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I've been casually writing for as long as I knew proper sentence structure, and was literate enough to do so. I've always had an active imagination, or so I've been told atleast. Thus, I write frequently. However, I find myself rarely able to finish a long-term project. I believe I may have ADD, as many times I simply lose inspiration. That said, many folks who read my works say I should get published and share it all with the world. So here you go world, this is one of my many passions; the written word.


Alright, let's get on with some information about my writing. Well, firstly, I am a huge fan of horror. But, that being said, I can't stand slashers or mindless gore. Sure, it's fine once in awhile, but it can get old incredibly fast. I find that much of my writing tends to encircle the mind, and how a character reacts to terrible things, rather than the terrible things themselves. Like I always say: The one thing scarier than seeing a disfigured monster, is the terrified look on the person's face who saw it first. I mean, if you saw some big baddy, but no one was afraid of it, would you be afraid? Maybe, and maybe even moreso as you begin to question your own sanity. See? That's what I like... Anyways, that's about all I can think of for now. I may add more later. Chow!'


Okay, let's get into some personal aspects of my life. Why? Because the internet is the safest place to divulge this sort of information! Well, not personal in the idea of sin numbers, but you get the feel. Now then, all kidding aside, let's get to me. Not to be egotistical, as I do wish to know you though, dearest reader. Please, tell me all about yourself. In return for you, I offer myself. Now then, allow me to do a little self-summary on who I am. I am a man, first and last. My age should not be of your concern, unless your interested in me romantically, then perhaps it should be (For legal reasons) Otherwise, simply listen to my words, and develop your own sense of how mature I am. I am quite philisophical, and enjoy discussing various topics, ranging from religion, to politics, straight on through to theories of time travel! Mind you, I'm not too knowledgeable on every subject, if I want to, I can keep a conversation going. However, that said, I do have difficulty starting them. I've a few hobbies. I'm horribly addicted to World of Warcraft. Yes, that's right, I am THAT geeky. Trash if you will, but so you're all aware, I'm on an RP server. Yes, I'm THAT geeky! Roleplay is for chumps! I scoff at such things, as it is another hobby of mine. A pleasant escape from reality. Another couple of my hobbies include; writing, as you can clearly see on this site; animation, the 3-D kind, with those fun loving characters; Magic: The Gathering, yes, a card game, it's strategic and really makes me think; Sketching, I might post some of it here, though I'm undecided. I suppose that's most of who I am, as there isn't a whole lot else you can find out without conversing with me. So, there you have it, SandMan, in his core essence. Now that you've found the trunk, explore the branches for yourself. Until then, farewell.


Because Madame Dupree mentioned it, I had to add it here (As well as a few other tunes I enjoy):

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    I'd also like folks to please note that I find open requests that I read your work as a touch rude. This is my own personal opinion, and should not be taken personally. I shall not request you to read my work, instead trusting that if interest sparks you, you will on your own accord. Thus, with that, I would like to request you do the same. I'll check my fans and those I am a fan of for updates daily, as I'd like to take things slow, and really savour everyone's works. This is not a strike at anyone, even if they've already done it, but the annoyance has come to my attention, and I feel that it needs to be mentioned. Thank you very much for your understanding. Keep up the good writing.

    The Life of SandMan:

    So folks, it's come to my attention that I've failed miserably to explain myself. I'm tired. No, I'm not exhausted from work, and various other tedious things, but rather I've become tired of life. No, this is not some pathetic suicide note, or a depressed man's aimless rambling. No, this serves a purpose, something I've found that I lack personally. That said, I will not be commenting on people's writing right now, as I am in a very grim mindset, and doubt anyone would like to hear what I might say at this time. That said, I'm a horror writer in every aspect, so I'll be trying to churn out some rather disturbing peices during this, as I find when I'm trapped in this dark thought pattern, I can really output some interesting works. Now that that's all explained, I would like to appologize. I don't like to explain my burdens to others, as I usually feel as though I'm piling my weight onto their souls. That is not what I am doing. I am simply assuming that there are folks who may be a bit curious about why I haven't been writing as of late. Also, this is not to say that this is a bad thing. No, I am not sad. No, I am not angry or anything of the sort. I am simply, dark. It's difficult to explain, and I'd like anyone who reads this to avoid making assumptions about that which you do not understand. No, this is not an "Emo" thing, or a "Goth" thing, this is just darkness. In the end, I find it can be quite enjoyable, and inspiring. That said, I pray that any offense I may bestow upon you with my further writing, does not hinder our friendship. Keep up the good work, and when I am less villanous, I will be certain to read and reply with kind words. Until then, I bid you farewell. Goodluck on your journey through this twisted wood, which I've conjured from the ashen soils of my mind.

    I would like everyone to be made aware of the fact that I am not dead! Thank you.

    P.S. While I'm not dead, I'm also in a horribly foul writer's block. Though it's been like this for a few weeks now, expect it to change soon. The Horror shall return...


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