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                                                                      PRO-DEMOCRAT PATON


My name is Paton. I am a retired San Francisco longshoreman and seaman. I am trying to start a pro-worker, pro-union newsletter. I think America's number one problem for the last forty years is voter fraud. Is there anybody out there who thinks we should have a paper trail? When you go to the store to buy bread and milk you get a receipt that gives time, date, items and location. Why can't that be done with a voter ballot? The WWII US Army M240 coder is now public property. It gives exactly that type of information but only the receiver can read its own receipt. Let's say your ballot is a A3B4C6. You are the only one who has that ballot. Somebody else's ballot might be different numbers. The Internet then puts the letter groups in their proper order. You are the only one who knows if A3B4C6 and your vote was honestly counted. Do you support this idea? It is either that or you will spend the rest of your life paying taxes and getting nothing out of life.


Do you support a ballot on the California Ballot System for a paper trail for elections?  If you do I am looking for donations and volunteers?  Please email me at


























My name is Paton. I am a retired San Francisco Longshoreman and Seaman.  Most retirees, whose pensions have not gone bankrupt, have hobbies, the most popular being golf.

Mine is history.  I have studied three types of history (1) Ancient (2) Organized Crime

(3) WWII  Combat Vet history.

I have talked to many WWII Combat Vets.  From Pappy Boyington to US Submariner Andy Anderson, who helped rescue U.S. Navy pilot Lt. George Bush, to B29 Bombardier Van Kirk, to Gunthor U-Boats.


As a former San Francisco Longshoreman and Seaman, I know many Worker Union Strike Stories.


History started about 5,000 years ago when the ancient pharaoh Menes united Upper and Lower Egypt into one kingdom.


In those 5,000 years of history 90% plus of the population, even those who live in “Lands of Milk and Honey” have lived in extreme poverty. “WHY”?

The answer seems to be both STATE SOCIALISM and STATE CRIME.


I have talked to both County Jail parolees 30-90 days and State Jail parolees 3-10 years.


Most “GANGS” are, pro-poor.  If you refuse to be poor you will be killed.


In the past, 10-15 years ago it was profitable to be a sex offender.  Today it is “GANG” leaders who  get $10,800 yearly as “POLITICAL REFUGEES.


It is common knowledge among criminals if you commit a sex crime you will get $600 monthly in State Aid.


An example of State Crime would be the Richard Davis, Polly Klus kidnap murder case.  Richard Davis, 30 years old, attacked a woman in her 50’s, which is abnormal, and got $600 monthly in State Aid.  He then attacked a woman his age, 30's years of age, which is normal, and lost his $600 State Aid.  He then decided to attack a 14-year-old girl to get back his $600 in State Aid.


In State Socialism nobody at this time is volunteering to be poor.  But, the super easy to get on unemployment of the 1960’s and 70’s did us great and permanent harm.


I am an old guy who in the near future will have a hernia operation which is considered safe.  But , I am also diabetic with a sugar count of 400.  I have been told there is a 30 percent chance I might pass on.


If that happens, all my paperwork, letters, histories will also disappear.  To avoid that I am putting the highlights of my paper work on computer disks and donating them to the local library.


But what about today, right now?  Are there “GANGS” killing people who refused to be poor, and can I prove it: “YES”.


In the case of us “old whites the “GANGS”seem to be HMO’s and Health Panels that take our private health plans then let us die.


But before 1934 U.S. workers who joined worker unions get into kill or be killed fights with "Ford Motors Security and other security agencies.


But today, right now, are there any “GANGS” using guns killing people who refuse to be poor and can I prove it: “YES”.


It is common knowledge in poor brown and black neighborhoods that poor kids who do not drop out of high school and join a “GANG” will be shot dead.


From Chicago to Los Angeles to Oakland and San Francisco, The “GANGS” say they believe that any local kid who does not join a “GANG” is a TRAITOR TO THE RACE and should BE SHOT.


In one Oakland shooting Reverend Jesse Jackson was in town. The police, the victim's father, the Reverend all asked “WHY”.


Police:                       “Why did you shoot the other kid?

Shooter:                    He was on our turf.

Police:                       “Your turf” he was on the public sidewalk that anybody can use.

Shooter:                    He should not be.

Father:                       “Why did you shoot my boy?

Shooter:                    He was on our turf.

Father:                       He was visiting our family.

Reverend Jackson:     Why did you shoot the other boy?

Shooter:                    He was not a GANG member.


It is very common for poor kids who join the US Armed Forces on 30 Day Leaves to be shot in front of their homes.


Sometimes the police catch these shooters. The interview goes like this:


Police:        “Why did you shoot the other kid?

Shooter:     “We thought he was a “GANG Member.

Police:        “A GANG Member” He was in a US Navy uniform standing in front of his house.

Shooter:     “It was dark we did see his uniform.


“WHY” I asked has 90% plus of the population, even those who live in “LANDS OF MILK AND HONEY” have lived in EXTREME POVERTY the last 5,000 years.


I think I have done a good job in answering “WHY”




If I should pass on, I hope my history letters will be kept and remembered.


Dan Paton

Oroville, CA




In the 1670’s…The “Politically Appointed.. “Royal Governors.. Of.. “The 13 Colonies

Use to give “English Made “Steel Tipped TomaHawks.. to “Warring Indians.. to..

                                                                                       “Kill Free Americans


  • In 1676 “Virginia…“Royal Governor William Berkeley”.. “Favoring “Pro-Slavery.
  • Gave “Steel TomaHawks to The “Indians “Encouraging an “Indian War..

    Against The.. “Free Americans Living.. On The :Frontier.. Then He Refused to Help

    The “Free Americans “Being Murdered On the “Frontier.. “Resulting In The “Bacan Revolt “Forcing The “Free Americans “Under The “Leader-Ship of “Nathaniel Bacon

    “To Force Governor Berkeley Out of Office.


    In…“1776.. “Thomas Jefferson.. In The “Declaration Of Independence”..

    Reported… “That “King George The III…. The “Royal Parliament… And..

    The “Royal Armed Forces.. “Were Using.. “Mercenaries.. And.. “Merciless Savages

    On The “Frontier.. He Wrote The “DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE”..

                                                                “We Hold These Truths To Be “Self-Evident

    That All Men Are Created Equal By Their “Creator With “UnAlienable Rights

    That Among These Are… “LIFE.. “LIBERTY.. And The “PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS..


    The History Of The Present “King Of Great Britain… Is a.. “History…

    Of Repeated “InJuries.. And.. Usurpations

    To Prove This Let Facts Be Submitted To a Candid World


    He Has Made “Judges… Dependent On His Will Alone For Transporting

    “Us Beyond The “Seas.. To Be Tried For Pretended Offenses

    He Has `Plundered Our “Seas.. “Ravaged Our Coasts.. “Burnt Our “Towns.. And

    “Destroyed The “Lives Of “Our “People…

    He Is At This “Time “Transporting “Large “Armies Of  “Mercenaries

    “To “Complete The “Works Of “Death… “Desolation…And.. “Tyrannny


    He Has.. “Endeavoured To “Bring On The “Inhabitants Of Our “Frontiers

    The “Merciless “Indian “Savages Whose  Known “Rule Of “Warfare

    “Is An “UnDistinguished “Destruction Of All “Ages “Sexes And “Conditions

    “To Our British “Legislature.. “They Too Have Been.. “Deaf… To “Justice





    “SUPPORTING.. The.. “Department of Indian Affairs”

    In “GIVING.. “2,000 “REPEATING RIFLES” And Enough “BULLETS


      For.. “ONE.. BATTLE

    To The “SIOUX INDIANS”.. “4 Weeks Before..

    The “BATTLE.. Of The LITTLE BIG HORN”.. And               

    Not.. Telling The U.S. Army (And They Got Away With It)                                                                                                                             

    Dan Paton

    Oroville, CA President James Hoffa

    Teamsters union




    The Government Allows a Small number of Criminals to Commit Violent Crimes

    Then Claims the... “State”.. Should Have More Control Over EveryBody

    And EveryThing.


    The Best Defense Against a.. “SuperState”.. is Probably “FreeDom Of Speech

    Including “Free Public Information.. “NewsPapers.. LiBrarys…


    But What “People Know and ThereFore “Believe.. Has Always Been to Important

    To Be “FREE…


    The “NewsPapers of 100 Years Ago.. “Never Told The.. “Whole Truth


    For Example

                The PEOPLE… VS… The “RAILROADS… OF The 1890’s




    Meant Only For.. “MONEY and PROFITS.







    And… $1,000.. “THOUSAND DOLLARS”… For Each Mile Laid.. Over “2 MILLION

                                                                                                                        U.S. DOLLARS



    But The “Big Business NewsPapers.. “Never Told The “WHOLE TRUTH

    That The “RAILROADS were… “NEVER PRIVATE... But Always a “PUBLIC TRUST”




                                  STATE “FEDERAL JUDGES ..Have For The LAST 30 YEARS


                                                            An… REPLACING “RIGHTS WITH PRIVILEGES”







    Dan Paton

    Oroville, CA


    Lou Dobbs


    There Is Another Gun Debate… But Nobody Says, Why People Need Guns.

    It Is Not Against.. “Random Crime.. It Is Against ..”Organized Crime.


    There is in Fact a Physical Reasonable,.. Need For Guns ..”The Right  to Defend Your Self

                                                                                                    Against “Allowed Crime.

    As a Former.. San Francisco longshoreman and Seaman I know many

    “Worker Union Strike Stories… From the ViewPoint of most.

    “Third Generation Industrial Workers.. most Crime is Allowed Crime.. “By The STATE”


    For the entire 300 Year History of.. America The.. ‘STATE’

    From the “ROYAL GOVERNORS of the 13 COLONIES.. to.. The U.S. STATE DEPT”.

                                                                                                                   ..of.. TODAY

    Have Always.. “ALLOWED.. “GANGS’.. to.. “ATTACK.. the “CIVILIAN POPULATION.

    An Example would be “Sex offenders and Drug Dealers Getting

    $600 Monthly Social Security.. I do Believe we should help the Disabled but not

    Criminals… In The Year 98.. Realizing That Most Of The.. “Old Timers”…

    Were Passing On.. I Decided To Write Down Their Stories.. In The Form Of.. …


    Depending On What Union I Sent It To.. For Some Reason I Sent It Out a Second Time

    In 2002.. It Was a “Big Hit” Both Times The San Francisco “Old Timers Agreed With

                                                                                                         EveryThing They Told Me

    in 98 The Best Example I Had of.. “GANGS”.. Being Used Against The... “PUBLIC

                                                                                                    Was “SEX OFFENDERS”

    ToDay.. if.. I Were to “UpDate The.. “ORGANIZED CRIME LETTER” .. From 98 to 2009

    I Have Many Surprising… “NEW”… Examples

    In 98… I had “Sex Offenders and The… U.S. __ Had 50,000 “GANG” Members

    ToDay The.. U.S. Has 750,000 Thousand… “GANG Members.. Of

    These… 86,000.. “GANG LEADERS.. Have Been.. “CLASSIFIED… As

    “POLITICAL REFUGEES”.. and GET $900 Monthly in “STATE AID $10,800 YEARLY


                The.. “STATE DEPT”.. Has 86,000 Thousand.. “GANG LEADERS.. On Its PAYROLL


    The U.S. People to Be.. “FREE.. Must Have Both.. “FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND

                                                                            THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS..

    If You Want You Can Find Many Examples Of The “STATE and CRIME Being

                                                                                        The SAME..

    The.. “STATE DEPT..  Therefore Should.. NOT.. Stop.. “THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.









    Dan Paton

    Oroville, CA




    Mr Sam Kagel


    My Name is Dan Paton, I Am a Former... San Francisco LongShoreman.. and.. Seaman

    About 2 Years Ago I Sent a "Five Page Letter To

    The "Teamsters "AFL-CIO.. and "Steelworkers Unions.. On

    The First… “300 Years.. of.. “ORGANIZED CRIME IN AMERICA..


    I Have Been Told By The "Unions They UnderStand and Agree With My Main Points.


    Teamster President... James Hoffa Read The Letter And Said

    He UnderStood And Agreed With My Main Points


    AFL-CIO President         John Sweeney's Secretary Mary Said

    Sweeney Read And Agreed With My Letter.


    If You Were To Ask a Person Living In The "Mid-West... What Is

    "ORGANIZED CRIME... Most Would Say a.. "Bunch Of Italians Living In New York


    But If You Were To Ask a... "Third Generation.. "Industrial Worker.. Such as

    A.. "LongShoreman.. "Teamster.. "AutoWorker.. "Iron Worker.. "SteelWorker

    “RailRoad Worker.. Or.. "Coal Miner.


    Many Would Say.. "ORGANIZED CRIME.. "IS..

                                                                            BIG BUSINESS.. OR.. BIG GOVERNMENT

    Using,, "GANGS"... "Against The "Civilian Population.


    In Detroit of The.. "1920's

    The "Labor.. "Auto-Workers Union "Believed That "Ford Motors Security

    Used To "Murder "Honest Ford Workers.. Who Wanted Decent Pay and

    Decent Working Conditions


    In San Francisco of The 1930's

    The San Francisco "LongShoremens Union (ILWU) "Believed That

    "District Attorney Earl Warren, Would Have The "OakLand Police Department

    Murder "anti-Union StrikeBreakers,.. Then Throw The ‘StrikeBreakers Into

    San Francisco Bay.. Then "Claim It Was

    The San Francisco Longshoremens Union That Were Murdering The StrikeBreakers


    You Are An EyeWitness Of Those Times

    Do You Remember Any, Earl Warren Stories, Would You Like To

    Read My "Organized Crime Letter, And Write Any Comments





     Dan Paton

     Oroville, CA                                                                           

    Chief Justice William Rehnquist                                                                                                                  



    Recently on "C-Span About "July 4 Weekend, Of Last Year

    I Saw You Gave a "Speech.. "On What is.. "Freedom Of Speech


    In Your Address You Stated That You and Chief Justice Kennedy

    Were Trying to Define.. "What is... "Free Speech.. and That

    You and the other Justices Would Probably Never Have a Proper Definition


    What is "Freedom is "Difficult to "Explain, Or, "Define

    But.. "Freedom Of Speech".. is "Probably The Most "Important Freedom



    I Am a Amateur Historian Who Has Been Talking To WWII Veterans

    For More Then 20 Years, I Ask These Vets Both, Political and ComBat Questions

    Such As Asking "What Did You Fight For.. And.. "What Did You "NOT Fight For.


    My Father Was a Sergeant On "General MacArthur's Army Intelligence” G2 Staff.

    He still has his G2 papers.

    After The U.S. Invasion Of Jap Held Luzon Island

    General MacArthur Gave Permission to The "CokOCola Company, To "ReOpen

    One of it's "Soda Pop Plants In The "Philippine Islands.

    MacArthur Then Found Out The "Cok Company Was Charging The "Troops ¢5cents

                                                                                                                    Per Bottle

    General MacArthur Then Walked Out, Into His Staff Room and Said

    To "Sergeant Paton and The Rest Of His Staff "Angrily


    Our Brave Soldiers Are Fighting To Save Their Homeland, Families and Freedoms

    "NOT.. To Make Profits, For The "Cok O Cola Company, This Requisite is Denied.


    General MacArthur "Believed That He and His Group Were "Played For Suckers

    In The U.S. Spanish War Of 1898.. They Had Bullets To Kill The Enemy

    But "Little Food, Medicine, Boots to Stay Alive.


    General MacArthur used to say the true enemy of every soldier fighting to stay alive is not the Japanese, German or Spanish soldier standing in front of him, it is the politician standing behind them.


    Many politicians believe in endless wars.  In the words of  President Bush, “The war on terroism started on my watch but will end on yours”.


    General MacArthur Was Both Very, Anti-Communist and Anti-Capitalist

    He Was a "StraightUp Democrat .. As U.S. Military Governor Of Japan

    He Proved That He Was a Straight Up Democrat. ....


    Veterans Of "WWII.. Say, "Free Speech.. To Them Is

    "To Tell The Truth, "Without Getting Into Trouble


    Combat Veterans Who Fought For.. “Freedom, Say

    “ Freedom of Speech.. is.. “THE RIGHT TO TELL THE TRUTH TO EACH OTHER”

                .. “AS LONG AS IT’S THE TRUTH, IT'S OK”..




                                                              Page 1 of 2


     People Who Have “Not Fought For Freedom, Say                                                                                   

    “Freedom Of Speech.. is.. “UnPopular Speech…

    They Say If You Can Gave a, “UnPopular Speech, You Can Say “Anything

    Therefore Have “Free Speech

    But Under This “Definition

    DisHonest Judges, In The “Past Have Stopped “Free Speech

    “Not For Being, “Popular, Or, “UnPopular.. But For “Disturbing The Peace


    But Defining “Free Speech, as Telling The Truth

    Based on ”EyeWitness Reports, “PhotoGraphs, or, Stories.. is

    “Nether.. “Popular, Or, “UnPopular.. But Simply “Truthful.. and..

    Therefore Can Not Be Stopped By “DisHonest Judges.


    When I Heard a WWII Memorial Was Being Built

    I Send These “Interviews To Various “Veteran Groups...

    Based On These “Interviews I Have Been Trying To “Determine



    What Is… Freedom… What Is Democracy

    What Is The Difference Between Mob Rule - And - Majority Rule




    The Individual Has The Right To Own And Drive a Car

    The Majority Has The Right To Have The Car Driven Safely

    That We Call a “Driver's License”

     It Seems To Be Any “Action, That is a “Individual Action.. and

    “NOT.. a “Group Action.. SUCH AS.. “What Color To Paint Your House.


    How Can a “Individual, In a “Group of a 1,000 “Thousand People Be “Free.

    The Answer Seems To Be

    The “Right Of The “Individual To Carry His Own Food And Water.. But

    “NOT.. Steal Food And Water From Others.


    The “Individual Being “Safe From a “Group.. And

    The “Group “Safe From a “Individual.

    Stealing “Automatically Being a “Group Action, and “Not a Individual Act.


    As Chief Justice You Have The “Major and Important Job Of “Defining

    “What is Freedom.

    This “April The “Court Had a “Free Speech “Case

    Before The… “NOV 04… “Presidential Elections

    You May Have To “Decide, If The “People Of California and Other “States



    I Am Sending You The, ”WWII Vet Letter, and a “Historical.. “First 2 Pages

    Letter On “Organized Crime.. I Sent To .

    The “Teamsters, “SteelWorkers, “LongShoremens Unions                               

    Both Letters. ”Deal With “The Fight For Freedom.. and                                   

    Can Help In “Defining “Freedom.                                                                     



    Page 2 of 2




    Ethanol plant

    Dear Editor:

    A “Tale of Two Cities.” This seems to be an intellectual letter, but it is aimed right at beer drinkers.

    In mankind's history there have been many “Tales of Two Cities,” a choice between “Good or Bad,” “Home or Homeless.”

    The first “Tale of Two Cities” was “Athens and Sparta,” in regards to security.  What type of security is best?

    Athens believed in Peace through prosperity, surrounding itself with strong, healthy neighbors.”

    Sparta believed in “Military superiority, surrounding itself with beaten, helpless neighbors.”

    Then there is the famous “Tale of Two Cities,” in book stories:  Paris and London.

    Paris ruled by the mob.  London ruled by the voters.

    The real “Tale of Two Cities” in American history, Plymouth and Jamestown.

    Plymouth believed in freedom and democracy while Jamestown believed in independence, superiority and slavery.

    If you were an Englishman about the years of the 1640s, who wanted to sale to the new world to get away from the rules of the king..... what seaport would you sale to?

    Plymouth, which believed in freedom and democracy or Jamestown which believed in independence superiority and slavery.

    Today, Oroville has the same choice between success or failure.  Oroville has two ideas on how to bring over 200 jobs to Butte County.

    The first is the Ethanol Fuel Plant, important to farms and farm towns and can guarantee both survival and success to the farmers and farm towns in the future, which converts waste crops into fuel for energy.... and has 240 high skilled permanent jobs.

    The second is the prison system, 214 jobs, which are unskilled and very dangerous.

    It seems to be an easy answer. 240 high paying skilled jobs are better than 214 unskilled dangerous jobs.

    But if you are old enough to remember the 1960s and 70s you will remember a time when everybody had permanent highly skilled high paying jobs.

    You also might remember people signing up for unemployment four or six years before actually losing their jobs.

    Explanation:  American workers are honest.

    At that time unions were under state court mandates to recruit new members who signed up for  unemployment as often as they could.

    Back in the 1970s if you had a choice between making $24,000 to $30,000 yearly or $12,000 on unemployment and you only needed $12,000, what would you do?

    Nobody wants to sleep in their car.  Nobody plans to be homeless.

    But in the 1970s many walked away from their $24,000-$30,000 jobs to sign up for unemployment.

    Nobody back then expected their factory jobs to disappear forever.  But when you choose not to work you also choose poverty and homelessness. 

    The Ethanol Fuel Plant is something you, the people, must know and support.

    You have a choice between a large number of skilled permanent jobs or a smaller number of unskilled temporary jobs that are easy to find, lose then find again.  What will you do?

    Dan Paton Oroville



    Veterans Letter

    Page 1


    This Letter is to.. “WWII Vets, Your Generation is Having

    a.. “Memorial Built


    I Realize, This is a Long Letter.. “But I Am Using.. “Examples From

    Over “2,000 Years To Show The.. “Differences Between.. “Freemen and NonFreemen


    There is Much “Debate.. There Should Not Be

    Your Generation Were.. “Heroes Who Defended Freedom


    There Seems to be.. “Two Types of “Memorials

    (1) a “Memorial to The “Dead

    (2) Film Clips of.. “Guns and "Bombs Exploding

          “Neither Seem to “Show.. “Freemen Fighting For Freedom


    There is a,. Difference Between

    People Who “Fight For Freedom.. and

    People Who Do.. “NOT.. Fight For Freedom    …


    People Who Fight For “Freedom.. Say..

    Freedom is the, “Right Based On “Decision.. and.. “Law

    To.. “Go Anywhere.. “Do Anything.. That is a.. “Individual Action.. And..

                                                                     “NOT.. a.. Group Action.


    People Who Do… “NOT.. Fight For Freedom.. Say..

    Freedom is the, “Right Based on “Luck.. and.. “Power

    To.. “Go Anywhere.. “Do Anything.. “Including

    The Strong Taking From The “Week.. The “Many From The “Few


    The “Exact Opposite Of Each Other


    What “Politicians Say

    “Veterans Fought For.. And.. What “Vets Say They Fought For

    Are Also Often “Opposite


    Veterans Letter

    Page 2


    In Their Lifetime.. “George Washington and “Thomas Jefferson

    Both.. “Said They Were Against Slavery.. And.. Tried To Free Their Slaves


    After.. “Washington's and “Jefferson's Deaths.. “Pro-Slavery “Anti-Democrats

    Said.. Washington/Jefferson Were For Slavery, Because They Owned Slaves


    Today Some 200 Years Later.. “Pro-State.. “Anti-Democrats

    Want To Tear Down.. The “Jefferson Memorial”

    The Say Washington and Jefferson Were Not.. “Heroes.. And

    Their “Beliefs In.. “Freedom, Should.. “NOT.. Be Taught In “Schools


    But The Truth is.. “Based On My Own Research

    Both “Washington and “Jefferson.. Were “Probably Flat Broke

    After 1780.. And.. “Did Not Own Any Slaves


    Washington's “Estate at His Death Was Mainly

    Land.. From a “Army Pension.. “Silverware.. “Household Furniture


    At a “Time When The “Average American

    Was “Earning Only… 50LBS.. ($50 Dollars).. Annually

    George Washington…. “Donated

    Between 20,000 and 30,000 LBS (Dollars).. Of “His Own “Money

    To.. “The Continental Army… And Probably Bankrupt Himself


    In The.. “1770’s Continental Army

    U.S. Army Privates….     Earned.. 6.30LBS (Dollars) Monthly 12X $75.60 Annually

    U.S. Army Lieutenants..   Earned.. 6.60LBS (Dollars) Monthly 12X $79.20 Annually

    U.S. Army Captains….   Earned.. 7.60LBS (Dollars) Monthly 12X $91.20 Annually


    Washington/Jefferson Were Probably Managers

    But “Not Owners of Slaves on a Large Scale


    “Washington.. “Jefferson Meant What They Said About Being

    “Anti-Slave.. “Pro-Democratic


    Veterans Letter

    Page 3


    Davy Crockett.. “America's First Frontier.. “Indian War Hero

    Was Very Clear On What He “Believed And “Fought For


    As a “War Hero “Elected To The “U.S. Congress.. “He Said and Wrote

    Both in.. “His “Congressional Speeches.. And.. “His AutoBiography

    Before “He Left For The “Alamo


    That He Did Not Know If.. “The Creek Indian War, Of 1813-1814

    Was.. Or.. Was Not “Avoidable


    But “He Said He Was “Sure.. He Fought For a.. “FREE WEST

    and.. “NOT.. a “SLAVE WEST


    At That Time Both

             “President James Madison 1809-1817.. and.. “War Hero Davy Crockett

     Were “Against.. “Slavery Spreading.. to.. “THE NEW WEST


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