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"I'm the kind of girl who walks into chairs and apoligizes sincerly."

"I have A.D.D and magic markers... Oh the thrills we shall have!"

"Freinds are like potatoes....         If you eat them,  ..they die."

"Friends ask why your crying... Best friends already have the shovel ready to bury the idiot that made you cry."

"Friends come to visit you in jail... Best friends sit beside you in jail saying 'Man we screwed up'!!!"

"Friends stop you to ask what's wrong... Best friends scream "SHE''S  PISSED! MOVE!!!"

"Friends help you up when you fall... Best friends push you back down and laugh"

"We do act retarded... Dance like we have to pee... and talk like we're mentally challenged... But that's because we're BEST  FRIENDS!"

"My knight in shining armor ended up being a fag in alumium foil!"

"True friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget..."

"I stabbed my sister with a spork and lived to tell the tale!"

"I want to be his favorite hello... and his hardest goodbye."

"I love to stand in the rain; because nobody knows I'm crying.."

"I called your boyfriend 'gay' and he hit me with his purse."

"A life with love will have some thorns, but a life without love will have no roses.."

"Hearts are like glass...they're easily broken."

"Love is giving someone the chance to destroy you... and trusting them not to."

"Don't wait for the perfect moment...make it happen yourself."

"Why yes!... I do frequently break out in song!" break it down now!

"He DIED for you... why not LIVE for him?"   -Jesus Christ-

"Broken lives can be healed... Broken hearts cannot always be mended."

"You're my girl to the fullest... If you're shooting up the place, I'm bringing the bullets!"

"Having a Best Friend is like peeing in your pants... Everyone else can see it, but only you can feel it! : D" whoa

"Come to the dark side...  We have cookies!!!"

"I'm the kind of girl that cracks up laughing over somthing that happened days ago."

"Don't make someone a priority... when they make you an option."

"You know your in love when you see him... and you heart falls apart."

"I've noticed that most of the people for abortion... have already been born..."

"Jesus is COOLER than magnets!!!"

"You'll always be my best friend! You Know to much!!!"

"True friendship isn't being inseperable... it's being separated, and nothing changes.."

"God made us BFFs because He knew our parents couldn't handle us as sisters!"

"Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss."

"I'm the kind of girl who watches horror movies without getting scared, but screams when the toast pops out of the toaster."

"One of the hardest things you'll ever do is watch the person your in love with... love someone else." true that

"You're just jealous because we look retarded in public and people STILL love us!"

"Friends are like stars... you don't always see them, but you still know they're there."

"To the world... you may just be one person; but to one person... you may be the world."

"We're so cool ice cubes are jealous..."

"Our love is like the wind... although I cannot see it, i can feel it... and there us no doubt in my mind that it is there."

"Life's tough... PRAY hard."

"Duct  tape is like the force... It has a dark side... a light side... and it holds the world together."

"If Babie is sooo popular, why do you have to buy her friends?"

"Never go to a doctor who's office plants have died."

"As I lay there, I gazed up to the bright stars in the beautiful night sky and began thinking to myself... Where the hell is the ceiling!?!?!?!

"A man bought his wife 14 roses...  13 real, and 1 fake. As he gave them to her he said, " I'll love you till the last rose dies."


Name:   Charlotte

Nickname:   Char, Charlate like a coffee (call me that and i'll kick ur ass!) 

Birthplace:  in a hospital

Current Location:  I'm in nunya...nunya business!

Eye Color:  brown but i want them to be red or blue...those are like my dream colors

Hair Color:  brown...BORING!!

Height:  uh...uh...uh...5'3" or 5'4"

Weight:  i weigh...not gonna happen

Piercing:  my ears and that's how it's gonna stay

Tattoos:  the ones you can wash off? or peel off if ur bored enough

Boyfriend/Girlfriend:  never had one

Vehicle:  does a bike count? weeee!

Overused Phrase:  10 points for me and holy crap!

~FAVORITES~  my fav part hahaha

Restaurant:  Brio's Italian mmm....

Candy:  peanut m&ms

Number:  44127 as many people can see

Colour:  black or red or purple

Animal:  cats or foxes

Drink:  milk milk milk milk milk milk milk

Body Part on Opposite sex:  abs totaly (sexylicious hehe)

Perfume:  the ones that don't smell like crayon or soap

TV Show:  naruto, inuyasha, who's line is it anyway?, and george lopez

Music Album:  too many to choose from...probably "all the right reasons" from nickelback

Movie:  juno or mean girls

Actor/Actress:  idk

~THIS OR THAT~  this AND that

Pepsi or Coke:  coke pepsi is too syrupy

McDonalds or Burger King:  eww! it's all fast food!

Chocolate or Vanilla:  vanilla keep it simple

Hot Chocolate or Coffee:  hot chocolate coffe is for tired people! ME NATURALLY HYPER!!

Kiss or Hug:  kiss (with a little tongue) Holy Crap!

Dog or Cat:  kittens

Rap or Punk:  acoustic for me plz and thank you! but if I had to choose it would be punk

Summer or Winter:  summer for time off but winter for snow

Scary Movies or Funny Movies:  always both

Love or Money:  if you could have both that would be amazing...but love always

~YOUR~  ME?  Yes!!! ME!

Bedtime: unfortunatly like 11:00 my parents bedroom is down the hall

Best physical feature: hmm depends on who you are (hint hint) but I would say my eyes

First Thought Waking Up:  "why is my alarm clock in my dream? OH CRAP! i'm awake. :(

Ambition:  to become a famous singer or famous writer

Best Friends:  bree 4ever

Weakness:  how did you know i had one in the first place HUH PUNK!!!??

Fears:  high places and a painful death

Longest relationship:  never

~HAVE YOU~    ""even if i have.. i'll probly say 'No', so you can pass the lie detector later.. lol : D ""

Cheated Your Partner: never had one and i never would!

Ever been beaten up:  no

Ever beaten someone up:  maybe *looks akwardly from side to side*

Ever Shoplifted:  O.O NEVER!!

Ever Skinny Dipped:  only if guys were there jk

Ever Kissed Opposite sex:  truth or dare at this one party (thank god he was cute and a good kisser) ; )

Been Dumped Lately:  no

~IN A GUY/GAL~   what are you getting at?

Favourite Eye Colour:  light blue or gold eyes

Favourite Hair Colour:  blond or redhead

Short or Long:  what does that mean? *whisper whisper* i like medium length on guys like just under their ears

Height:  about equal in my height

Style:  as long as he makes me laugh and has nice abs i don't care lol

Looks or Personality:  gotta have both

Hot or Cute:  Smokin hot!

Muscular or Really Skinny:  muscular 6-PAK

~RANDOMS~   awesome!!!

What country do you want to Visit:  japan konichiwa

How do you want to Die:  peacefully in my sleep

Been to the Mall Lately:  no i've barely been out of the house except for school! i need a social life

Get along with your Parents:  like normal but my mom is kind of clingy

Health Freak:  i want to be but i don't have the will power I KNOW YOU GUYS ARE HIDING MY ICE-CREAM!!!

Do you think your Attractive:  not ugly not beautiful just regular

Believe in Yourself:  not always as confident as i look but i try all the time

Want to go to College:  Stetson all the way

Do you Smoke:  no but i'm smokin hot!

Do you Drink:  yeah *chug chug* jk

Been in Deep Crap: define 'deep crap'.

Been in Love:  yes...and i miss him so much

Do you Sing:  most people say i have an amazing voice and i agree. i want to become a singer someday and i know it will happen becuase i'll make it happen

Want to get Married:  REALLLLY bad!  (one day)

Do you want Children:  yeah 2 girls (one day)

Ever embarrassed yourself to get his/her’s attention:  no just embarrassed in front of them...

Hate anyone:  yeah tons of people somehow that happens to me

Most Missed Memory: the last time I looked into his eyes

Food:  RAMEN!!!!

  •  In my little world... 
  • i'm japanese
  • i'm a famous singer
  • i actually HAVE a boyfriend
  • my sister never existed
  • i can eat whatever i want without getting fat (doesn't everyone want that?)
  • my best friend is my replacement sister
  • and i'm 18 or 21 whichever is more fun
  • My little world... ROCKS!


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