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Last Updated Nov 07, 2017

Some plans for the near future!

At long last, The Coven of Witches is complete! Tried out a few new techniques and I am not dissapointed with the results. And now, I present to you: Crisis - Lunar Honor: The Definitive Edition. I titled it as such because it's technically two stories in one: There's the main story, and then there's the side story of equal importance. I mean, holy goodness, that's the longest entry I've done since the original Crisis. With that out of the way, the time has come for me to at long last project all of my focus on Pre-Crisis, which is coming...soon?

I don't have a date yet, but I'll probably be doing a little more portfolio cleaning before I actually upload anything else. There are well over two hundred chapters of Crisis material at this point.

I want to squeeze some reading in too, but with the holidays coming up...shivers. Used to have requests breaking down the front doors once upon a time...gotta get back to that status.

Friends, take care of yourselves, and I'll see you all next time!

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Former Writing Project 1: Crisis

Status: Chapter 100 (Complete)



A work of art that will usher in and define a New Age of Fantasy. And it shall be known as...



Summary: Welcome to a World that's not too different from our own. A World full of Wonder, Mystery, Magic, and Adventure. It is also a troubled World. As if suffering from a deadly plague, dark forces fester within this Planet like a disease, threatening the foundations of its very existence. Journey with a handful of this World's most unlikely heroes as they set about to save this Planet, while also struggling with the inner turmoil that ravages their own minds. Prepare for a Journey like none you've ever embarked upon...

(Note: Shout out to Terrence Love for putting together this Book Cover for me! Thanks a ton, buddy!)


Former Writing Project 2: Crisis - The Northern Skirmish

Status: Chapter 43 (Complete)

The Northern Skirmish.jpg

Summary: Set some seven years before the start of Crisis, witness the events the led up to its occurence. Lance Blade is an average, 14 year old boy living out his days with his close friend Trinity, and his parents. One day, he can only stand by idly as chaos and destruction is unleashed upon his once peaceful Home. Driven by anger over the losses he refuses to come to terms with, he joins the Military, where one catastrophe after another reveals the astonishing truths behind of his inheritance...

(Note: It is not advisable to read this if you aren't at least familiar with Crisis. Though it will have little to do with it, some references will totally go over your head if you have not read that first, and certain points may be spoiled.)


Former Writing Project 3: Crisis - Lunar Honor

Status: Chapter 33 (Completed)

Summary: Framed for a crime that he did not commit, Atreyu Moon finds himself thrust into the middle of a conspiracy that threatens to destabalize the Nation. Now endowed with strange powers, Atreyu must now make choices; choices that will have consequences, choices that will forever determine the fate of the entire World. This is the Story of a man that walked through fire; of a man that will rise above the common man...


Upcoming Writing Project: Pre-Crisis

Status: In the works

Summary: It is the Year 2998. Two rival nations find themselves competing for global dominance by secretly developing weapons of mass destruction. Deep within the wilds of a foreign land, a skilled soldier must break through enemy lines, and save the world from the fires of another Great War. Witness a riveting tale of love and war, and watch as a single man becomes a legend.


Novella Special 1: Crisis - The Hell Dimension

Status: Verse 7 (Complete)

Summary: After someone precious to him is kidnapped, Lance and his friends find themselves gearing up to enter the Isolated Dimension: Hell. A mysterious individual, named Judas, offers to lead them there. Before departing, however, he gives Lance a warning: If Lance uses his Killer Instinct within the bowels of Hell, he will lose himself...forever...

(Note: This is canon to the main plot. If you are following the story, finish the first Crisis novel before starting this one up!)


Novella Special 2: Crisis - The Return Of The Sorceress

Status: In the works

Summary: The Northern Icelands are changing. At the sight of a once epic battle to save the world, a strange energy from beyond begins terraforming the landscape. Lance and his friends must battle an old enemy, one that has returned more powerful than ever for revenge. The Sorceress lives again!


Writers I Like: The following Writers are people who deserve some lovin' most definitely, and as such, I'll be giving them recognition here, because they certainly deserve it:

ShadStorm120-You have read over ONE HUNDRED Chapters of mines!!! Without a doubt, you are the best person on here, because not only are you dedicated to finishing people's stories, but you're one awesome Writer yourself. You have my thanks. From here on out, you have officially got a read from me for whatever you put up, no matter what it is. No questions asked! Oh yeah, and you also wrote me a wonderful review! What would I do without you as a friend?! I know that life has been a little hectic for you lately, but hang in there!!!


Aurora Lynn-I have no idea where you went but please COME BACK!!! I miss you so much! Your comments on Adumerbs Institution were nice, critical when it needed to be, and your input has made me a better writer overall. And I want to know how The Cafe ends!!!


Rose Kuran 101-You read all of Sight when I was writing it, and I loved reading your stuff too! I almost forgot that you have something new up, but fear not, you'll be hearing from me momentarily.


GhostOfTheRain-I think EVERYONE has heard of this chick at one point or another, and for good reason. Your stories are damn good. When I was reading The Walking Game, the way you built the World was so beautifully and wonderfully done that it inspired me to build my own World. My greatest, most ambitous Project that has spanned into 300,000 word Novel was born from your Writing, and that's an honor only you could hold.


AnarchyBlues-It's been a while since I've found another awesome person to add to the list, but Anarchy definitely fits the bill. You were kind enough to ask for permission to post a review of Crisis, and I really appreciate that entire movement of yours. And you know what...I actually really like your writing so far too!


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