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Ok, I'm a little bit neat and tidy, so this is going to be all organized as best as my half working mind will allow. alt

About My Family:

Alrighty then, who should I start with.... I guess I'll start with my dad. XD

Ok, my dad. Let's see here. Well, his name's Mitch and is the boss, along with his brother, of his job, which is making cement. I know, super fun, right? Psh, not! But yeah, he's all stressed out lately because they just moved to a different lot thingy. I think they've been working on it for like two 1/2 years now. A lot, right? Well.... what else. alt Ah! I like to bug him about being old, because he has gray hair, but then he just says that I'm getting old. His attitude can change so quickly. One minute he can be happy, the next he'll want to rip your head off! Lol.

Now, let's do my mom!

My mom's name is Lori, and is like one of my bestest friends, because I'm homeschooled, so I don't really have any friends. -_- Oh well, I'm still living. Anyway, when I write a new story or something I'll have her read it and point out errors in it, which helps a bunch. I make fun of her too about getting old because she's starting to get gray hair, XD. She doesn't have a job, but lately she's been helping my dad at work because they were behind like three months or something like that. Plus she helps me through tough times, that I'd rather not talk about... hehe...alt

Now lastly, my sister, Shauna! 8D She's like that bestest singer you'll ever hear! She sings in Dutch, French, English of course, and other languages. She's like my idle, and I love her so much! alt Now, she's totally my best friend ever. Here's the funny part, she's twenty five XD! Total age difference there, eh?

Next is my pets. 83 I'll start off with the oldest, our doggy. His name is Joey and he's a Boston terrier that's... I think seven years old X3. To explain him in one word would be, baby. Why? .... He's afraid of our freaking fly swatter... 0_o I can't forget my pretty kitty, Lizzie altI have no idea how old she is, because we got her from some old friends of ours because they were tired of her. I'm not! ^^ Lastly, the two parakeets, Lemon and Lime. I'm currently trying to get rid of them... >3>

Now me! 8D Um.... nothing important about me... Well.... I do have O.C.D., which stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If you don't know what that is, just Google it. My O.C.D. is about germs X3 So it's really hard to go through the days without freaking out about something. But I'm taking these pills to help me.

Oh! And I got awesome news!! My birthday is in five days! 8D *dances happily* We're going to go to this place called the Shanghai Tunnels and it's known to be haunted! Squeee! I can't wait!!! alt

My Favorites:

Hm, ok, I think I'll list this differently.

Fav. color: Black + red

Fav. animal: I like practically all animals

Fav. passtime: Internet

Fav. Book: I like both Twilight and Maximum Ride ^^

Fav. dessert: COOKIES!!!! *v*

Fav. candy: O.O I like a lot of candy... but one of my favs is Kissables

Fav. food: Ramen ^^

Fav. TV show: I like Camp Lazlo a lot 83

Fav. movie: Mmm... I don't really have a favorite

Fav. video game: Singstar and/or Mario Kart

Fav. song: Holy crow I have a lot! O.O But I'll just go with Hate Me by Blue October for now

Fav. anime show: Hm, I'm stuck between Inuyasha, Pokemon, and Sonic X, lol

Fav. manga: Vampire Doll

Fav. day: Tuesday!

Fav. holiday. Independence Day

Fav. season: Spring

Fav. website: Well I like this one, plus FF, DA, and YT 83 (And if you don't know what those are it's FanFiction, DeviantART, and YouTube)

Fav. Disney character: Stitch 8D

Fav. cartoon character: Chowder

Fav. cake: Angel food cake alt

Fav. board game: Sequence

Woo! That's a lot so far! But I'm only half way done! *evil laugh*

Things That Won't Fit With the Other Categories:

Hmm... let's start out with one of my main occupations. 83 I Rp... A LOT on DA, seriously. I'm not sure why, but it's... addicting... O.O And I'm ok with that! 8D

I'm a BIG mando Pokemon freak. XD I have like... over three thousand Pokemon cards! And I don't even know what my fav Pokemon is! I can tell ya right now that Pikachu is up there ^^ Along with a lot of other Pokemon.

Not am I only a Pokemon fan, but I'm a Sonic fan! alt I have this little Shadow plushie that I got when I broke my arm, and a regular sized Shadow + Sonic one. I think I started getting into Sonic in 2005, when my mom gave my Shadow The Hedgehog game, and I just fell in love with all the stuff. X3 I remember thinking about putting up Shadow The Hedgehog wallpaper! Lol!! That would've been too hilariou. X;D

I recently got into Maximum Ride, because my mom reads James Patterson's adult books, and found it. She instisted that I read it, and it just sat on the table for about a week before I actually started reading it. I had just finished number four a few days ago, and want to hear something funny? I laid in my bed for about five or six hours, just reading it, and finished it. My eyes were burning like crazy, my mom even said that they looked glassy. X3 That just proves that I need glasses soon. Yeah, I'm near-sighted, sucky.

Random Things About Myself:

Worst memory: Man, I was just thinking about this, and I can't remember it! DX I'll go with a pretty bad one though. I think it was about a year ago, and I was at a party for one of my old friends. I remember that we went rollarskating, and that I whined because I was used to rollarblades, not rollarskates. And yes, there is a difference. So I was trying to skate around trying not to fall, when to my bad luck, a song starts that gives me this idiotic confidence. Well, I ended up falling and fracturing my left wrist in two places. I became so freaked out, because back then I was terrified of the doctor and thought that I would have to have a surgery. But I survived through it, and I don't want to go through it again X3

Worst scar: I have this scar on my left pinkie finger that I got a while back. I was home alone and mom had told me before she left to take her chex mix out of the oven when the timer went off. Well, soon it beeped and I walked into the kitchen. I forgot what I was using to hold it, but my thumb wasn't covered and touched it. I pulled my hand away quickly, and, sadly for me, the weight of the chex mix made it tilt down and burned my pinkie finger. It majorly sucked for me.

Best memory: Being born :|

Earliest memory: Oh jeez, um.... that would probably be either the time when I was in the grocery cart, and my mom would push it away then act like she never knew, or the one where I found a supposedly dead bee and poked it then got stung on the finger.

Funniest memory: Alright, alright, I have a good one! Me and Shauna were sitting in the living room watching TV when my mom overheard our dad talking on the phone. She asked "Is someong coming over...?!" and my dad nodded. She started flipping out and yelled to us to get the living room clean. Shauna was making these weird hyperventilating sounds as she cleaned, then started running around in circles waving her hands in the air!! XD Classic!

Freakiest memory: When I went to my great grandma's funeral, her coffin was open. 'Nough said ._.

Most Random Memory: I have no idea how long it's been for this memory. It was when Joey was still a puppy. My aunt and uncle flew into state from New Mexico and were hanging out with us. My uncle got onto the trampoline suddenly and started jumping. He told us to watch as he did a backflip, and hit his shins on the safety net, then took a face plant on the trampoline! XD

Ok, that's it for now, I'm tired, my fingers hurt, and I'm gonna make some cookies.



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