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Last Updated Nov 22, 2017

Bad news, I think

So, lately I've been losing the motivation to write. I guess that's bad huh? Well, anyways, I don't even know why I'm doing this, no one reads this, I won't be publishing a chapter for a while and if I do, it's either a spare chapter waiting around to be published or idk some sort of omnipotent being published it.


To be honest, I'm kind of losing motivation to publish any spare chapters I have. 


That's it

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Hello! I'm Ricky. I'm a nerd that just so happens to like writing. I like writing fantasy but so far I've been liking writing high-school books haha. This nerd writes for two main reasons: because he wants to entertain and make people somewhat happy (if anyone reads any of this nerd's work) and because he may or may not make a game.


This nerd lives in the Philippines and is fluent in English and Tagalog. This nerd also likes befriending other people to your surprises.This nerd is also open for reading requests if you're okay with reading one of his works. This nerd likes learning from other writer's advice so yeah :).


This nerd mostly likes fantasy and science fiction books and comic books and anime but isn't afraid to try new things unlike most nerds. Most of this nerd's work is inspired by anime. This nerd also has low self-esteem like a lot of nerds. This nerd is also shy when it comes to requesting people to read his books.


That is it for this nerd, I hope whoever stumbles upon this account may find entertainment in this nerd's work. (not that there'll be any).


I will now leave it to 3-f for conitnuing this profile page, enjoy!


Erick's house


Luke- So what are we going to watch next?


Joseph- How about Crows Amidst Giants? It was directed adn written by S.K. Inkslinger.


Luke- We could, I mean I like the action scenes.


Darryl- How about Stellar? You know Mr. Blankly-Dreaming's sci-fi movie


Luke- Haven't we watched that already?


Erick- How about Generation 1: the search for evil saga? I hear it's good. The director and writer, aaron austin, did a good job apparently.


Luke- Isn't that a series? We can't binge watch when founder's week is next week!


Erick- Okay, you're right. I wonder if the girls are having the same trouble as we are


Katejina's room


Audrey- Really, The Internet Invasion? But that's like for boys! Don't get me wrong I like the director, TravellerZo, but can't we just watch something else.


Emerald- Street stain, still the same director but you know, it's a documentary.


Katejina- BOOOORRRRIIINGG. Let's watch Warlock! I hear that the director's name has the same name as the photography club's name.


Audrey- Oh yeah, Kathrina! Haha, but isn't it an anime? We can't binge watch when founder's week is next week! Seriously, it's too long for us, not to mention the OVA's that are called Warlock Gaidens


Isabella- Then let's watch Life is a story by Blankly-Dreaming


Katejina- Okay! I like rom coms, how about you?


*Everyone else nodded*


Back at Erick's room


Erick- Fine! We'll watch Meleek by amateurwriter01 or was it amateurauthor01


Luke- That's a cool show. Why not, I was just lying when I said we can't binge watch


Darryl- We knew that


Jackson- Well, what are you waiting for? Insert the disc!


For those who didn't get it, the words that are bold are my favorite books on Booksie. I may've missed a few so let me know XD. I recommend each and every one of those books since they'e all good. :)


Okay so here are some writers that I really like, not that I dislke any writers, these are just those that I've considered as a friend haha.


Blankly-Dreaming: He's the first Filipino I've ever interacted on this site. He's a great writer and is totally way better than me. I don't talk to him often but when I do, I sure always smile. I advise if you take a look at his work because it's all fun and he's a good poet. Seriously, check him out, he needs someone to boost his ego haha.


Travellerzo: She's the one I've chatted to that's not about writing. She is still on a break though and I do miss her especially her essays XD. She's a great writer, she's really good at detail and I advise you take a look at her work.


Kathrina Csernis: Well, she's the first person to ever teach me stuff about writing haha. She's basically my sensei haha. She is the only one who have ever filled up my inbox lol and she's an awesome writer, her Warlock series is really well done and her drawings are awesome haha.


AmateurWriter01: He's an awesome writer with a good sense of humor. He's also quite caring, like he'll worry about you if you were suddenly inactive. I like it and I'm almost going as far as to consider him like an older brother. He's really awesome and I really feel bad that I make him worry. 


aaron austin: My bro, nuff said.


These writers are awesome and if I haven't already said it, check their works since they are really good. 


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