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Location: Indonesia, United States

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 I am: offline

I think ill be on next summer xD seriously, im just so stressed and busy nowadays i dont get time to take a little break between school and homework.. oh and i have afterschool activites from monday-thursday.. and i have a projects due all the time and crap! yeah, great time in AZ ;)aw




We're All to Blame - Sum 41

It's a keeper :DD lol





Hrmmm, I got bored of my story filled profile...


Okay I really like MUSIC, who doesn't? I can just get lost and let my worries melt away while listening to my favourite band. Sum 41! All the way, :3

Other bands I like.. hmmm...

I like Breaking Benjamin

Avenged Sevenfold

My Chemical Romance

Evanescence [[sometimes.. they get on my nerves -.-']]

Linkin Park

Fort Minor [[wayyy, better than Linkin Park :P]]

yeah and other rock, emo bands -.-' I hate pop, sorry you guys :/ Pop isn't real music, in my opinion. Don't judge me by that, and if you do... IGNORE! :3


Not only do I like listening to music, I like playing music. I can play the guitar, acoustic and rock :3 not like there's much difference -.-' Oh! And of course my fav thing, bass! It's just so awesome,  your not the star of the show [[not into so much attention :P]] and you can play without being nervous and such! I always get chosen to play bass when my class was making a CD... since my school was so small we didn't HAVE an actual bass, but I loved playing it, so they gave me a guitar and said 'PLAY THE BASS!!!!' lol



Yeap, Basic facts...

I'm not telling you my name, just because it strikes up conversation :P

I am 13... yeah, it's actually not as AWESOME as I thought it would be :P i don't.. feel different... I'm just taller than my mum already :DDD (I've been called short, for a VERY long time :/)

I'm S.A.P! (Short and Proud :3)

My favourite colour? Pshh, I don't waste my time decideing my favourite colour, I waste my time changing my fav song all the time :/ In other words, I don't have one, so I'll just choose black, since it's not a colour.

I'm in love with Heroes. The TV show? Don't know it, shame on you! If you do, yayy... My fav character is Syler. Yeah, I'm into gay villains O.o no, he's not gay in the show, I just have a feeling he's gay in real life :P

I don't have ANYTHING against different races, different religions, different anything. I don't see the world as devided. But it is a mucked up place where we all can't get along.

Hate is a strong word, but so is Love, but we use it as if it's a everday word, just like 'the' or 'and.'

Basiclly, I'm a mutt. I have alot of different kinds of 'breeds' in me. I'm part Indonesian, Australian, German, Chinese, Indian, and probably a whole lot others.

-.-' I use smileys alot, I don't even know why :P

Since it's still summer for me, I can sort of write. SORT OF. It's getting close to school, and I have to unpack when I get to America, since I've never lived in an outside country. I've always lived in Indonesia all my life. Anyway, so I won't write that much till I settle into my new apartment.

I used to be a fantastic speller, but then Summer came...




WTF???? FTW!!!!

WTF = do I really need to explain? -.-'

FTW= I once wrote that on my friends year book.. she thought it meant F*** The World...

Since then, the people at my old school thought I was secretly emo -.-'

They even started calling me 'Emo'

I don't get it :/

They ALL thought I was secretly Emo

I'm not saying I wasn't though!

I'm just saying, who the hell thinks that FTW is F*** The World?

It means FOR THE WIN!! goshdamit :/

Don't understand? Well, neither do I! :3

I'm random (says nearly everyone I talk to :P)

So, I have come to the conclusion.. that I really am random!








Song for Contracted: Helena, by My Chemical Romance




Drawings, Cartoons, and Babysitting

Song for Cartoons, Drawings and Babysitting: With Me, by Sum 41




Hope you like my stories! Read and Comment!

Thanks, if you do. SCREW YOU!!!, if you don't.

Jokes :3


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