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Hi - this is the one and only Danni (Gaddy Spice) who has started a new account because I wanted too and because I really wanted to write new novels and new thingys that might attract attention - I also want to promote my other Profiles writing... Dont ASK where the name Silky Angel came from, but I just liked the freaky name and thought it sounded quite good...

Errr... now about ME!! I'm blonde (red at the moment), blue eyes, thin enough and rather happy. I'm going through lots of stages like;

  • Gothy
  • Emo - ish
  • Into black and dark colours
  • Depressed and emotionly unstable
  • Mad
  • Hippy
  • And VERY ABNORMAL .... join me if you wish...

Also I love writing, reading, dancing, singing, riding horses, going out with my boyfriend and my mates..

Please enjoy my writings ...

Anndddd 10BG26 ... the one Heatherie Dude.... Adderie... the one and only pain in the bazoomas...

First of all, I am NOT a pain in the whatever. Second, that's Danniyellow, and third, where did you get that from?? Yeah... just so you guys know, Danni came up with the name. =P

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo.. THIS IS 10Bookgurlii26!!!!!! Uh, I don't really like the name anymore. But still. Who cares?? Not me!



Who wants pie? I mean.. yeah, pie!

So a few things about me:

  • I have absolutely no idea what colour my hair is.
  • I think my eyes are like... blue or green or.. both?
  • I have three really cute doggilies =P Everyone say aww. (You: Aww!)
  • I'm 13.
  • My name is Heather, or Aderie, or Heatherie!
  • I now have three accounts on Booksie, this one, 10bookgurlii26, and BookAngel28 (shared with AngelTears48)!
  • My brother is annoying. Yeah, aren't most? Mine is the worst. Seriously. He nearly broke my arm. That's bad. I hate him. >=[ Grrr!
  • I sorta play the guitar, but I'm no good at it. (I can just like play Twinkle Twinkle and stuff like that) I can also play the piano, and I can play one song two handed, and I'm trying to see if I can do Taylor Swift - Love Story (See below) two-handed. I'm working on it =D

Sooo, there ya go. It's me. I think. Oh, and one more thing: I'm weird (and proud), random, crazy, I give myself headaches, I'm now (just to be awkward) wearing jeans and my school top (instead of getting fully changed) and (to be random) wearing a white school sock on my left foot and rainbow socks on my right!! The colours go Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and a random colour that I don't know the name of. =]

Okay, so Danni and I (Heather) have decided that we each pick a Taylor Swift song and write it up on Booksie. So I'll put mine first (since Danni's 'About Me' part was first before):

W3 w3r3 b0th y0ung wh3n I fiirst s4w y0u,

I cl0s3d my 3y3s 4nd th3 fl4shb4ck st4rts-

I'm st4ndiing th3r3.

0n 4 b4lc0ny iin summ3r aiir.

I s33 th3 liights; s33 th3 p4rty, th3 b4llg0wns,

I s33 y0u m4k3 y0ur w4y thr0ugh th3 cr0wd 4nd s4y h3ll0,

Liittl3 diid I kn0w,

Th4t y0u w3r3 R0me0,

Y0u w3r3 thr0wiing p3bbl3s,

And my d4ddy s4iid, "St4y 4w4y fr0m Julii3t,"

And I w4s cryiing 0n th3 st4iirc4s3,

B3ggiing y0u ple4se "D0n't g0,".

And I s4iid...

R0m3o t4k3 m3 s0m3wh3r3 w3 c4n b3 al0n3,

I'll b3 w4iitiing,

All th4t's l3ft t0 d0 iis run,

Y0u'll b3 th3 priinc3, 4nd

I'll b3 th3 priinc3ss,

It's 4 l0v3 st0ry,

B4by, just s4y y3s.

S0 I sn34k 0ut t0 th3 g4rd3n t0 s33 y0u,

W3 k33p quii3t,

Cuz w3'r3 d34d iif th3y kn3w,

S0 cl0s3 y0ur 3y3s,

Esc4p3 thiis t0wn f0r a liittl3 whiil3,

Cuz y0u w3r3 R0me0, I w4s a sc4rl3t l3tt3r,

And my d4ddy saiid, "St4y 4w4y fr0m Julii3t,"

But y0u w3r3 3v3rythiing t0 m3,

I w4s b3ggiing y0u pl3as3 d0n't g0,

And I s4iid,

R0me0 t4ke m3 s0m3wh3r3 w3 c4n b3 al0n3,

I'll b3 w4iitiing,

All th4t's l3ft t0 d0 iis run,

Y0u'll b3 th3 priinc3 4nd I'll b3 th3 priinc3ss,

It's a l0v3 st0ry,

B4by just s4y y3s,

R0m30 s4v3 m3,

Th3y'r3 tryna t3ll m3 h0w t0 f33l,

Thiis l0v3 iis diiffiicult,

But iit's r34l,

D0n't b3 4fr4iid,

W3'll m4k3 iit 0ut 0f thiis m3ss,

It's 4 l0v3 st0ry,

B4by just s4y y3s.

I g0t tiir3d 0f w4iitiing,

W0nd3riing iif y0u w3r3 3v3r c0miing 4r0und,

My f4iith iin y0u w4s f4diing,

Wh3n I m3t y0u 0n th3 0utskiirts 0f t0wn,

And I s4iid,

R0m30 s4v3 m3,

I'v3 b33n f33liing s0 al0n3,

I k33p w4iitiing

F0r y0u but y0u n3v3r c0m3,

Is thiis iin my h34d,

I d0n't kn0w wh4t t0 thiink,

H3 kn3lt t0 th3 gr0und

And pull3d 0ut a riing 4nd s4iid,

M4rry m3, Julii3t,

Y0u n3v3r h4v3 t0 b3 al0n3,

I l0v3 y0u 4nd th4t's 4ll I r34lly kn0w,

I t4lk3d t0 y0ur d4d,

G0 piick 0ut a whiite dr3ss

It's a l0v3 st0ry,

B4by just s4y y3s.

Cuz w3 w3r3 b0th y0ung, wh3n I fiirst s4w y0u.


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