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Going Up, Backing Down

Book / Romance

Ania is the typical school girl - good grades, has lots of good friends, gets caught up in all the drama. When she is the drama, everything changes. Why? Because the drama she's in - Is killing… Read More

Baila - The Silent Voice

Book / Other

Even when you lose your voice forever, you can still have the strongest voice in the room. Read More

I, The Dead, Will Live On

Book / Other

I was murdered when I was only fifteen. I remember the night clearly. It's not normal for a person to forget the day they died. But I'm not normal. I was, but now I'm abnormal. My killer… Read More

Simple Paints

Book / Other

Jade, held captive by her "father" in the mountains, is forced to work for the business. As much as she loves painting, as much as she wants to see more of the world, her father doesn't let… Read More


Hey People!

I'm SavvyApple! The actual process of how I chose that name isn't that interesting - my name's Savannah (yes helloregular_smile.gif) and I love apples. It's not as much an obsession as it was a few years ago, but apples are pretty wonderful. It's just a fact. 

The basics! Ah yes! I'm only 15 years old, yeah, okay, kinda young, but I've been writing probably since I ever could write. Writing is practically my way of life; it's how I get all my emotions and such out because frankly I'm not the best at explaining verbally but if you read my stuff... It might give you a hint of how I think. I write lovey dovey stuff inevitably - I just can't seem to help it; it makes up for the girly-girl part that I lack in the real world. But I do write about complete random things... Sometimes about myself, nature (I'm considered a hippie to some), and - well, random things. Including Death. It's an interesting topic - try imagining what it's like after you die and what happens, and you're going to get confused really fast if you think like me. Reading Requests... To be honest, eh, you can leave them, but there's a pretty good chance that I'm not going to read it. You can leave it though, I mean, if I say "I don't take them" it's not going to matter, people will leave them anyway. whatchutalkingabout_smile.gif However, if you really want me to read something of yours, read something of mine too. It's the clich√© request, and I'm doubting it's going to happen, but at least read and comment on something of mine. Don't fan me unless you actually like my work. People that fake the fanning? I love you guys, but seriously, screw you guys, you guys suck. Don't take it personally. It just pisses me off.

Random Facts! Everyoneneeds to know some random facts!

I am considered a hippie by some. Favorite colors are (in this order) purple, green, blue, and brown. I hate red. It reminds me of the game, which by the way, you just lost. I'm kinda short. 15 years old and I'm like 5"1 (maybe) I'm a shorty. Yes. Hi. I have never hit over 100 pounds in my life. It is extremely unhealthy and I am slightly underweight. Haha. I deny it all the time, but I do kinda in some strange trolling way I have a life too, so posting doesn't happen THAT often, but it does happen. Sorry to those who actually love reading my work. Sports wise I love soccer, tennis is... mutual, I used to do gymnastics - speaking of which, I love cartwheels. Another random fact. teeth_smile.gifheart.gif I'm a mere sophomore in high school, in which I am in no means the best but I'm okay I suppose. Strengths come and go. I'm a Senior Girl Scout working on thinking of an idea for her Gold Award. For those who don't know what the heck that is, well, search it. My first phone survived the washer machine without being put in rice or anything, survived being dropped countless times, and a lot of other hardships, and yet what ended my relationship with that phonewas me losing it on a bike ride. Depressing. I play violin in my school's orchestra and I did play the flute but I sucked at that so I quit to save myself from the embarrassment. I used to make monthly calendars out of paint chips... They're so colorful! I love pandas, they're so uselessly cute... And apples, of course. But when you love two things you have to combine them - thus, I also love Pandapple, the cutest Hello Kitty character ever. I can't stand wearing dresses, no, just no, don't even get me started. Quotes are the most wonderful thing ever. If you jst search a bunch of quotes you will be amazed at the answers. Fantastic. Latest Obsession: Owl City. Owl City. Owl City. His music is just.... Barfunkles (that's my new catchphrase teeth_smile.gif) I can't even explain it.

Thanks for reading this extremely long and pointless biography. Hope you enjoy my work if you're actually here to read it and not just leave a reading request - and that you give me feedback! Good or bad! Yeah! 


"You are the books you read, the films you watch, the music you listen to, the people you meet, the dreams you have, the conversations you engage in. You are what you take from these. You are the sound of the ocean, the breath of fresh air, the brightest light and the darkest corner. You are a collective of every experience you have had in your life. You are every single day. So drown yourself in a sea of knowledge and existence Let the words run through your veins and let the colors fill your mind."


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