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I whined in panic as I struggled in the soft jaws of what felt like my mother, I was unable to open my eyes as I was just a few hours old.Angry shouting and quickening paw steps began echoing in my small ears.I continued to whine until I smelt pine drifting up my nose. "I...I love u Atlas..." My mother's sweet voice began drifting away as I was set down on a pile of what felt like twigs and leaves ; I continued to whine until my tiny lungs could squeal no more, I wanted my mother, but little did I know that I would never get to look at my mother for many years to come....

"What is it?" "Ah, It's moving!" "Calm down, It's probably just a squirrel" "Can we eat it then?" "For crying out loud Timber, think with your head and not your stomach for once!" I yawned, slowly opening my eyes, a leaf sliding off my head, my amber fur glistened ever so slightly in the morning sun before I stood two huge wolves, one ginger and one light brown.

"W-who...a-are..." My voice began to shake with fear, the whites of my eyes becoming more visible. "Aw, it's so cute! Can we keep it Neko!? Please!" "Shut up Tim, your gonna scare him!" I gulped as the two older wolves bickered, the ginger wolf, which I assumed from the information I had gathered, was called Neko, bent down and slowly sniffed me, recognising my scent. "Hi" She smiled sweetly, staring down at me with shockingly frightening black eyes. "I'm Neko, what's your name pup?"

I shook my head slowly, looking up at her; I spoke up with uncertainty, the bubbly light brown wolf practically dancing with excitement. "My name is...Atlas.." I smiled, loving my name, hearing the words flow out of my mouth as if I was a natural, it was a big step for such a small pup. "I'm Timber!" Timber smiled sweetly, I giggled, he made me laugh. "Your funny, Tim-ba!" I smiled brightly, looking up at him. "We best take him back to the Alpha Tim, he clearly needs a fo-" Neko cut herself off. "Take him to find him a new carer" Neko rearranged her words carefully, smiling.

I stood on up shaky legs,stumbling after the two wolves I had just met.A calming voice entered my mind, almost making me lose concentration on where I was going. "I love you Atlas...good lucky my baby boy.." "Mama..." I whispered quietly to myself, before focusing on catching up with Timber and Neko. "Come on Atlas! We need to get home so we can play!" "YAYYY" I cried out in excitement, quickening my pace as fast as my stumpy legs would carry me.

The den smelt of flowers and a strange scent of decaying elk and hares.I cowered down in fear as I walked glued to Timbers leg towards a huge jet black male, with piercing red eyes and a terrifying demeanour about him. "And who, may this young one be?" His might voice boomed through the den, echoing in my ears like sirens.I whined quietly. "Alpha Kira...we found this pup on the edges of our territory while on patrol and though...we would..bring it here?" Neko said with uncertainty, bowing in front of Alpha Kira as Timber did the same. "Please Alpha, soften your voice voice for Atlas's sake.." Alpha Kira curled back his lip in a quick snarl, before softening his expression. "The pup can stay.We welcome all in need with open arms after all" He walked away, leaving us to ponder on what just happened. I smiled brightly, wagging my tail as Timber bent down to speak to me. "Well Atlas, I guess your one of us now."

2: I stood upon a ragged cliff edge by the den, my defined muscles ripping as the wind brushed past them.I let out a rallying howl, howls from all over the territory began to sound in reply.I smiled brightly, my right canine slightly showing.I wagged my huge fluffy tail, my green eyes glinting like diamonds in the sun; my amber fur standing out against the thick pine trees and underbrush. "Amoux Amoux! Did you hear about the new female joining today?!" I said excitedly, my tail wagging uncontrollably. "Oh boy oh boy I just can't wait to finally have someone new to play with!" "Oh please do shut up Atlas.I bet she's some stuck up snob who thinks she is better than everybody else! I growled slightly, walking away with sass. "Speak for yourself grumpy."

"Atlas! Come sit with us to watch the new female arrive!" I did as Timber told me, sitting down beside him, Phoenix joined us, sitting at the far end of the line, I had never seen him take part in such meetings, so I was rather curious as to why he took such interest to this particular event. "Shhh! She's coming!" "Stop moving Neko! Your worse than Timber!" "I AM NOT" "Silence Wolves.Our newest member has arrived." Alpha Kira silenced everyone with a quick command, I sat silently, wagging my tail silently. "Woah...." "Are you sure...she's a wolf?" Everyone stared in awe as a stunning champagne coloured wolf came walking gracefully up the hill.Her fur was soft and silky, wavy in places.She had a brown tinted nose bridge and on the tips of her ears and tail were the same brown colour.Her eyes were a stunning deep set crystal blue,her movements were so swift it was as if she wasn't walking at all, but merely gliding across the ground.

"Hello..." Her voice was angelic, we all stared in awe apart from Kira who seemed totally unfazed by all of this. "Ah, Raine, welcome to the family!" Alpha Kira greeted her, the rest of us wagged out tails and whined our greetings happily.I looked over to Phoenix to see his draw slightly open, his eyes transfixed on the new female Raine.I walked over to him slowly, hitting him gently on the back with my tail. "H-huh?!" "Dude, ur drooling" "S-shut up!" "Awww, Raine got your tongue" I joked, nudging him on the shoulder as he gave me the death glare.

I looked at Raine suddenly, feeling an instinctual pull towards her, a sad feeling washed over me in a wave of emotion, causing me to immediately drop my head and whine quietly. "Atlas, what's wrong?!" Raine took a step forward, her eyes glistening with tears. "M-my boy!Atlas..." The pack's jaws dropped as their attention turned to me. "Mother..."

To Be Continued...



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