: Hello everyone. I am not sure if any of you still check out this profile (it's be a long while, I know) but for those of you that still do (or just happen to skip on by for some reason) it's been obvious that I have been on haitus from the last time I updated and now (and yes, I know. It's been awhile.) So if any of you ever checked out my profile in the last year or so and went "Geez, where the hell is Pauline?" blame life. I do. (I know, how blunt?) It's not that life is bad or anything, it just needed a little fixing and reorganizing in the past year or so that it took up a lot of my time. I (sorta) knocked off writing completely in order to pay more attention to the life I accidently let slip (I swear, these "life' things are like toddlers.). It was a sad give up but I am truely happy with the positive results that is my current life. With everything finally content, I decided to visit my old friend Creative Writing and we had a very nice cup of tea, thank you very much. We decided that I should lift off my haitus very soon and post something! Which is going to (hopefully) happen. Maybe soon. I don't know yet. This past year I really changed (as a person and a writer) which means, when I find the time, I'm going to have to update this horribly outdated 'about me' section down, I'll find the time. Hope to see you all soon! :)



First off...

-- Hello, wonderful writers of Booksie :) I'd just like to give out a short thanks before setting things off. Thanks for being well, amazing people. Thanks for completing my reading list everyday and awe me into different kinds of emotion and perspective; I actually appreciate that. Thanks for being so darn supportive too. Considering your individual comments, your separate fan request, your responses to my ridiculous comments on your profile X), or even a simple view or 'like'. Thanks, you guys keep me going... :) --



*What? Think out of the box? I'd rather just color on it. :)*



So, hey :) 

I'm Pauline and uhhh well...I'm pretty lame at introductions...haha

But lets start with the basics: 

This might be so plain compared to others but I'm old fashioned and computers hate me. Deal with it P:


I was born and currently live in a little state called Nevada, USA. Where it's up and running for 24 hours and gambling is legal when I turn 21! yeahh...


What's my age? I bet you guys were clawing for that answer. Well, I'll put it this way...J'ai seize ans :) If you got that, good job.


What's my favorite color? That would be blue :) If...any one was interested... O.o


Type of music? I vary from mood. I'm pretty wide-set. But I guess I mostly like any type of rock [alternative, metal, screamo, soft, classical, punk, ska??] Lowest: I'm sorry rap and country lovers :(


My Dream: So, mainly, I always wanted to be an author: an author of prose poetry books. It would be a wonderful dream to have people read what I created; to have people experience my world; to inspire people to add onto their world. Aside from that, however, I recently found this sudden liking for psychology. It's a course I would be happy to take. And the brain seems fun too..I'm still trying to connect pieces. Sometimes I want to be a movie writer or hey maybe even video games. Maybe a payed blogger. Who knows? Though, I do know, that one day, I'm making my own charity :)

Though, my total fantasy job is being the lead singer/lyric writer to my own punk rock band! :D

I also wanted to be a Pokemon trainer, a mermaid, and a wizard...

I'm such a dreamer...


umm  randofacttime?


I'm a poetic freak. That's all you have to know. But, eh, I write short stories from time to time.

I could be that immature, weird kid over there. That artsy, musical geek. The understanding, quiet kid in the corner. Or who knows?

It's how you find me.

I just say I'm human.

I love. I cry. And I treat sarcasm like a second language too!

Yet, we're so different :,)


Most times I'm a cupcake, I guess :P

But it annoys the heck out of me sometimes 

I could curse like a sailor though (yay! curruption!)

But, I still believe cursing is funny...

I'm such a little kid...


I'm the worst speller out there. I couldn't live without spell check :P But seeing simple mistakes on other people...ticks me off...if I can write it, you can too. And gah...teenage spelling..."Tiss iz nott howw ya sspell, ya kno?" Let me throw a dictionary at your face, please... 


Mmmm I love cheese and Pasta.

I don't know how to swim and recently learned how to ride a bike...

I recycle.

I'm stubborn.

I have an obsession with flowers, the sun and the moon.

I let the water run when I brush my teeth.

Orange soda is my addiction.

I support homosexuality.

I had pet ducks?

I don't know how random you want me to get.

 It's okay. I like random.


I like to name my personal, inanimate objects...because my violin Eve is my darling! She deserves a name.

So does Rosie, my laptop.

Yes, I am a very weird person...


Call me an Orchdork, I've been playing for 4 years and plan to continue. 

Other instruments? Wanted to, never got around to it. P:

I can the shower :)

Theres just...a thing about music,

The other world; The tamer of our emotions; The expression that binds us together...

​There's just something about it.

But I like the vibe.


I can draw! :D [yes, yes I know...what else?] But art...just makes sense to me.

That's all. Like a connection.

You just have to learn how to listen to it.

I see the world in colors. Each color has a feeling. A mood. Character. A sound, a taste...

Everything has a personality.

That's just how I see it.


And I try mixing my art, writing, and music together somehow!

I try my best in putting variety in my writing :)


Mmm I'm bipolar?

No, seriously. Not the adjective, the actual disorder.

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety

and probably a bunch of other future stuff...[yup, I have issues P:]

But its okay.

I'm just "every color of the rainbow"

[Thanks Brucek]



But finally! About my writing.

Mmmm...what about it?

I can write from a hole.

I can be hopeful.

I can be dark and inappropriate.

I can be cute and sweet.

Or I can write about pie...

My just my writing :)


That's it! Congrats if you read this far. [or skipped ahead, Shame...] Heres some other stuffy stuff...




*Poetry doesn't have to rhyme.

It doesn't have to have rules or limits.

It doesn't have to be black and white.

It can --

If it wants to be.

It just has to speak.

And if it speaks to you in that certain way:

I beg you to set it free.*





Yes, yes I do accept read request :)

Perferably poems

but I gotta warn you

I WILL voice out my opinion.

Whether it's bad

or good.

Bubbles, flames...

Or just what weather it is 

that day.

Don't fret.

I certainly warned ya. But I'm not

that mean :)


and if you want to contact me e-mail me at: 








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