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"Here I am standing right infront of you willing to give you everything and yet you look right through me and straight at her."

Hi my name is Lily! I live in posibly the smallest rual town in the world; Plymouth. I love to write because its the only way that I can express my emotions and I feel way better after I write a story than I did before. I've been though a lot of tuff times in my life but all the hard things in life are just lessions that we have to take to heart and deal with because if we didn't we would never grow from it. My pen name is ShootingStar because when I was seven I went outside and layed on a hill in my backyard. A couple minets later I was looking at the sky and saw a shooting star and being the child I was I made wish. No, it didn't come true but after that day it just seemed like I could over come everthing. Yes I've been sad but I've over come it. This is a really cheesey quote but it still is awsome. "I can describe life in two words...It gos on. I know my and your life won't perfect but it will have perfect moments. My favorite band in the whole intire world has to be Tokio Hotel! Ich liebe Tokio Hotel fur immer und immer! If you don't know what it means I said "I love Tokio Hotel for ever and ever." See they even taught me german. The lead singers name is Bill and I have a HUGE crush on him. You might evn say I'm in love. And, yes HE is a boy and not a girl. If you think hes a girl...your just jealouse. I guess you can say I'm fun and out going and very spontainouse! I have black hair (natural, not dyed because I wanted to be emo), dull green eyes, and I'm kind of chubby. I think I'm all around ugly but you'll have to be the judge of that. I'm also a firm beliver in love at first sight. Most of my friends call me a hopeless romantic....and I have to agree. Well thats me and if you don't like it....sorry

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