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Location: Kingston, Canada

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- Due to some minor confusions and struggles with the Speak with Sound contest, I have decided to extend the deadline for entries to May 30th. To help you all out, though I have already received some AWESOME entries and anticipate even more, I'll let you know how I will be judging the contest:
I will play your prompt song on repeat while reading your entry, and judge based upon one of three ways the two intertwine, in no particular order of importance: ambience (feel), lyrics, and pacing. Whichever your song and story match up on most (say the ambience of both your song and story are melancholic, or the lyrics are directly related) I will use to grade your entry. Other things I am looking for are similar to the previous contest I ran! :-) Hope this helps! -

Hello fellow Booksians! I have posted judging for the 1000 Words Contest - congratulations to first place winner, Obscure, with Between the Sheets. Check out the winning entry here: https://www.booksie.com/467114-between-the-sheets.

I've decided to post another contest, seeing as I am not yet in the writing mood - though I have so many ideas formed, planned, and ready to be written. This time, I am offering even bigger, better prize packs... definitely worth checking out!

The Speak With Sound contest is another prompt contest I am hosting, however, this time the prompts are songs. Exciting, huh?! I loved hosted the 1000 Words contest and am back with some more great prize packages for entrants to win! Check out the contest in my portfolio. Remember, prompts are first come first serve - so hurry over!

~ Rae

Current entrants: Ever A. Darling, Grief, LiveOutLoud, AnarchyBlues, Hanorbi, Obscure, j.m.gonzales, Oleg Roschin.

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twenty- two years young with a passion for all things creative. loves travel, b-grade horror, and making up a persons' life story while people-watching from afar. uses song lyrics, parmesan cheese, and sexual puns in excess. little sympathy for humans who die in movies; post-cinematic depression after watching "marley and me". tends to empathize with the villain. indecisive, spontaneous, but everlastingly faithful when it comes to love. nearly two years strong with the man of my dreams. too dreadfully adorable to feel like an adult, but paying bills, so it works itself out.



Contest Winners

Obscure with Between the Sheets

Who I'm Reading

Oleg Roschin
Ever A. Darling



  Dead Girl    Status: In Progress    Release Date: TBA

  Genre: Science Fiction, Drama

  Reader Discretion: 18A

   Angie has been living a dangerous life; circling the drain in a whirlpool of addiction, petty crime, instability, self-harm, and irresponsibility. Always a troubled and selfish girl, she has been left to her own by friends and family members who couldn't handle watching her deteriorate any longer - or be at the expense of her chaotic lifestyle. Waking up in unfamiliar hotel rooms was never uncommon in her life, but after a binge of cocktailed-substances has her re-living the same nightmarish reality over and over again... she starts to realize what she has become. Angie isn't circling the drain anymore... she's gone six feet down the piping. So, why is she still here?


  Dead Exile  Status: In Progress    Release Date: TBA

  Genre: Science Fiction, Action, Drama

  Reader Discretion: PG-14

   In a post-apocalyptic world over-run by wild, mutated fauna, a misfit group of Exilees is sent in to the wasteland warzone, Dead Exile, to fight to defend the home cities of Harbor - the last known faction of human beings, living together in a connected group of sustainable, elevated biospheres near the equator. Daila finds herself amongst a group of capable conscriptees and starts to have hope for her survival... almost. Everybody knows that the Exiled never return.

They are prisoners, deemed unfit for a sustainable society, and casted-away as soldiers - or maybe offerings, sacrifieces - to fight against the mutations that roam freely on the now crakling-dry and arid Earth. Once humankind realized that they could not communicate or overthrow the mutes, an identifiable animal species both brute and braun, the everlasting battle to slowly exterminate or hold them back began.


  Imitate  Status: In Progress    Release Date: TBA

  Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Action

  Reader Discretion: PG-14

   A woman wakes up after an accident, completely void of memory or basic human ability. Unable to speak, communicate, eat, or remember any part of who she is or what has happened, she relies on the help of her family and fiance - and weekly visits to the Ivan Tetheredge Health Facility where she woke - to start piecing her life back together. Once she starts to be able to think and function clearly, though, it feels as if things just aren't right with this life that is being constructed around her. She starts to suspect that this life isn't hers... and regardless of whether or not the instincts she has to discover the truth are part of who she is or not, they are persistant. Soon, not only her own world, but the rest of the world around her begins to fall in to perspective.


  Deadwoman Walking  Status: In Progress    Release Date: TBA

  Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Action

  Reader Discretion: 18A

   We've all pondered the question: could a ghost and a zombie come from the same person?

For Samantha O'Connor, that question has been answered. The world has died, and the only remaining members of the human race struggle to stay alive - including Samantha's fiance and son, Nicholas and Shawn. While trailing the two as they fight back the living dead, she realizes that she is not only a ghost, but still has a connection to her body, which has reanimated and continues to walk the Earth. She soon realizes that she is not the only one anchored to the afterlife, unable to move on, due to the reanimation of their corpse. There are others - and they are fighting a plague of their own.

What is dead must die.


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