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       SOOO I know its a little corny, but I just wanted to recieve some constructive crticism. Thank you!




     “Do you think a lion considers the opinions of the gazelle when he hunts?” - I just made that up


I have to be completely honest. I don’t know what to label this as. I mean it’s not going to be some groundbreaking novel that includes hormonal teens, or sappy overgeneralized love stories. Nor will it be one of those writings whose main protagonist is a beacon of progressivity. No, what I’m going to write about on this currently empty document, is simply going to be about me. To clarify, I'm NOT trying to be narcissistic and brag about how large my cock is. What I want to express is just everything about me. Everything negative and positive about my character. I understand that this is all a little bit extra since I don’t even know if anyone will ever get a chance to read this. But on the off chance that someone ever does stumble upon it. I hope reading this was relatable in some sense, and also managed to entertain you lol. Referring back to honesty, I don’t know how to start this. I guess I'll just begin with some basic information about me since that's formal in a sense. My name is Shaun B. Kiefus. I enjoy things such as combat sports, which is my “unbiased” opinion are the best sports in the world. Thinking about it, this culmination of martial arts is a big part of me. I went from being a scared little child, afraid of getting his head whacked in. Into a young man, who would want nothing more than to bop with ANYONE and ANYTHING in a varying amount of ways. Fuck if I’m speaking in analogies, then it would be like how a crack addict loves his fix. Speaking of things that I'm eternally grateful for, I would be remiss to not speak about my friends, and family. I love every single person who I'm honored to call family. From my mother and father who’s raised me, to my sister who’s always been someone I can love regardless of what she does. Leading onto my grandparents, on both sides of my family, who I love with every scrap of my being. Finally to all my aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews all I can say is... I LOVE ALL OF YOU with everything I can muster and I cannot begin to describe how happy you’ve all made me feel. 


To my friends, the boys who’ve been with me ever since I came to the bay. The men who helped me through tears, injuries, obstacles, and just life in general. All I can say to you fucks is I love you all like brothers, and all I want to say is thank you for riding with me through thick and thin. I can’t wait to see you all in the afterlife, where we can vibe eternally and be with our ancestors! 


 JESUS christ, after proofreading everything it sounds like a suicide note. Like holy fuck lol. Trust me I love myself as much as I love my boys and family. I’m proud of how hard I've become, how I've truly thrived in my new environment. Speaking on myself, I want to bring my childhood into play, and how I’ve changed. 


I transformed from some skinny, 90 lb runt who was the constant victim of bullies, dealt with crippling levels of anxiety, depression, and staggering levels of loneliness. Into a young man who’s done nothing but wins, win and FUCKING THRIVE. I’m proud of my strength, speed, and accolades at this age. I’ve beat grown men in live wrestling matches, and sparring sessions before I even turned 18. I learned how to be confident, how to endure, invest in myself, and utterly dominate in anything I set my mind too. As demonstrated in how I ate ass when I joined wrestling for the first time! 


 I just want to say to anyone that you don’t need others, fuck their opinions. You don’t need to impress anyone but yourself, don’t invest time into bitches or fake friends. If you want any advice from me, invest your time into three types of people. Yourself, your family, and your closest friends. THAT'S IT! Become the person you want to be, by simply ignoring the thoughts of others, and FOCUSING ON WHAT’S going to benefit you! 

Because as I said earlier, do you think a lion considers the opinion of the gazelle when he hunts? 


Damn to be honest i’m completely heated right now, because i’m just considering how some people need to hear this. I know what it's like to be a follower, to not have an original thought and just go with the flow” People like us who genuinely believed what we were told. We were nothing but pawns in a game, it took me 14 years to realise this, and decide to break the cycle. To become a bigger piece, and advance on the board. Until I reach the top and become king. This is my ambition, and I want you to share my ideas. I know that you may think I’m bullshitting, that notion you have is doubt. Hell actually do you feel that knot in your chest? Yeah the reason why it’s compressing within your ribs is because all of this is true and it hit home. So with this being said I IMPLORE YOU that find your worth, find something you want and chase it. I don’t mean women, I mean a stronger body, a sharper mind, nicer clothes, etc. Use this mentality and let it drive you forward. But most importantly use pain as motivation, use every little ounce of your being to inspire you to push forward to complete and utter dominance of oneself. 



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