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Raven Akuma

Location: Wonderland, United States

Gender: F

Member Since: October 2017

Last online: March 2021

Open for read requests: Yes

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Last Updated Jan 10, 2021


Hiya, everybody, it's been a long time! Happy new year -I know I'm late, but I mean it!


So, because it's been a while of silence, I'd just like to tell everyone what's happening. I've made a rough draft of the plot to TFR's side-prequel, which I would really like to release now that TFR 5 is published (I originally planned to release them together). Honestly, I'll try, but I wouldn't even be surprised if the prequel wasn't out by the last TFR book. It's SO long, with possibly over a hundred chapters -I may need to split it into two books! It's also difficult because I'm trying to straddle the line of limiting over 20 years of characters' life stories to (hopefully) one book, without making it too brief. The current setup is for the book(s) to be divided into "parts" that cover the important stages of those years, with reasonable time skips between. Each "part" will be aiming for fifteen-to-twenty chapters, and there are currently nine.


Okay, now onto the more practical work. I'm already about a quarter of the way through TFR 6's rough draft! I hope the ending of TFR 5 was enough to shock you, and if it did, you'll definitely want to see what waits in here. I am also SOOOOOOO excited to reveal some great new concepts, creatures, characters -the whole nine yards. One, in particular, stands out the most, but I don't want to spoil anything. All I'll say is, I hope you've been keeping an eye on the little details in the previous books *wink wink* I also feel very confident in my writing skills about now -not that it's perfect, but I think you'll notice much improvement.


I'm also still considering side-works to chip away at, as you heard before. I have the plot of Twisted Souls complete, polished, and ready to write, although I haven't made as much progress on the actual story as I would've liked. I also have the characters, setting, and most of the plot written out for another project, but I would rather not disclose it for now. Honestly, it's so different from my usual work, I may make another profile to advertise it! 


Thanks, and happy writing! - Raven Akuma

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"Say what you mean and mean what you say. Confront what frightens or offends you. Reckless or insulting talk should never go unchallenged."

- Cheshire Cat (Alice: Madness Returns)



Ladies and gentlemen, one and all, welcome to my profile page! I am Raven Akuma; the metalhead, otaku writer. It's nice to meet 'ya all!

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"Please enjoy my deadly efficient page..."


My role as a reader:  I'm pretty busy organizing my own chaos on here, especially with constant writer's block, and I'm so easily overwhelmed/depressed/stressed that reading has become kind of a hassle. I try, though when I do, comments are scarce. Still, if you want feedback on a good poem or short story, I'll be happy to help there.

My role as a writer:  Yes, my writing is amateur, but my imagination is not! I'll write shortstories or poems as side-projects, as well as "Twisted Souls", but the majority of my time is spent writing my series 'The Forsaken Race.' (TFR for short). This is a fantasy book series inspired by my crazy imagination and love of anime. I started planning this series a few years back, put it to page two years ago, and I haven't stopped since! Nor do I plan to until I see this series published as a manga at the very least.


Tips for reading my book(s):

1: some minor things are always subject to change, so if you go back and notice I replaced some words in a description, please don't be surprised. The story itself is always intact.

2: I use double-spaced paragraphs to move between dreams/visions/flashbacks. I use \\\\\ to switch POV.

3: TFR is rated "Mature." It has strong language, gore, and what I guess some people call "traumatic content" (idk, haha). So if you're a sensitive reader, beware.


I can ensure anybody that I will never sell out in any way just for more attention; I stick to what I have. I'm not targeting some audiences over others, I'm hopefully making my own and catering to it. I don't approve of PC things, or other moves that ruin a series' characters, settings, messages, or overall story.

I will say that I enjoy experimenting with my style of writing, though. Sometimes it comes out well, other times not. In the end, though, I try to make sure everything comes out better than before. so if you read my stories once before and didn't like it, then I encourage you to come back and try again later. You may just find yourself surprised! And of course, I ALWAYS encourage you to criticize me. If I know what you like, I know what to write more of in the future. If I know what you don't like, I can fix what I have and avoid it in the future.


Anyways, that being said, here are some fun facts about me 'cause why not?


Favorite Color = red

Favorite Animal = raven

Top-Ranking Animes = Black Butler, RWBY, Future Diary, Corpse Party, Your Name, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Tokyo Ghoul, Deadman Wonderland, No Game No Life, Spice and Wolf, Danganronpa, WataMote, Code Geass, D.Gray Man, Hellsing

Favorite Characters  = Leiytning, Grell Sutcliff, Undertaker, Adam Taurus, General Ironwood, Toko Fukawa, Lelouch Lamperouge, Touka Kirishima, Jareth The Goblin King (of course!), San, Cheshire Cat

Favorite Stories = Five Nights at Freddy's, IT, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Warriors, Grimms' Fairy Tales, Animal Farm, The Giver, The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde, Dracula (also, anything by Edgar Allan Poe!)

Favorite Poems = The Raven, Dream Within A Dream, Acquainted with the Night, Nothing Gold Can Stay, Lenore, Porphyria's Lover

Hobbies = writing, drawing, reading, playing bass, collecting cool antiques, collecting Venetian masks

Also Loves = pokemon, dragons, snakes, sudoku, solitaire, demons, Lamborghinis, Labyrinth, anything macabre, dark rooms, old cartoons, folklore, and my chinchilla :)

Dislikes = bugs, dogs, people who are jerks, rap and pop music, social media, new cartoons, petty romance

Favorite Bands = Motionless In White, Mushroomhead, In This Moment, Korn, Cradle of Filth, Snow White Blood, Megadeth, Xandria, Volbeat, Fit For An Autopsy, Ozzy Osbourne, Slipknot, Dethklok, Avatar, Amberian Dawn, Raven Black, Rings Of Saturn, Ghost, Shadow Of Intent, Dark Sarah, Amon Amarth, Blackbriar, Cattle Decapitation, Marilyn Manson, Gutteral Slug, Dimmu Borgir, Bullet For My Valentine

Favorite Videogames = Alice: Madness Returns, FNAF, Halo 3, older Zeldas, Ark: Survival Evolved, Fallout 3, Bendy And The Ink Machine, Ib, Corpse Party, Undertale, Nevermind, Pinstripe, Alan Wake, Mad Father, the Strange Men games






It's true that I've met many talented authors on here, and enjoyed their works! Below is a list of who I would STRONGLY recommend going to for a great read (note, there's no order to it). I can only read so many works, therefore fit so many names, but hey: the list is growing yet. For who I have now, it's...


Red Hunter






Aravind Kumar


Joy Shaw 




Katherina Csernis




Alpha Moon


Kossettes Novellettes 








Noir Creations




Allen Darkmyst




Thank you for your time, friend(s). Happy reading!

- Raven Akuma













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