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Location: Austin Suburbs, United States

Member Since: June 2009

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Hello My Name is Smiley Monkey...AKA Tedi,

Hello, all my friend's on Booksie! My name is Tedi, some of my friends call me Teddy Bear (like you couldn't have guessed that) My likes include gloomy days, beautiful sunrises and long walks in the rain, and my dislikes are...rude attitudes, obnoxious behaviour and creepy smiles (don't ask). I'm happy to be apart of Booksie! I was introduced to Booksie through my friend Emily during one of my school's writing club meetings. Even since I've had alot of fun here, writing novels, songs and other things. I live in Texas and I absolutley hate the heat! My dream is to move to Seattle when I'm 18, got to college for Marketing and design, start a family and open up my very own fashion boutique called Katie Colum, where I will sell unique pieces of affordable clothing for pre-teens and teens. I hope to meet the man of my dreams in High school or college and start a family of seven kids or more, if all goes well, I hope to own a large house and mini-van (maybe a bus lol). I'm going to be a freshman in high-school this year and am very excited, my friend and I have planned our very own shopping spree on the 14th of August. We have saved up our money and are going to shop for back-to-school clothes! I love to draw my own better version of anime, I alos love to draw still-life and landscapes. I enjoy writing about love, and romance, and on occasion I like to write about ghosts, fantasy, horror and teenagers with super powers. I am a very good dancer aswell. my dance styles mainly include, Jazz, funky-jazz, and hip hop. My friend's and I recently preformed a dance at our school's talent show, to the song, 'I like to move it' and my solo made very one cheer! :)

Some of my favourite things:

Favourite Music: Techno/trance, classical, pop, epic, Gospel --------------------------------------------Favourite Songs: Castle in the Sky by Dj Satomi, Canon in D by bach, Fugue in G minor by bach, get bakc by Demi Lavato, la la land by Demi Lavato, lord I lift your name on high by ???, The avatar epic song, He's a pirate fromt he pirates of the carribean------------Favourite colour: baby blue, soft pink, light green, cloudy grey, soft yellow, chocolate brown, midnight black, pearl white, and deep purple--------------------------------------------------------Favourite precious jewls: Pearls, moonstone, bloodstone, diamonds, opal------------------------Favourite foods: French fries, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots--------------------------Favourite Candies: Swedish fish, sweet tarts squeeze--------------------------------------------------------Favourite flowers: Sun flowers, roses, marigolds----------------------------------------------------------------Favourite Movies: Bruce almighty, Evan almighty, gracie's choice, Race to witch mountain, paul blart: mall cop, Freedon writers-----------------------------------------------------------------Favourite TV shows: George Lopez, Heroes, Avatar, Icarly------------------------------------------------Favourite subjects in school: Math, Science, History, Language arts---------------------------------Favourite books: Twilight series (not an addict), 100 cupboards, jane eyre------------------------Favourite animals: Cats, bunnies and sharks----------------------------------------------------------------------Favourite season: Spring because of the rain,a dn winter because of the cold :)---------------Favourite Ice-cream: Drumsticks, and chocolate-chip cookie dough----------------------------------Favourite words: Circumlocution, Incahoots-----------------------------------------------------------------------Favourite numbers: 4, 2, 29, 6, 35, 100, 0, -4------------------------------------------------------------------------

More about me:

Height: 5' 1"

Weight: 85 lbs

Hair colour: Brown and straight

eye colour: greenish grey

skin colour: tanned autumn

Where I stand on....

Twilight: I loved the books, and the movie was alright, but I don't care much for the whole team edward team jacob ordeal. I feel like the whole idea has gotten way out of hand. It was a cool booka nd a cools movie. But not a life style and certainly not an addiction (hopefully not).

Your writing: anything that you ask me to read I promise I will. anything at all. I will read poems and novels, anything really. I just ask, that in return you might read on e of my works, if you have the time :)

Obama: I think obama rules! I'm witht he democratic party. The only thing I don't apporove of with Obama so far is the abortion rights. But every one has their opinions and I'm okay with that :)

My writing:

The Hidden Book One: revenge of the Fallen: This story is currently on hold. I havent gotten many comments yet, and not as many reads as I liek so until I do this story is on hold. This story is about an anchient race of people called the 'Mayrs.' The Mayrs have been long forgotten in history. Mayrs are a race of people that, at a certain age of life will go through a meteamorphisus. During this metamorphisus, the subject will get markings on his.her face and body, their hair may change colour, and so will their eyes. They will also gain inique abilities. Their are 6 different kinds of Mayrs: Shifters: able to morph into other things, Seekers: can run fast and jump high, ash: can control fire, Volt: can minipulate electricity, monarch: have wings can fly, and shade: have often multiple unique abilities all their own. After goign through her metamorphisus in school, Amie discovers that she is a rare species of myr that was thouight to be extinct, a shade. After meeting the Night walkers a cache (clan) of myr in Downtown Seattle, she becomes part of their family. But while Amie struggles to gain control of her powers, soem of the Myr form her clan and other clans become frustrated witht he humans and plan to take control once again and decide to take over earth, starting with killing innocent people, Amie and the few left in her clan must stop them before the earth crumbles under their power. If you like Thrillers, suspense, romance, and horror you will enjoy this book!


If you read any one of my works, I love your opinions, so please comment on my writings. I will read any one's works if they ask me to, and I will leave comments. :) Have a nice Day!

 Some News....

Hello, every one, this is my place for news on my booksie Novels, Poems...etc. and a couple other things, check back here every once in a while, I will note here when I've updated novels, written new poems, and when I've read other people's writings I will recomend them here!

1) My novel, "I'm in love with my Best-friend's step father" is finished!

 2) My Novel 'The Hideen Book One: Revenge of the Fallen" is currently on hold until it gets more comments and/or becomes more popular.

3) I am currently having trouble deciding on what my next novel should be. Any requests of novels I could write are greatly appreciated. (example, if there is an idea you had for a novel, but you don't think you could really write it, give me a basic idea and i'll write it!)

4) I will be gone to Summer camp fromt he 12th to the 17th so I wont be here for 5 days.

5) Read Vantilandstracks series "What happens when you eat a bad sandwhich" of poems they are excellent!



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