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Within The Heart: Snow Haven: OMG!! the latest chapter was soooooo good!! I loved it!! You got Draconis's crabby behavior just right! I wonder what'll happen next!! KMU!! Can't wait!

About my updates, I'm not sure I'll be able to put up new chapters see, I'm in a much advanced class right now so most of the time I have to study and don't get time to read nor write a new chapter....maybe I'll try to find some time in May (Summer hols) to sorry :(

Sure!! I'd love to have you help! I'll see if i can get something written in the first place...then I'll mail it to you or something and then maybe you can offer your suggestions!! thanks!! 







The State of my Novels:

Back to the Victorian Age: Sixth chapter is up!! Go read it now!!

Ice in the Hands of Fire: 3rd chapter is up. I am making some changes in the upcoming chapters.

The Truth and Dare Gameshow: 4th chapter will be updated soon....

The Curse of the Dina doll: PLEASE DONT READ NOW!! You can read till the 1st chapter but the rest is being edited unless you want to read rubbish.

)).jpg   ))).jpg




Hey there! lets just start my constant ramblings from here OK? Now, the reason I joined Booksie was because I ran out of paper..........and people to read my work. Not that I live in a country that cannot provide paper or people but what actually happened was that I just wrote too many things and I ran out of space! Now, most people would have advised me to start with another notebook but I am the type of person who wants to keep all the stuff that she wrote in one area. My second problem was that my friends and family were too busy to read my work. this fact did not inspire me to write more and so I stopped. Then one fine day I was just surfing the net when I found this AWESOME site and I HAD to join. Here, I found so many people who were more than happy to read my work and here I could keep all my work in one area!! it fulfilled all my requirements and so, I am quite happy here! i do ramble a lot don't I? 


Basic info: I AM A GIRL, 13 years old. Joined Booksie when I was 12 years old. Birthday is on 18th March, I am a bit on the tomboyish side(though I do use a lot of exclamation marks when I write comments and stuff but that is because I am just too excited to keep it in! Now you'll ask me how I came to know i am on the tomboyish side: My mum and my friends, the keep telling me to act like a girl so I sort of guessed it.


What I like: Anime, Anime and Anime (and good food) :) I love anime cause it cheers me up whenever I am down and opens a gate for me in a parallel universe. You will notice that many of my stories and poems are inspired by anime.


The different types of Anime I have watched: Bleach, Black Butler, Fairy Tail, Maid Sama, Prince of Tennis, Darker than Black, Naruto and etc and etc……ASK ME AND I’LL TELL YOU!!! WHY AM I WRITING THEM DOWN??????


Me: Cause you are OUT of your mind.

Me no. 2: Yeah, I guess so.


Anyway, which is your fave?





Whithin the Heart ( I am currently reading her novel 'Six Orbs: Snow and Ice ')

Lenzo Darkness( Anime Buddy and booksie BESTIE!!)

Enile(Anime Buddy!!)

Natsfreewill ( reading her novel 'An Assasin's destiny')

TwinkletoesLover( Reading her novel' Vampetch Academy')

Darkherio ( we became friends )

IchigoKyutai( a.k.a Cutie-pie!! My Booksie bestie! She is just the best person evah!!)

Smileyfication(I love her, really)

Darkie(What should I say? She is just so awesome!)

Kaori Fujihara( she always answers my comments and reading requests in record breaking time!)

SayonWriter101( haha, we share a lot in common)

Arun( he is sooo funny!)

MetalMark666( I love his work!)

KurosakiStella(My anime adviser and very good friend!!)




WHAT I AM CURRENTLY READING ( and loving so far ). The links are on the side.(sorry, I could not get all):

Giulty Rose by Miki

Myth by Ajacks123. (Its not been released yet. My character's names are Ash and Amber, the twins)

The Path to the Forgotten Valley by Merenwen

FAIRY TAIL: The Untold Story by Skeamstroke

Six Orbs : Snow and Ice by Whithin the Heart ( My character's name is Violet, tell me if you like her!!!)

Vampetch Academy by Twinkletoeslover( My character's name is Violet there too!!)

An Assasin's Destiny by Natsfreewill

T.V Shows I adore: Well, there is anime, but besides that: The Mentalist, The Big Bang Theory and Masterchef, Scrubs, Mike and Molly, Banged up Abroad, Jailed abroad, Hell's Kitchen, Haunted, It Happened to me, etc.

What I Love:

Anime, Writing, Reading, Teasing, Sleeping, Laughing, Making new friends, Being a girl,  Eating Chicken drumsticks, Playing with soft fluffy toys, receiving messages, making fans and most of all, being who I am.


What I Hate:  

A bad hair day, Criminals, A ‘B’ grade, Pimples, A bad friend.

My fave songs and Singers: 

Songs: *Payphone by Maroon 5

            *Glad you came by The Wanted

            *Chasing the Sun by The Wanted

            * The World is Mine by Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid)

            * Canterella by Miku Hatsune and Kaito Shion (Vocaloid)

            *Magnet by Megurine Luka (Vocaloid)

            *Shunken Sentimental by Scandal

            *Scyscraper and LaLa land by Demi Lovato

            * Everything that is sung by Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

I HATE JUSTIN BEIBER. Just so you know.

Singers: * Miku Hatsune (Vocaloid)

                * Kaito Shion (Vocaloid)

                *Katy Perry

                * Taylor Swift

                * Selena Gomez

Bands:  * Scandal

              * The Wanted 

              * Shinee

             * Girl's Generation          



Me : You are sooooo weird. Do you have to write down EVERYTHING???

Me no. 2: Yeah, I guess.



For people who don’t know me very well, I often have these conversations with myself and no, I am NOT madI


If you want my reccomendation as to what you should read that is mine, I reccomend you to read- 1: The Truth or dare Gameshow

                                                                                                                                                2: The Promise that was Kept Forever

                                                      3: The Curse of the Dina Doll

                                                      4: The Journey at Dawn

                                                       5: What Have I Done to You?

                                                       6:Ice in the Hands of Fire

                                                       7: Back to the Victorian Age                                                 



If you fan me, I will fan you but only after reading what you have written! If its worth the praise then be sure to see an orange box next time you visit your page and if you dont, well, lets say you have to work a littile bit harder...:P





An Awesome Cosplay of Kakashi Hatake from the anime 'Naruto'

I am currently watching this anime called K and my fave character is Yatogami Kuroh!!




Cute lips!!!




229189_407869939276599_770935554_n.jpgBlack Butler. One of the best animes i have ever watched!!

574941_408123412584585_931322709_n.jpgFrom Sword Art Online

431040_456618914369834_577034647_n.jpgHitsugaya!! *faints*

549709_408126122584314_1917829183_n.jpgHas anyone evr seen this anime? Its called La Corda D'Oro Primmo Passo. I know, Long name but its AN AWESOME anime. Everytime I hear the starting song, my stomach does some sort of a flip! When i found this pic, my stomach went 'flip' again!

My current profile pic

:564939_362557367172490_1006605398_n (1).This girl looks A LOT like me!! In fact, I chose the pic for exactly THIS purpose!!! Its like, me in anime style!!


Kakashi and Tobi fighting!!!

Read and comment on my work for now and FAN ME if you like me or my work!! Leave a friendy comment if you want to talk!


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