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Shmuel Yacobi

Location: Machilipatnam, India

Member Since: June 2011

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Writer and his background


Name: Shmuel Yacobi

Also known as: Mukthipudi Samuel Sundara Raju

Father’s name: M.S. Jacob

Mother’ name: Elishebah

Spouse's name: Malkah Yacobi [also known as Jhansi Rani]


My Education:


1953 – 1958    1 – 5th class: K.C. elementary School, Kothareddipalem

1958 - 1960     6th – 8th class: K.C. Middle School, Kothareddipalem

1960 - 1962     9th – S.S.L.C.: S.N. High School, Chebrole

1962 - 1963     Pre-university Courses: Hindu College, Guntur

1964 -  1967    Bachelor of Arts: V.S.R. College, Tenali

1971 - 1975     Bachelor of Theology: A.C.T. College, Hyderabad

1976 - 1977     Bachelor of Divinity: A.C.T. College, Hyderabad

1981 - 1983     Master of Arts [Philosophy]: Osmania University, Hyderabad


DOB: 12-7-1947

Date of Marriage: 29-12-1969


Professional record


1977 – 1986                Worked as Teacher: History of Israel & Bible

1986 – Today              Dean of Hebrew Open University Research Study Centre

                                      Contract Lecturer in Distance Education Dept.,ANU




1974    Pavuramu - Telugu poetry

1987    History of the Bene Ephraim Communities

1989    Manamevaru – Who are the Telugu People? [Telugu version]

1990    Menorah songs lyrics & Music – from Torah, Nabi’im and Tehilim

1998    Nathanble - Christianities in the N.T. – Theological investigation

2001    Cultural Hermeneutics

2010    Pandemonium Revisited - English poetry

2010    Cavilah – The Bene Ephraim Community Oral Traditions


Personal statement:


I was born in St. Joseph’s hospital, Guntur on 12-5-1948. My father was in the British army from 1930 to 1945 and retired as a Subedar. He got teacher’s training after I was born and became English teacher at Kothareddipalem. At the age of nine I joined in the 6th class in 1958. The school authorities changed my date of birth from 12-5-1948 to 12-7-1947 to suit my age for studying 6th class. When I went to the school I met the students of other castes. For the first time in my life I came to know that there are high castes and low castes among the Telugu Sudra Servant people groups. The village revenue officer gave me the caste certificate that I belonged to the Madiga caste of Hindu community and later converted to Christianity. For the first time in my life I asked my parents and my grandmother what is Madiga of Hindu Community and what is Christianity and why we are considered as Madigas of Hindu community and why did we convert to Christianity. They gave some answers and tried to hush me.


Another day a reddy caste student called me, hey low caste Madiga fela. I chased him to his house and kicked him in front of his parents in his house and called him, you Sudra servant caste fela. Another day I went to a well in the reddy neighborhood to drink water. An elderly reddy saw me and yelled at me, you low caste Madiga fela! Don’t you know that you are not supposed to drink from our well? I ran away from the well and went to a reddy house and asked them for water. The housewife brought water and asked me to what caste do I belong. Her son is my classmate. He told her that I was low caste Madiga fela. She poured water and asked me to drink from a distance. I rejected to drink from a distance and came back to my ghetto. I asked my parents and grandmother about the caste thing among the Telugu Sudra servant people groups. I asked them who we are and why all this behavior.


In course of time I kept on asking my parents about the Hindu caste system and our history and religion. They progressively revealed the Cavilah, the oral tradition to me. I asked them who are these Telugu Sudra servant caste people, how some of them became Sudra Brahmins and Sudra religious teachers. If Madigas are Hindus why did the Sudra servant caste people treat them as low caste untouchables? Days, months and years had passed by. My grandma began to tell me the stories of the Bene Ephraim Communities and their history. She told me the stories of the great Hebrew heroes. She told me that Joshua, Prophet Samuel and King David belonged to the Bene Ephraim Community. She told me that I was named as Shmuel because my parents had no children for seven years after their marriage and that they prayed for a male child and dedicated me to the service of the God of Israel. She told me that some of the families of Manasseh and Ephraim came from Eretz Ephraim to Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Kashmir, Magadha [Assam, Bengal, Manipur and Mizoram] and were clubbed with the great Telugu people who were ruling people at that time. Finally she told me that we belonged to the Bene Ephraim Community of the Kingdom of Israel.


According to my parents some of the families of Bene Ephraim Community came down to the Telugu area from North India. And for some reasons like wars and famines and foreign forces they were clubbed with the Telugu Sudra servant castes. And the other families of the Ten Tribes followed the Bene Ephraim Communities and were scattered all over Europe. But about 125 families of the Bene Ephraim Community were clubbed with the South Indian people, especially with the Telugu Sudra servant caste people.


The bottom line that she told was that we cannot identify the Ten Tribes who were scattered in Europe and among the 625 kingdoms of the then India unless we study, learn and understand the Hebrew culture. The British missionaries translated the Christian Bible into Telugu language according to their cultural understanding. The Lone Star Baptist missionaries converted most of the Madigas and Malas into the Baptist Christianity from 1872 C.E. and the Roman Catholics converted Reddies and Kammas and other Sudra servant caste members into Roman Catholic Christianity. I decided to investigate the truth of the matter.


The Telugu Sudra servant caste Brahmins and the Telugu Sudra servant caste Komatis were also treating the Telugu people as Sudra servant castes and the Madigas and Malas and their sub-castes as untouchables. This was all confusing to me and I have no answers regarding these Telugu Sudra servant castes and treatments. I began to study the history of India especially the history of the Telugu people and their Theology.  Due to financial troubles, I was forced to get a free scholarship seat in the Protestant seminary where I studied Hebrew and Greek and theology along with my wife at Hyderabad.


As per the contract I worked as the preacher / teacher in the American Baptist churches from 1977 to 1986. I taught the congregations to study their Bibles in the Bene Ephraim community’s cultural perspective. My wife and I studied Philosophy in Osmania University as external students to gain the socio-cultural and philosophical knowledge about these Telugu Sudra servant castes and their historical links with the Kingdom of Israel. We gave up the preaching / teaching job in the churches and started Hebrew Open University Research Study Centre in 1986 and became self supporting. We offered theological courses in the Bene Ephraim Community perspective through mail to all states in India. Hindus, Christians and Muslims of all denominations slowly enrolled in our institute to study theology through Hebrew and Greek socio-cultural perspectives.


From 1987 to 2003 I have visited USA, Singapore, Canada and Israel and represented the cause of the Bene Ephraim Communities and gave lectures. I have noticed that almost all the denominational Christians and even the so called Messianic believers do not entertain the idea of the lost tribes at all. Their main goal is to divide the world into ‘saved and unsaved’ humans by all means. I prayed to HaShem to show me his way. The New York Jewish Community members patiently listened to my cause and encouraged me and helped me to write ‘Cultural Hermeneutics’.


My family became more and more self supporting and began to encourage the other members of the Bene Ephraim Community at Chebrole and Vijayawada. The Bene Ephraim Community Cavilah [Oral Traditions] that I learned from my parents helped me to check the cultural identity of the members of the Bene Ephraim Communities among the Telugu Sudra servant castes around us. We never encouraged the idea of religious conversions. As a matter of fact it is truly a sensitive issue to identify the members of the Bene Ephraim Community and the other members of the lost tribes of the Kingdom of Israel. There is no practice of religious conversion in the Bene Ephraim Community. We kept our community as a closed congregation because of unwanted troubles and persecutions as my parents already warned me about. When someone is interested to observe the lifestyle of Israel, we turned our fans to Bombay Bene Israel Communities for conversion to Judaism. We offered Hebrew language and culture courses through mail to all. Many Christian pastors studied this new perspective and enriched their theological degrees and got promotions in their churches. In 2003 suddenly the news papers published about an attempt of some terrorist attack on our community. The terrorists were arrested even before they approached us. Since then the news about our community reached the other people groups in the Telugu country and people began to visit our community prayer halls at Kothareddipalem and Vijayawada. The police intelligence warned me not to continue my website. I moved to Machilipatnam along with my family. There we have constructed a prayer hall and registered the same as ‘The Bene Ephraim Community Synagogue’. Personally my wife and I continued with our Hebrew Open University Research Study Centre offering research programs and non-academic cultural courses through mail.


The Telugu Sudra servant people groups who developed interest to learn the Hebrew language and study their religions and their sacred Bibles in the Bene Ephraim community cultural perspective and in the original Hebrew language approached me and I began to show them the original cultural meanings from their translated sacred Bibles. Many Hindus, Christians and Muslims enrolled in the courses and were benefited in their churches and congregations from all over India.


We never entertained the idea of religious conversions. We continued to offer the basic Hebrew language and culture courses through our Hebrew Open University Research Study Center to all those who are interested to know their sacred Bibles through the Bene Ephraim Community cultural perspective. We encouraged the research scholars to search for the historical links between the Telugu people and the ancient Kingdom of Israel.


Types of people that approached me and our community:


Christians who were vexed with their denominational interpretations and beliefs


Christians, who thought that the Bene Ephraim Community is just another Christian denomination, like the Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses or the Messianic believers who observe Sabbath and Jewish festivals besides their Christian beliefs


Christians who read the news about the Bene Ephraim Community in the news papers and hoped to get foreign funds or simply monthly support or foreign aid to support their family or congregation


Christians who were converted from Telugu Sudra servant castes and were vexed with the teachings of different denominational preachers


Christians who accepted us as the Bene Ephraim Community and were excited to sincerely support our cause and bless us without expecting any thing from us


Open minded Hindus and Muslims who knew about our history and the news


Foreigners who came to know about our community through media


Visitors from Israel, USA and other foreign countries


Academic researchers from India, USA and UK and Israel


Police and Intelligence officials who were supposed to protect us


Political leaders who wanted to know more about us, our history, culture and future plans


Researchers of various subject fields who are interested to learn the historical links between the ancient Israel and the great Talmulic Empire and the ancient Telugu people.


The task range of our research field vision has been widened from the sacred Bibles to Telugu Sudra servant castes, their historical links with the Hebrew people and their glorious past friendship since the time of Exodus and beyond.


I have noticed about 200 ancient Hebrew words in the present day Telugu language as well as the relics of certain Hebrew cultural elements among the non-Aryan Telugu Sudra servant caste people groups.


Today I whole heartedly decided to continue to work for the world peace promotion through my Hebrew Open University Research Center, Eretz Ephraim Pictures, my writings, friends and my house. I appeal to the Diaspora community to form Eretz Ephraim as a sister nation to Israel and promote world peace.


The first step towards the formation of Eretz Ephraim the sister nation to Israel is to start the awareness program and reach the world leaders and the UN authorities and convey this message in a peaceful way.


The second step is to save enough funds to buy the required land for the formation of Eretz Ephraim and seek for a suitable place.


The third step is to form a committee to look after the required things along these lines.


So far I could do whatever is in my capacity. When HaShem helps me to sell my movie songs, I will make the movie with that income and go ahead with my works towards world peace promotion. HaShem has already helped me to place my songs on ITunes and other online stores.

I live and serve HaShem so that He can bless all the families of the earth through my life and being and through my works and writings. Baruk HaShem!





















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