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 “If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second.”


“I try to stay in a constant state of confusion just because of the expression it leaves on my face.”


“I don't think anybody's necessarily ready for death. You can only hope that when it approaches, you feel like you've said what you wanted to say. Nobody wants to go out in mid-sentence.”


“One of the greatest pieces of advice I’ve ever gotten in my life was from my mom. When I was a little kid there was a kid who was bugging me at school and she said “Okay, I’m gonna tell you what to do. If the kid’s bugging you and puts his hands on you; you pick up the nearest rock...”


“I was ecstatic when they re-named "French fries" as "freedom fries." Grown men and women in positions of power in the U.S. government showing themselves as idiots.”


“My daughter was asked by a little old lady in a London hotel restaurant what her daddy did. She answered, “He’s a pirate” - I was very proud of that answer.”


“Trips to the dentist-I like to postpone that kind of thing.”


“Me, I’m dishonest, and you can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest. Honestly, it’s the honest ones you have to watch out for.”


“If you catch me saying ‘I am a serious actor,’ I beg you to slap me.”


“With every part you act, there must be a little of yourself in it. If there isn't, it's not acting. It's lying.”


“America is dumb. It's like a dumb puppy that has big teeth that can bite and hurt you, aggressive. My daughter is four, my boy is one. I'd like them to see America as a toy, a broken toy. Investigate it a little, check it out, get this feeling and then get out.”


“I don’t think of myself as being a celebrity, it’s too mortifying. I have a hard time watching myself on screen and it’s getting worse. I can’t tell whether my work is good or not.”


“The beauty, the poetry of the fear in their eyes. I didn't mind going to jail for, what, five, six hours? It was absolutely worth it.”



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 Phoebe Adams is a seventeen year old shy girl. She doesn’t talk much, but she has a lot to say. Winning school president and being re-elected wasn’t her choice, for all she cared she could forever be trapped in her lonely pit of despair but that’s not what her best friend Ivan thinks. Ivan Mathews may be gay, but he’s the most popular guy at their school, and if he says vote Phoebe, then that’s what happens. Mike Biddings is the schools own personal bad boy, and he’s very good at his job…without even trying, in fact. He’s not the social type, and keeps to himself most times, which makes his school pranks and him walking out of school, all the more unexpected. But when he’s found guilty of vandalizing the gymnasium wall with ‘Vote Phoebe Adams, She Sucks D**k’, he is immediately found guilty, and is being expelled. But Phoebe takes up for him in a heartbeat, winning because of her spotless record and Presidential rights. Though she is not doing it out of the kindness of her heart, oh no! She wants to meet the jerk who wrote her name on their gym walls. These two aren’t exactly the best pair, and certainly not staying after school with Phoebe and her school activities wasn’t the plan. Helping with a bunch of kids wasn’t the plan. And becoming Phoebe’s new friend was most definitely NOT the plan. But when Mike starts learning more about Phoebe, he’s beginning to regret ever thinking of her other then a sweet, nice, pure, innocent soul. He’s becoming very regretful of his little ‘stunt’ and finds himself liking Phoebe more and more. And what of Phoebe? Finding out that there’s nothing wrong with Mike, absolutely was not the plan. And meeting his parents and finding out he was rich…NEVER saw that one coming. Especially not finding out that for one, Mike is actually a musician…just before music and Mike Biddings were illegal to put in the same sentence, for he was known for liking rap and heavy metal, not soft rock and R&B. And will Phoebe seeing what a nice guy Mike really is, she suddenly feels her needs of revenge subside. And seeing that she’s finding Mike extremely attractive all of a sudden isn’t helping, and she’s too afraid to know what it means. Will these two fall for each other? Or will one thing stop them from every admitting so?  



*     *     *




*Short Story*

"Sycorax" The Edited and Revised Version.




The Tale of Roux, the child given up for adoption.



            Celia-Rosalind Aemilia Hart, better known as just Roux, is an orphan. She doesn’t know who her parents were, or why they gave her up. But she’s also had a sick fascination with pop star extraordinaire Juliet Ramón-Waters, daughter of Sycorax Ramón-Water, a world wide known billionaire for her intellects and creator of the Cardiopulmonary Radar. She’s also one of the largest donors to charity, and runs a huge private school off the coast of Spain for unfortunate kids, homeless children, and kids escaping dictatorship. And Roux, for some odd reason, felt very proud of her work.

            But when Roux gets a chance to finally meet the amazing Ramón-Waters, things aren’t what they’re up to be. For one thing, how could Juliet be Roux’s mother?



(Will Be Edited Throught the Series)






Even celebrities have romance issues. Follow Danielle Knight and Brad Wayne through the twisting corridors of fame, hate, paparrazzi, and a passion heated by a dangerous blue flame. Guest Starring: Ivan "Ivy" Matthews.



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