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Dia duit,fellow stalkers!  (Pronounced 'dea-gwitch')

Read, peoples: 

*Yellow highlighter's important stuff, peeps; read its contents, if nothing else

15.06.2016: It's not even funny how bad I am at logging on here >.< But, sure, 'tis the summer now and I've three months to do whatever I should desire -- well, after the daily studying and attempts at deciding my future are out of the way ... What fun ahead of me(!) Can't I just skip sixth year? Anyway, I hope to get around to all the requests left on my profile and catch up with the stories I was enjoying eons ago -- I'll probably have to start them again, mais c'est la vie U_U I still have no idea how to work this new site, so wish me luck!

15.06.2016: Joke of the whenever-I-can-remember-to-change-it: "Why are there no cats on Mars? Because Curiosity killed them all."

Fáilte romhat, daoine! Feel free to stalk my every postteeth_smile.gif (Oooh, is maith liom an dáth sin! heart.gif <- I'll randomly break out in a strange language(s) at times, so don't worry if you haven't a clue as to what I'm on about-- half the time, I don't even know ;) But, translation: Oooh, (noise a teenage girl makes whenever she likes something-- MIND OUT OF THE DIRTY GUTTER, PLEASE-) I like this colour! heart.gif)

I'm a, not 14 or 15, but 16  year old girl, who is an amateur writer (this is the first website I've ever shared my work on, as are you the first people, so be nice O;). Is breá liom reading and ag scríobh and would like to see if my works are any good; sharing is caring, you know teeth_smile.gif

I was born in England and moved to Northern Éire (Ireland) when I was an ickl' cailín (or 'wee', as my granny says), and now live in the Republic! (But, sure, 'tis the same piece of floating land, at the end o' the day.) GO ON, YA BOYS IN GLÁS

J'ai un chien (Yep, that's good ol' Charlie in my picture), who has an obsession avec du toast!

I'm the last person to know about anything, and burn EVERYTHING-- but, thankfully, I don't want to have anything to do with kitchen devices when I'm older, and aspire to be a vet! (We can all dream, right?)

I may be sort-of-VERY clumsy and trip over mid-air, fall upstairs... "Hey, that wall wasn't there a second ago!" 

In person, I'm super shy and awkward (and not in an endearing, charming way; more like FEED HER TO THE OWLS, SHE'S MAD kind of way), but I could talk the cluas off you if I know you-- or on-line. Internet, you have given a crazy person power; run while you still can ;) *My lovely horse running through the field*

  Dirty Voldemort.jpg

I quite like drawing and making things, whether worlds or boats, and have no choice but to blame gravity for my lack of snooker skills-- AND MY INABILITY TO FLY. I've always wanted to be able to fly and have been so jealous of bats 'cause they can-- I'm jealous of a bat... Janie Mac, I need to get a life >.<

I, as of this year, am in my (not second or third or fourth), fifth year of secondary school ('twill be great craic (pronounced crack, by the way), sure), and have just NOT failed at doing my House exams O_O (My random bouts of Gaeilge et francais are 'cause I'm too lazy to re-read my profile, so you'll just have to suffer *Mwah-ha-ha*) 

J'aime Ed Sheeran and Eminem-- sorry all you infected Directioners and fever-ridden Biebers, mais I'm not in lust with Curly-wurly (though I wouldn't say no to the chocolate bar...) or whoever else there is. I also love animals and always wanted un tigre when I was younger, but settled for a goldfish instead. He died in 2005. R.I.P Turkcry_smile.gif

I'm generally an easy-going and (though it's up to you to decide) likable person; just rather awkward and say sort of random things... Feel free to leave me a message to talk about-- RAINBOWS-- *cough* I mean, um... rudaí? But rainbows are an open topic *just saying* 

Messages, which lead me to... Drum roll, please! 

READING REQUESTS! Yes, the glorious moment (and only reason you're here) has arrived. So, here's the deal: saying I'll read anything is like saying I'll eat aon rud-- vegetarianism typically restricts one's diet. Don't get me wrong; I love food as much as I do reading, but some genres don't quite keep my interest as well as others do. I can't say I'm overly fond of fantasy, but I'll give it a shot-- I've ended up liking it before and I'm open-minded. Don't particularly like paranormal/angels/werewolves, but leave a message and I'll *eventually* get around to reading it!

Like stated above, I'm open-minded, so I don't care if it's deux poissons of the same gender or daoine (RANDOM FACT: Male bats have a very high rate of homosexuality) My profile may come across as immature and teenager-ish, but I can be normal!  It sort of depends on who I'm talking to--  just no erotica; sixteener here, cuimhnigh? 

I'll always return a comment on my work, but you'll be glad to know that I'm not usually a silent readerthumbs_up.gif That being said, I'd REALLY appreciate some constructive criticism-- despite being a teenage girl, I'm not always right, so tell me my faults (j'ai beaucoup!) and give me corrections, if you spot any-- I can't always be this iontach wink_smile.gif <-- Is that face having a seizure...? Should I be worried? I'll leave some, hopefully, helpful comments ar d'obair-- and PLEASE, tell me why you like/want to shred my story. While comments such as 'good story' and 'this is great!' are great for my ego, I do want to know why you like/detest my work.

Okay, so listen here: the last thing I mean is to be rude or offensive, but, really, daoine, it is a writing site and you're meant to help others with their writing. I only give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, but if you don't want me to waste both of our time and maybe suggest a few things and give corrections if I spot any, TELL ME before hand. There's nothing more frustrating than someone telling me they don't want suggestions and corrections when I spent ages reading their work. I do understand it's disheartening seeing a long comment pointing out things that could be changed, but I really don't mean to discourage anyone. I mean to be helpful-- but it's apparently not coming across an slí sin >.< 

I DON'T DO FAN EXCHANGES or whatever they're called, I don't understand the point of them-- this is a WRITING website, not 'who can get the most fans' competition >.< So if you're looking for someone to fan you back just 'cause you fanned me, you're at the wrong place, missy/monsieur!Fan me si tu aimes my work; I'll fan you if I like yours-- there's an indepth description of the process for you. It's as simple as a... potato <- I panicked, okay?! *don't judge me*


As Tesco so truthfully puts it: Every little helps! (That's a siopa, if you're unfamiliar with it.) Huh, I'm advertising the place; I should be getting paid for this!

Also, I've had a few comments concerning my not-so-happy-endings,so I'll put this up here while I remember: none of my work is from experience. I have had (and am still having) a good life and have been through none of the situations depicted in my works, especially poems. I'm not usually a dark person, but if I feel strongly about something, I'll *try to* write about it. 

Well, you've reached an críoch of my pointless profile and have wasted cupla noiméid of your time thumbs_up.gif You're welcome, daoine ;) 

Adioses, piece o' toastes shades_smile.gif


P.S: I LIED! You're not getting rid of me yet, daoine. *evil laugh* Anyway: If you fufill a reading request of mine and want something specific read, leave me a message on my comments section below (or wherever it is now). Please don't advertise your work on mine; I find that really rude and will just ignore it from now on andwon't read any of yours at all.

*Nóta: Lack of paragraphs turns me off (oh, go 'way wit'cha dirty minds!) a piece of writing. I'm not saying I won't read it, but please, for the mercy of the giant rubber ducky below, paragraph your work! I feel like mo shúile are going to fall out and I quite like being able to see, go raibh maith agaibh. 

rubber duckie(3).jpg

Now you may spam away 'til your heart's content ;)

"Read, read; it's good for your brain,

The more you read, the more you're *in*sane."



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