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Location: Invercargil, New Zealand

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Last Updated Feb 08, 2018


I've just posted a new story called Infinite Adventures, and would love for people to check it out if they have time.

I used to have a story called Voidtainium, but I struggled with completing it, and in Infinite Adventures I've made it so that the characters from Voidtainium can have an appearence.

For those of you who have read at least part of Voidtainium, you'll reconise some of the characters in my new story. 

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Welcome to my profile, you can call me


Previously known as Vayn

Infinite Adventures

Infinite Adventures is the first novel in a series that I will be writing, it follows someone named Caloth who falls into a world he's unfimilar with, as a great disaster slowly begins to unfold, Caloth begins to realize he's far more important than anyone knows. But can he learn the truth about himself before all worlds come to a close and a great disaster brings all realities to a halt?

---A random story to sum up my profile---

Nothing could escape, the darkness, and evil consumed all. Everything was doomed to die. Entire multiverses would crumble, and nothing was left to protect it. The heroes that once fought to protect everything they loved, they were gone. Gone, and no one knew why, they just vanished. The heroes, they were in a fate worse than death, worse than torment, and torture. The fate of existence itself was in their hands. They were in a world known as Krion. Taken there by a being known as Gio, and though none have seen Gio yet, no one can deny its presence.

Everyday was a fight to the death amongst thousands of warriors, if any of them broke the rules, they were destroyed, if they lost a battle, they were destroyed. And when they’re destroyed, their entire multiverse goes with them. The heroes, most weren’t human, with powers that could destroy entire worlds, some with powers that could destroy universes, but all the same, everyone, no everything, fears Gio.

Banished, and stranded in a multiverse destroyed by Gio, the lack of time in this place, halted my age for a moment, and even though I’ve been here to millenia, I’m only 17 years old, my birthday marked on the 9th of February.

The coldness that I’ve felt for so long. It’s fading away. The cold, dark expanse of space. Has it finally come to an end? My eyes begin to open, revealing the deep blue that overtook all other colours. It was over. My journey had come to an end. The sky was no longer a pitch black, and no stars dotted throughout the endless sky. Instead it was a vibrant blue, a colour I haven’t seen ever since my banishment, the white fluffy objects that moved through the sky...what were they? I somewhat remember the term clouds, but they looked more like balls of cotton that had found a way to defy gravity. The sky was almost captivating, as the golden orb had begun to set over the horizon, sending colours that looked like a painting over the sky, of reds and oranges, but that beauty seemed perfect as the sun began to hide behind the endless expanse of water that stretched out before me, its reflective surface mirrored the sunset, with its many colours, that had begun to replace the blue colour of the waves.

I stand up, watching as the night surrounded me like a pitch black blanket, but even though I’ve seen those colours for years, they still held a sense of beauty, as the glistening silver moon appeared beside the many stars that dotted the jet black sky.

I turn my head, behind me was a vast forest. Curiosity began to take over, what was beyond the many trees? As I began to walk, the ocean, and night sky quickly vanished, being replaced by an endless sea of trees that blocked out the sky, vines hung low, and moss covered the barks of trees. Everything was quiet, and the only movement came from the wind that pushed back the leaves on the trees.

I could sense them across multiverses, their worlds much different from mine, but each of them fighting for what they believe in, despite whether or not people tell them it’ll work or not. Seeing the way they enjoy the works they create, it only makes me hope, that they achieve what they set out to, each of them with a talent that makes them special.

ShadaStorm120, not only a good artist, but an amazing story writer, when she smiles, the world smiles with her. She spreads her caring and kind nature to everyone she talks to, and her humor makes everyone laugh.

Peacemaker06, a kind person who is great at giving amazing feedback on people’s stories.

Shaiyegray230, able to write incredibly long and amazing stories, filled of action sure to keep you on the edge of your seats the whole time.

GhostOfTheRain, an expert in the arts of teamwork, as she’s incredible when it comes to collabs and events, and on top of that, she’s an incredible writer.

AnarchyBlues, a kind person, and an amazing writer, skilled with what she does.

Tyler, a close friend to ShadaStorm120, even though I haven’t seen much of tyler, he seems to be a nice person with a caring heart.

RaechelleAdams, another close friend to ShadaStorm120, filled of great advice, and with a kind heart to match.

MagicalForest hopes to animate an entire series, and the stories she writes relates to her animation.

Nightfalls, a nice, caring person, with great feedback, his stories are incredible.

BigBang is an amazing writer, she gives great feedback, and is a nice and caring personality.

All these writers have been through a lot, both in writing, and in their own lives, they all are unique in their own ways. With great talent, and a habit for making others smile. They’ve all overcome obstacles, and despite that, they’ve still found a way to do want they want. These writers deserve a lot more, but they never gave up, and that’s why they deserve to be seen, and they deserve to be something more than just a person, they’re kindness, and what they have to share will live on in the memories around them. As long as someone remembers what you have done, and what you have given, then that’s a good enough reason to keep fighting.

Within the mind of every writer is a completely new world, a world portrayed in the writings they show the world. Inside these writings is the writers own experiences, the obstacles they’ve faced, the struggles they’ve went through, their victories, hopes and dreams. These experiences are held in a unique storyline only the writer themselves is capable of showing.

---Other facts about me---

Hidden inside that story is a lot about who I am, and what I dream to achieve, about my beliefs, and the people I’ve met on this journey we call life. But there’s still a few facts I couldn’t put into that story, although what’s probably obvious is that I love to read, but the genre’s of which you probably won’t know. I love Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fiction. I however do not like Romance and most Non-Fiction stories, and Erotica is NOT ok.

Other Stuff

Message To All The Bullies On This Planet

Dear Bullies,

That boy you punched in the hall today; committed suicide a few minutes ago. That girl you called a slut in class today; she's a virgin. That boy you called lame; has to work every night to support his family. That girl you pushed down the other day; is already being abused at home. You think you know them! Guess what, you don't!


The Victim.

Copy and Paste this to your profile if you are against the mean bullying. I bet 99% of you won’t.


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