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Last Updated Jul 29, 2023

Big Changes! Big News! (and a catalog break)


Between a drop in activity and a new project taking up SO much of my time, I just wanted to let you know that the catalog is being put on hold. You may have also noticed that I had to cut back on reading. I am still interested, but it's hard to find free time in the current environment, sorry.

About that project, though, I can give you some information by now. It's a new book; a book that I want to be a standalone project (meaning no prequels, sequels, etc.). If it's popular enough, I could add a little to it, but I'm trying my best  not to. It's also going to be my first attempt to get into ACTUAL publishing. I hope to put it up on Amazon Kindle or another platform, and with a pinch of luck, I may be able to get some hard copies to market locally. 

One of my main ideas, going into this project, was thinking about what I would've wanted to read when I was in school. For that reason, this book will *technically* be a kids' book, but I think you'll be able to enjoy it as an adult too. I just toned down the language and kept the harsher scenes well within a "fantasy violence" range. Good comparisons to what I mean would be the Warriors series, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, and others along those lines (I'd list more books but I spent my time reading all the weird underground stuff that no one would recognize, haha).

As for what this story is about...I'll keep most of that to myself for now, but I can tell you that it is a three-way fusion between classic fantasy, science fiction, and -a theme I've been wanting to do for a long time now- STEAMPUNK!!

Some of you may wonder what's going on with TFR, in all this. I have grand ideas and a plot in the works, but TFR is still on hiatus while I figure out the fate of the six books I already have. I would love to market them, but...well, it's a lot harder because TFR befits a very small audience (according to the people I reached out to). The wild fantasy theme speaks more to kids, yet the language issue, gore, and some "triggering" themes speaks more to adults (furthermore, adults who can stomach gore and intense themes). In other words, TFR is in a bit of a pickle right now, but there's no way I'm giving up on it. Don't worry about that!


Thanks, and happy writing! :)

 - Raven


"Every picture tells a story. Sometimes we don't like the ending. Sometimes we don't understand it."

- Cheshire Cat (Alice: Madness Returns)


Ladies and gentlemen, one and all, welcome to my profile page! I am Raven Akuma; the nerdy, metalhead, dark-minded writer. It's nice to meet 'ya all!


My role as a reader: I've been able to get back into the swing of reading! Let me at it!

My role as a writer: Yes, my writing is amateur, but my imagination is not! I'll write short stories or poems as side-projects, but the majority of my time is spent writing "The Forsaken Race" series (TFR for short).


What is "The Forsaken Race" series?

"The Forsaken Race" is an anime-stylized story, set in an original world. It primarily falls under the "high fantasy" category, but it also has elements of Tolkein fantasy, dystopian fantasy, and folklore. If you want a little snippet, you can read through my short and fun "Meet The Characters!" catalog.


Tips for reading my book(s):

1: Some minor things are always subject to change, so if you go back and notice I replaced some words in a description, please don't be surprised. The story itself is always intact.

2: I use double-spaced paragraphs to move between dreams/visions/flashbacks. I use \\\\\ to switch POV, or for dramatic time skips.

3: TFR has strong language and moderate gore (most chapters with really heavy themes are marked), so if you're a sensitive reader, beware.


My Favorites:

If you like my style, maybe you'll like my work, and vice-versa!


Favorite Movie = Labyrinth

Favorite Shows = (I watch cartoons from the 90s to early 2010 era, Bob's Burgers, and a ton of YouTubers mainly Markiplier)

Top-Ranking Animes/Mangas = Black Butler, RWBY, Sailor Moon, Uzumaki, Future Diary, Corpse Party, Your Name, Princess Mononoke, Tokyo Ghoul, Danganronpa, Code Geass, D.Gray Man, Gosick, Hellsing

Favorite Stories = To Kill a Mocking Bird, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, Warriors, Harry Potter, Animal Farm, The Giver, Dracula, ANYTHING by Edgar Allan Poe!

Favorite Bands = Korn, Blackbriar, Ludovico Technique, Mushroomhead, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Motionless In White, Cradle of Filth, Megadeth, Dark Sarah, Judas Priest, Avatar, Rings Of Saturn, Bullet For My Valentine, Ensiferum

Favorite Videogames = Alice: Madness Returns, FNAF, older Zeldas, Ark: Survival Evolved, Elden Ring, Bendy And The Ink Machine, Ib, Corpse Party, Undertale, Mad Father, the Strange Men games





I've met many talented authors here, and enjoyed their work! Below is a list of who I would STRONGLY recommend going to for a great read (there's no order to it). The list is still growing, of course. For who I have now, it's...








Red Hunter



En Raiter



Meaghan Kalena






Joy Shaw 



Katherina Csernis

*left Booksie I believe, but she has a wonderful manga on Webtoon called "Warlock!"





Kossettes Novellettes 



S. Rasmussen









Allen Darkmyst




Thank you for your time, friend(s). Happy reading!

- Raven Akuma







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