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I love writing! It's just so fun. And one of my shows (and many other peoples show) they watch when they were young was Danny Phantom. So, I'm continuing the show. I also have an account on Storywrite (DannyPhantomisback) so check it out because all the stories will be different from this site to there. Before I start, I'm going to tell you a little about the show and its characters (NOTE: Don't have to read it if you don't want to, and go right to where I have the episodes(stories) posted.


The show was created by Butch Hartmen in 2001. The oringinal idea was about a human boy named Danny who fought ghosts with a special ghost hunting team, the title was "Danny and Spector Detectors". Nickaloden didn't really like the idea but said "yes" to give him a chance. The plot was changed to a boy named Danny Fenton who had ghost powers and his life about fighting ghosts using his alter ego as "Danny Phantom." The show aired April 3rd 2003 and started with "Mystery Meat" and ended on August 24th 2007 with Phantom Planet.


Danny Fenton is an unpopular, clumsy, polite and sweet kid who attends Casper High School. He lives with his obsessive ghost hunter parents, Jack and Maddie Fenton and his annoying, older and nosey sister, Jazz Fenton. He also has two friends, Tucker Foley and Sam Manson. His best friend Sam encouraged him to go into the Ghost Portal when it was first being built and at stage 1. His DNA was covered with ecto-plasma giving his ghost powers. He then became "the halfa" a half boy, half ghost. Danny uses his alter ego "Danny Phantom" to rid ghosts of his home town, Amity Park. Tucker and Sam help Danny fight off the ghosts.

Danny has many problems being a "halfa" in the episode, Bitter Reunions, he meets Vlad Masters which is the second hybrid created by Danny's father. He also deals with Valerie Gray, who becomes a ghost hunter in episode, Shades Of Gray. He also deals with his nosey older sister when at home who thinks she knows everything and he deals with his ghost hunting parents who see ghosts (their own son: Danny Phantom) as nothing but a meance to society.


Sam is Danny's girl best friend. He helps him with ghost hunting and has a crush on him which is clear a bit later on in the series. Sam is an "ultra recyclo vegetarin(mentioned in episode 1) and is goth. Her family is rich, and more happier than Sam. Sam doesn't tell anybody to try to avoid having fake friends. Sam can be a little bit bossy at times. She tells Danny what not to use his powers for, and at the same time is a hypocrite. At some points through the series, she tells him to use his powers for his only-loving will.  Sam and Danny are very good friends, in the episode "Fanning the Flames" Danny and Sam both show little bits of romance. Then, with Danny afterward, it ends for awhile but Sam shows little romance parts for Danny in other episodes, and Danny doesn't realize she likes him. You can start telling when Sam has a crush on Danny because she admits in "Fanning the Flames" she said she really liked what was going on and admits to Tucker that she might want to end up with Danny.

In season three, it shows that Danny and Sam's feelings are finally showing their true feelings for each other. Like in the episode "Frightmare", Danny overshadows Nocturne with Sam and smiles when she asks "Can you make room for me?" and in the final episode "Phantom Planet" they end up as a couple.


Tucker is a techno-geek loving dude, but is also Danny's boy best friend. He likes to crack jokes through out the series which sometimes, nobody else gets.  He thinks that he is a "ladies man" but fails to actually get any girlfriend through the series. Although, he and Valerie go out for awhile in episode 10 "Shades of Gray". Afterward, they're no more. At first in the series, Tucker gets jealous of Danny's ghost powers. So, we can tell, he gets jealous often. He loves to eat meat and loves his PDA as if it was a child.


Jazz is Danny's older brother, and is quite annoying. She thinks of herself as an adult (admitted in episode 1). Jazz tries to be a "parent" to Danny because she says to her own parents that Danny needs normal, perental guidence (also in episode 1).  When Jazz does this, she is often being in Danny's business and smothering him. Jazz has a bad habit of getting into people's space due to her wants to be psychologlist.

In episode 9 "My Brother's Kepper." Jazz and Danny say they had a great relationship when they were younger. In this episode, she is concered about Danny and think he's drepressed. But when she finds out his secret identity and knows he not a naive, little child. She discovers he is responsible and not a meance, like her parents think. For about eighteen episodes, she keeps it a secret from Danny about her knowing he is Danny Phantom. She covers for him (before Danny knows that she knows his secret) and in "Reginstorm", when she covers for him, Sam finds it odd. Jazz then tells Danny in "The Ulimate Enemy" that she knows his secret.

Jazz and Danny's relationship developes on as brother and sister, but it goes downhill after she tells him. In the episode "Secret Weapons", she tries to help Danny fight ghost and she becomes very nosey. Then, she makes her way to Vlad's house (knowing Vlad is part ghost thanks to Danny's ghost files).

In the final episode, when Jazz thinks that Danny's ship crashed. Her mom, Maddie says "at least we're all here together," and Jazz (thinking Danny has died) tells them he is Danny Phantom.


Maddie is Danny's mom. Like her husband, Jack. She is obsessed with ghosts and wants to eliminate them. In Jack and Maddie's marrige, Maddie is the most logical. We don't know much about her past before her college days, other then she was friends with Vlad. She was interviewed by "Genuis Magazine." Aside from Maddie's obsessive ghost hunting, she loves Danny and Jazz very much. She is oblivous to Danny's powers and thinks Danny Phantom is a meance.

Maddie discovers Danny's secret four times through-out the series, but doesn't remember 3/4 times. The first time was in "The Ulimate Enemy" when Dark Danny admitted he was their son but from the future, Danny defeats his older, jerky self and the Nasty Burger is about to blow but Clockwork saves everyone and they go back in time by 2 hours, before the accident happened.. In "Reality Trip" she also finds out by seeing Danny change to his human form on tv (Thanks to Freakshow). Another time is in "Masters of All Time" when Danny changes the past and goes to a backwords timeline and tells Jack (who got Vlad's ghost powers thanks to Danny changing the past) and Danny discovers that his mom is married to Vlad. Later in the episode, Danny tells his mom that he is their son, but once again, they don't remember when time is fixed. In the last episode of the entire series, they discover who Danny is (thanks to Jazz telling them when she thought he was dead) and accept his ghost side.

It is also revealed in the episode "Girls Night Out" that Maddie has her own secret cabniet of her own ghost inventons.  Maddie is also a 9th degree blackbelt in martial arts) she uses this when fighting ghosts. It is also realved in episode 18 that when Danny was younger, she and Danny had a great relationship. But it changed when he got older.


Jack is Danny's father. He is very obsessive with ghosts. He isn't the fastest in the Fenton family when catching up on things. He (unlike Maddie) wants to rip a ghost apart molcule by molcule. His past beyond his college days in not mentioned and how he got into ghost hunting. But it was before college because in the episode "Bitter Reunions" that he, his buddy Vlad and Maddie made a tempory ghost portal that gave Vlad ghost powers. Danny was the second hybrid of ghost Jack created, Vlad was the first.  In the last episode, when Jack knows Danny's secret, he doesn't like it very much but like Maddie, accepts Danny and his ablilites.

Jack and Maddie ended up together back in college thanks to Jack messing up on the tiny ghost portal (which gave Vlad his powers) and Maddie and Vlad use to be secretly in love. But by sending Vlad to the hospital, he and Maddie fell in love and got married.

Like Maddie, Jack is unaware of Danny's secret idenity. Not knowing a ghost lives under his own roof, he builds many ghost inventions that can hurt a ghost (which Danny is most afraid of) by one of these inventions.


Vlad Masters is part ghost (like Danny) but uses his powers for evil. He hates Danny like a spec of dust on life. Him and Danny fight when they're in ghost form. Vlad's first appearence was in "Bitter Reunions" which Danny discovers, he is the second hybrid his dad's "foolishness has created" as Vlad says. Vlad has some "problems" he is still in love with Maddie, after twenty years, and hates Jack for giving him his powers. He became very wealthy by stealing (revelead in Kindred Spirits). In "The Ulimate Enemy" it is revelead that Danny's ghost half mixed with Vlad's when using the ghost gontlets. Danny wanted no more emotions and Vlad respected them and ripped out his ghost half, which made Danny(the ghost half) rip out Vlad's ghost half. The two mixed=to Dark Danny/Dan. 

----Season 4-----

Episode 54-Battle For Love

The whole world has known Danny's secret now for three months. When Paulina discovers Danny and Sam are dating. Paulina tries to "steal" Danny from Sam. This is leaving Sam to think about their relationship.

Episode 55- Mclain Islands

Danny's Science class is going on a field trip to Mclain's Island. When getting there, Danny knows something isn't right. Everyone is hypnotized  by a tune playing, except Danny (his ghost powers protecting him) he discovers Ember's in charge and Ember wants two things, to eliminate Danny and rule the world. While his whole peers are against him, Danny must fly home and get help from the ghost zone. He finds his "cosuin" Dani and the two must defeat Ember and undo the spell everyone is in.

Episode 56-Soul Snatcher

A new ghost has flew out of the ghost zone, The Soul Snacter. He was a young boy who was abused when alive back in the 1980's for being punk. He now will steal your soul and leave you like a brainless zombie. He has stolen everyone soul's except Danny's and at the worst time yet. Danny caught the ecto-acne and is running out of time. Danny must do something or Amity Park is doomed...forever.

Episode 57-My Fairy Lady

A new girl arrives at Casper High named Alexis, she is sweet, innocent, caring and smart. She starts dating Tucker, but Danny finds something odd about her. She respects everyone, except Danny. Danny suspects her to be an evil fairy from the ghost world, but nobody believes Danny. Is he going crazy or will he prove it to everyone he was right?

Episode 58-My Wants

Desiree returns to Amity Park, once again, to grant wishes. But now, she serves Danny's dad as a lab assiant and made herself a human named "Spell". Danny's ghost sense goes off around her, but suspects nothing. Desiree plans to destory Danny within his own home and get that pesky bug, out of her life.

Episode 59-Phantom life

Danny goes through the ghost catcher which makes him Danny Phantom permently. Danny can't go outside without people bothering him. Danny's mother, Maddie, takes some ecto-plasma from Danny's ghost DNA and scans it. To fix Danny, there is only one thing that can fix him and sadly, it's on Skulker's part of the Ghost Zone. Will Danny make it past Skulker?

Episode 60-Crammed Situation

Danny accidently uses the "Fenton Crammer" and srinks himself. He is now stuck in the lab like a tiny mouse, meanwhile, Freakshow is looking for Danny and gets shrukin by him too. Danny must get help before Freakshow gets to him.

Episode 61-Mini Me

Danny accidenlty touches his dad's new invention, The Life Changer and is sent back in time to when he was only four. Young Danny is afraid when he sees his older, ghostly self. And Danny's parents try to protect younger Jazz and Danny from Danny Phantom. Meanwhile, news all over the world spreads about Danny Phantom being the first ghost to appear in the world. How is Danny going to convience the younger him to get back to his own time?

Episode 62-Growing Pains

Lately, Danny's powers have been going crazy and he can't control them. Danny must find out whats wrong with him and Tucker is going to help, Sam can't because she's out of town. Tucker hooks up his PDA to the "Maddie Scanner 2.5" and scans Danny and you won't believe what is happening with Danny,

Episode 63-Family Bond

Dani flies to Danny's home and becomes part of the Fenton Family. Dani, Sam, Tucker and Danny call themselves "Double D". Danny's parents are confused at who the little girl is. They first see her as a ghost, but Dani turns human to protect herself. Danny must see if Dani will show both halfs of her life.

Episode 64-Nighty Night

The Fright Knight returns to Amity Park and spreads terror through the "lovely" town. Danny and Danielle(Dani) stick up to the Fright Knight. Danielle still doesn't have control of her powers quite yet, and Danny must train her before they go up against the Fright Knight again and send him back where he belongs.

Episode 65-Vampire Day

A new ghost named Vampy comes to Amity Park and turns everyone into vampires, including Sam and Tucker (all they want to do is suck blood). Danny must get help from the only person who isn't a vampire, Jazz, the reserved member of team Phantom. Danny discovers Dani wasn't effected either, and Jazz discovers her secret. Danny, Danielle and Jazz now must fight against the vampires.

Episode 66- Ecto Gal

Danny is out of town with Tucker to some comic convention three hours away from Amity Park. Sam has to write a newspaper article and decides to write it on the Fenton Portal. Since Jack is with the two boys for the weekend, Maddie broke down the portal to stage 1 to make sure it runs faster and keeps ghosts' out. When Sam inspects the inside of the portal, Sam gets ghost powers like Danny. She can't tell Danny or she'll be in trouble, what is she going to do?

Episode 67-Heartful Heart

Sam has not contacted Danny for the last five days due to her getting her ghost powers. Tucker gives Danny the idea the two might break up. Meanwhile, Skulker is hunting Danny, once again.

Episode 68-Goodbye

Danny runs away from home and decides to live on in the Ghost Zone due to the fact that Sam hasn't contacted him for awhile now. Jazz and Tucker must show Sam is okay for Danny to return home.

Episode 69-Speak Up

Danny sees another new ghost come to town, Ecto-Gal. She has only average ghost ablities and hides herself under a cloack with black suit on. Danny sends Ecto-Gal (Sam) into the Ghost Zone. Danny hasn't realized what he has done. Danny discovers Sam goes mysteriously missing. When Sam escapes the ghost zone, she and Danny fight in Danny's kitchen.

Episode 70-Tales Beyond The Told

Danny has a boring "Fantasy Project" due in 2 days and has nothing done. Downstairs in the lab, he meets the GhostWriter who escaped the ghost zone. Even if Danny's lesson was learned, the GhostWriter sends Danny into a fairy tale book of his.

Episode 71-Relief On Life

Sam finally confronts Danny that she is the new halfa. Danny can understand Sam. Meanwhile, many ghosts of the future come out of the Ghost Zone and attack Danny. Will Sam be able to help him?

Episode- Hating Myself 72/73/74-Dark Danny is back in the present day of Amity Park and kidnaps Sam and has evil plans to do something to do. Danny must team up with his friends, all his enimes and defeat Dark Danny once in for all!

Episode 75- You Got Mail

Danny is dragged into his computer by Technus and Technus plans to keep Danny in the computer...forever so he can be ruler of all technoglogy. Danny must get out of the computer before Technus keeps him there.

Episode 76-Bad Pasts

Valerie is on the hunt for Danny due to him be-friending her as Danny Fenton. When Valerie accidently falls into the Ghost Zone, she is on a ghost hunting rage and plans to destory the ghost zone. Danny must protect both the human and ghost world from Valerie's rage.


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