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* * * 

This is for me:  You, Sako, have to read Sam's story, Forged's, Kaziel's, and Hope Lund's, and now Aquablue's.  Anyone else's?  MmmMmm... can't remember atm.  =) Good job with the reminder.  See you soon <3.  Now, adding on the list: Jesusluv's story as well.  And Sembelli's or... how do you spell her name?  Well, whatever, that one cool gurl that writes super long messages to you.

* * * 

Holy.  Cow.

I am crammed - - - like MAJOR crammed.

I might not be on booksie for a looong time (My apologies!! :'( Makes me sad).

So, you see, I have finals week... oboe auditions... and then after this week, I'm going to Disney World for a whole week, and that's about two weeks of NOT logging on on Booksie ... Wow, that's a record for me.  I at least log on once every four days at the least, but this time?  (Wow, did I just seriously repeat "at least"?) Oh geesh, I'm not quite sure.  THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!  :''''(

* * *

Anyhow, I am UBER excited about "Decimals" cause I just had a motivating-help-my-thoughts-kick-out conversation with my cuzzy, and we managed to help Decimals to FINALLY get a move on because . . . well, let's see, there's gonna be tons more action involved, and that one random killing scene will finally have a point (sorry readers, it actally doesn't have a point atm) and I am SO excited because... Guhhh I don't even know how to explain!  Well, I just said why... -_- Whatever.  But adding to my absence from Booksie for two weeks, I'm not gonna be able to write for a whole dang two weeks either!  I hope my motivation doesn't die.

* * *

Anything about me?  (Finally, right?  Cause you're just that excited to "get to know me" :3 admit it).  Well, I love a lot of writers on this site.  Particulary the ones who murder my writing, like Sam, Forged, and "Sambelli".  I even gave them their own color-coded name that I think matches them.  Sam: blue, because... I dunno, she's blue?  Well, no she isn't, but I'm just gonna say that so I look a little "smarter" than I am.  Sam: blue because she's blue.  Forged: red, because she's all FIERY and RAGING all the time; I mean, every time I check out her profile, I feel heat rising from my comp and before you know it, I'm sweating --- Sam knows what I'm talking about, right?  Sambelini... well, the "Belini", isn't that some kind of princess?  Not a "kind of princess", but it reminds me of that one lady... whatever her name was.  That one disney character, y'know?  Well, anyway, she reminds me of a fairy tale Tinker-Bell ish, so she's pink.  My color?  I like blue.  But I think I'm color black.... or yellow, since they consider Asians to be "yellow" (I'm asian), and if I study my skin hard enough, it kinda looks yellow.  Ish.

* * *

I'm an all-out FIRST PERSON, PAST TENSE, FICTION, FANTASY, HUMOR, occasionally the R word that I hate, ROMANCE, and SCI FI writer.  Anymore?  I can't think of anything more. 

* * *

I'm a total LOSER when it comes to: PRESENT TENSE, NON FICTION, ROMANCE, REALISTIC FICTION, THIRD-PERSON (big time killer), and Humor-Haters writing (I italized that for a reason D<, and yes, "italized" is a word according to my world).  <<< I just learned that periods go on the INSIDE of parentheses, and that honestly annoys me, so I'm ignoring the rule right now.  Humor is just a big deal to me.  I LOVE humor, but I admit, I sometimes overuse it.  Ex: Raeken is fighting this one chick, as in PHYSICALLY fighting where he could (I dunno how to spell this word) Dee-sin-uh-grate, and suddenly he has this random remark that is supposely humorous to him, when it really shouldn't be.  And yes, I took it out, thank goodness.  The point is, like I said, I can "overdose" humor sometimes.  I overdose my babies with humor.  Out of all people, Forged should at least get the "babies" part, cause we murder our babies.  And although I'm a hypocrite, I tell her she can't murder her babies anyway :P.

* * * 

All in all, I hope I see you all soon!  I'm not quite sure if I'll enjoy "Spammage" on my profile, but whatever floats your boat... only spam if I know you though.  :) Then I probably won't mind, and then I'll probably just spam you back in two weeks, and throughout the coming two weeks.  Did that make sense?



* * *

Stuff I learned from the Writing Festival:

For character: Physical Description (adjectives) vs. Active Description (verbs)!!!  Physical description is good to an extent, but active description... now that is the TRUE POWER to character!  BODY LANGUAGE is a "BAM!" to "Show; Don't tell" logo! 

Ex: Tsumaru came running through the golden fields towards Raeken... vs. ... Tsumaru slugged through the weeds and ant hills towards Raeken

Okay, I exagerrated a little, especially with the setting, but you get the point?  That's actually a horrible example.  A good example would be describing a person flicking their wrist, or folding their fingers, or holding their shoulders back, etc.


It, got, get, very, really, you, etc...

Passive or Active?

It is muchos better to use "active", because a sentence can totally transform from passive (weak) to active (strong and DEFIANT). 

Ex: Raeken is loved by Tsumaru. (passive)  VS!!  Tsumaru loves Raeken. (active)

Active: Subject, THEN verb.  Right?  Oh wait, is it the other way around? I'm still a little confused on this stuff, but I'm trying to understand it.  Well, wouldn't Raeken be the SUBJECT?  Or is it Tsumaru?  See, that's when I get confused.  By the way, this was the portion in English Honors that I failed. 

My point is: USE ACTIVE.  For the most part, anyway.

Now, go post your own GRAMMAR or JUNK WRITING ADVICE so noobies LIKE ME can become pros LIKE YOU!  (*ahem*, hint hint, samforgedsambelli *COUGH*!)  <3


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