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S. Pearce

Location: Rio Vista, United States

Member Since: August 2016

Last online: November 2020

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Last Updated Sep 19, 2019

Diary - 3 Years Documentation of Sad, Last Financial Days of Author brought on by Government / Business; Not Relieved by Any Support System in any Real, Human Way.

This month the two volume Diary, "Have Truck...Seek Shelter," ends with Chapters 16, 17, 18 and 19 setting out the financial destruction of the author.  It was not an experience of the author finally obtaining proper Shelter in Solano County.  It does include how the truck has been damaged in many ways by others including the author not being able now to purchase a replacement used engine, and by government and organizations' neglect of due service under their mandates producing failure of the financial viability of their claimants, clients and employees for ever, as in causing, against the will of the individual, by delay of payment, for the individual's debts to go to charge off and their credit score destroyed for ever if they are mature workers. 

The systems are destroying their own...are they on schedule?

Recently completed two works in progress for several years:

"Aiming For the 21st Century," a collection of Essays with some Lyrics and Vibretto on culture and politics.  Includes essays "The Donald Trump Presidency, Year 3, Year 2, and Year 1" and "White Elbows, the Downside of White Shoulders," as well as poems and songs "Kuala Lumpur," "Mid-Atlantic Drylands," "Quien Es?, and finally "Who I Am...Am Not."

"Orchid Cross," - 42 chaptes of 1-2 pages discussing from Orchid's own humorous and tidgy perspective the condition and prospects of/for the mundane world by the  movement of the planets and other objects through the sky.  Orchid did not find a lot of laughs herself, on this exercise, though you might find otherwise.  Anyway, at her wit's end, Orchid now plans a sabbatical, probably studying recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.


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California born - one of the earliest baby-boomers!  Favor California born populist writer William Saroyan, sensitive memoirist (IMO) Adele Rogers St. John, Jack London (and as to his father, talented progressions-specialist astrologer, William Cheney), Walter Von Tilburg Clark (Ox Bow Incident), Zane Grey, Rex Stout, O Henry, P.G. Wodehouse, and Somerset Maugham, plus other well known American and English writers of the 19th and 20th century.  One contemporary writer I like quite well is former President Jimmy Carter, especially his family memoirs, as they are comforting when one suffers losses.

Would rather listen than speak; however am somewhat talented at voice work; degree in Theater Arts. 

Sensitive to mundane life not as deeply memorialized as I think it should be in American society, another focus for television if it could free itself of extremist manipulation.  I have painted views of mundane scenes on terra cotta pots, to memorialize them (they were stolen); and written songs, poems and essays on my observations of the street, and what it means to live in Baby Boomer decades.  The street and humor is meant to be a substantive part of my writing.  Teaching myself how to write songs.  In fact, "words" and "language" are substantive to me. 

In the '70s and '80s I wrote many plays; I still like them; they might work today.  In the late '60s I worked in Radio Broadcasting; maybe I should have stayed in it as I am a broadcast critic by nature.  I performed all professional work for small town radio stations except be a salesperson.  When I worked in radio, the broadcasting issue of the day was about a guy named "Ted Turner," who had ventured in, and was trying to change the way things were done, also about "ninety-day wonders" - they were called - (the Kennedy Cabinet), including Newton Minnow, his chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, who was trying to do something about controls and capitalism in it. 

I give time to remembering who is not on the physical plane any longer.  It does not mean I have lost my memory nor that I am out of balance.  I privately suspect they were either more interesting people, or their use of language gave that impression as they enhanced me.  I gravitate in social media toward people who are alive in vitality, and thinking, doing and sharing interesting things, not necessarily what I am doing.  Meantime I continue my career development; never retired; never could afford to, if I had wanted to; many aspects of that are sad.

I have been a family genealogist since 2000 tracing some of my ancestors from Mayflower families down the East Coast to NY/NJ, or from Virginia, then west - Markers on the Genealogy Trail.  To study genealogy is to learn history.  Mine cumulatively could depict a version of "How The West Was Won."  On travel excursions, I like to stop and visit where my primary and collateral families put down some history.

I photograph pioneer cemeteries where I may be, and have posted the photos to raise awareness of pioneer cemetery reclamation, restitution.  Society, thankfully, has caught up to this and there is a broad conscious for this work now.

One of my private goals is to operate a coffee cart, truck or bar (or small diner) called "Plan B."  My slogan would be "When Plan A isn't working for you, head for Plan B."  Thank you.

Don't care much for TV except for commentary, documentaries (Who Do You Think You Are?) and old movies - black/white; prefer to listen to radio, and audio books, and read.

My preference for Booksie.com is that it copyrights my writing and advances my voice!  I have always had one.  Some have taken, or others have given to them, stolen bits and pieces of my thoughts, comments, humor, script ideas, perspectives, critiques, and even interview gambits - you know, what I thought up - out and out stealing; never with my permission.  Let that be repeated - Never With My Permission.  No regard, respect or appreciation for the dignity of others.  Booksie.com is one window by which I may reclaim some of my creativity and very own words.  What's mine is mine, always has been, and thus was always copyrighted!

I have donated some of my life to animal care, driven animals with recruited volunteers from the Colorado Humane Society (1990) to visit shut-ins for therapy and was a Foster Pet Parent with the Denver Dumb Friends League for five years, mainly cats.  My best job was as a family caregiver for a parent - it was by far the most enriching.  I strongly believe outsiders and relateds should support family caregivers and their relatives or in-laws, no excuses; that would be No Excuses.  They should not be allowed to get away with convincing themselves, as social service agencies with their eugenics-based Marxist Socialist agenda push them to do, that they just can't...no, they are sick themselves, or poor, or busy, and they...just can't.  And they leave their relatives who may need a week or two of accommodation to be denigrated by the marxist agenda in the guidelines of Homeland Security to be targeted and ripped off by court urchins and minions, servants, like some gullible in police departments, of the debased probate courts and their judges who even use county wards and snitches and thieves, felons and liers to trump up excuses to take the elderly from their homes, drug them to death in nursing homes in short orders,and pass out their belongings even taking them the family that owns them - all just to achieve secret social credits, a la the Chinese model, under the Soviet style Homelane Security model in these tragic anti-human, eugenics influenced times.  Every county of every state in the Union should resist this on behalf of their own, especially comatose in nursing homes per deliberately misread directives, to void any validity to Homeland Security, then eradicate the sovietized model with formal legislation that serves the populace.  In other ways states need to reassert rights of the individual, take a deep breath, and turn off their own faucet against federal funding with its strings; it is killing your neighborhood, and probate judges are laughing as they authorize their minions to take what is left of your house threatening you with incarceration should you stand up!

I believe the answer to most of the current pressing questions is - DNA (understanding our own individual electro-magnetic fields as much as we can to learn of the ether around us, which, if disturbed, composed as it is of too powerful properties can be toxic in many way and should be respected and left alone.) 

S. Pearce


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