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Location: East Syracuse, NY, United States

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I'm using this site to get feedback on my Rod B series of short stories. They are an off beat humor/ detective series about a rather unique private detective. As it is an ongoing series, below this introduction is a quick synopsis of all the major characters.


Keep in mind a few things about the series. First, do not read it if you are easily offended- period. There are many adult themes and a lot of dark humor in there. You need to be very thick skinned or else you won't make it past page one.


Also, I'm writing these short stories solely for the benefit of me. Unlike traditional writers who write to an intended audience usually for the purposes of fiduciary gain or at least entertainment, I am not bound by such rules. I'm the equivalent of the million monkeys with a million typewriters analogy. I dont care if things are insane, unrealistic, juvenile, etc. I don't care if my characters are unlike able, the overall journey they take being pointless, the things they say are asinine, and so on.


However I do care that the story is correct on a basic kind of level. Not really so much syntax, spelling and grammar, as I often use those incorrectly for style and effect. But things like plot holes, continuity errors, other blatant material errors of fact, poor pacing, and so on. Basically idont care if anyone likes the story, so much as the stories are fundamentally written correctly.


So again I welcome any and all feedback. I assume it will all be negative with a healthy dose of trolling , as he Internet is won't to do, but some constructive feedback is always appreciated.




Flour City- A small northern city of about 150,000 people, Flour City is a metropolitan area on the decline. A massive out flux of population due to a collapsing industrial job base has left huge swaths of the city abandoned or in a state of disrepair. Unemployment is high, and so is crime. The city is nearly bankrupt and can barely afford even basic services for people. Yet despite all the negativity, a mayoral race is coming up soon, and that has created a renewed sense of hope.


Rod B- A 43 year-old private detective who lives in Flour City. Rod B is not your typical private dick. Always clad in an ill-fitting cheap black suit, and rocking a wicked comb over and mustache, he takes the cases that no one else will (or should).


Being a man who’s never wanted, nor asked for much, he lives in a garage outside the office he rents. He spends most of his days hanging around hoping for cases, any cases, to come his way. Unfortunately for him, he always gets dragged into low paying, highly dangerous work. Good thing for him Rod B that, despite being a terrible person over all, he is an excellent case man and fantastic behind the trigger of his trusty .44 magnum revolver.


There is no case he can’t solve, no fee too low, for Rod B.


Doug Taro- 40 year old Doug Taro is your prototypical computer nerd. Obese with humungous glasses and a neck beard mostly composed of Doritos crumbs, he’s Rod B’s closest thing to a friend. He lives in his mother’s basement playing computer games and watching pornography most of the day, as Doug is on a very naughty list (having been caught generating computer drawn images of things he wasn’t supposed to).


Despite being confined to a basement and not able to venture anywhere near school zones, just give him a keyboard and a high-speed internet connection, and Doug will shine. He has a near genius level intellect, and between his computer savvy and online connections, he can find out almost anything for Rod B at a moment’s notice. Plus he’s a skilled computer hacker, able to penetrate even government systems with relative ease. If only he could stay focused for long enough...


Jesus Cristo- His true age unknown (believed to be around 30), is a (possibly illegal) Mexican immigrant and alleged former Federale, whose life has fallen on hard times. Despite his claims of being part of Mexico’s premier law enforcement agency, he appears to be just a common homeless junkie who hangs out near Rod B’s office. Just wasting away his life huffing computer duster and begging for change all day from whoever passes by. Is there more to Jesus than it seems?


Murdoch- A Vietnam veteran who’s around 60 years old; he lost an eye during the war, and still wears an eye patch to this day. Murdoch stayed in Vietnam after the conflict ended, married a Vietnamese woman, and figure he’d play out the rest of his days overseas. But after the death of his wife, he finally moved back to Flour City, and took up occupation as a bartender at the strip club Rod B spends most of his evenings at.


Being an older and wiser man than most, Murdoch dispenses both stiff cocktails and fatherly advice to anyone with a willing ear. In an insane world, Murdoch seems like the lone voice of reason still left.


Casey Flynn Toyota- A highly educated, highly attractive, 26 year old news reporter. She is, literally, the face of Flour City News. Her daily reports are seen by thousands of residents every day, delivered with perfect composure and diction. Not much is known about her otherwise, despite being a public figure, she isn’t on social media, and no one really knows about her private life except those closest to her.


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