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Spread Those Wings

Poem / Poetry

FIRST POEM OF MINE...At first, I thought of blue birds but then I thought of wings so hope you enjoy. If you don't like this poem without any punctuation, just tell me and I can change it. Read More

Shadows Behind My Back

Poem / Poetry

I couldn't think of a summery for this for some reason so...THIS IS MY SECOND POEM. I don't think this is a good one but I tried so...Enjoy? ALSO, I made an old poem like this last… Read More

The Tears Of A Used Victim

Poem / Poetry

Why do you think that people cry? Maybe an incident happened or it's a problem of theirs. I'm just wondering. :3 I fail at making summaries about my poems so...Yeah. And try to answer this question with… Read More

Ode To The Minions

Poem / Poetry

I wanted to dedicate this poem to all the Despicable Me fans out there. And all you minions. I love you all! There is no message in this poem whatsoever. This poem was just a fun free… Read More


~Writer's Block. Herp Derp.~ Hello there. IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME, I MAKE RANDOM STORIES AND POEMS THAT POPS UP IN MY MIND. Hehe. Sorry about the caps. Just wanted your attention. Anyways, whenever I think of a good topic to write, I would ALWAYS go deeper in that topic. I write short stories, poems, and yeah. Boop boop. I can't wait to write stories for you readers out there. I will be writing my poetry every Saturday and Sunday and I WILL write some short stories but you'll just have to wait for those stories to come. So have fun reading and if you don't like my stories, then why are you here? Go. Shoo enemies. I read all comments if it's positive or...not. So read and comment your opinions about my stories! Thank you! You want to be friends? Sure. I can be your friend. C: Don't worry. I'm not creepy at all. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEH. Lol. 

ALL READING REQUESTS ARE CLOSED. >JUST SAYING.< But...I don't really read novels. So, if you send me a request for your novel, I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna read it...Sorry!!! I WILL READ SHORT STORIES AND POEMS THOUGH. Ok done with the caps. C: You see those goals down there right below my reasons why I signed up for Booksie? I want to have at least GAZILLION goals down there and I want them to be completed (Probably most of them are but some...Maybe not. Oh well.)


Personal Writer Recommendations From Yours Truly:

  • KitsuneLuluorb00kw0rm43v3r. Not because she's one of my good friends from Booksie BUT because she posts a lot of amazing poems from Wishing to Thanking...Etc. And if you ask her to comment on your stories, I'm 99.99% sure that she's gonna write you a funny yet honest comment. C: Check her out! You won't regret it. XD I recommend you read either "Hanging Onto Hope" and/or "A Gift I Wish I Could Repay"
  • ElizabethRose. Again, not because she's one of my good friends. XD She is so great with poetry, you have no clue. If I have a chance to read all of her poetry and comment every single one of them, I would. Seriously. Check her out! She's really nice with comments too. I recommend you read "Let It Go" and/or "Your Cancer"
  • Melissa Firefox. She is also a wondeful poet (AND A GOOD STORYMAKER) and why wouldn't you read her stuff? They're so wonderful to read. C: So GO READ HER POEMS, SHORT STORIES, AND NOVELS. They're really good. I recommend you read "Breaking F r e e" and/or "A Work Of Art."     

Reasons Why I Signed Up For This Website:

  • I never knew I was THAT good at writing literture until I was in Freshman Year (Aka this year)
  • I couldn't find a good website to write BUT I found this website (Thanks, Booksie.)
  • I needed a new hobby other than watching my subscriptions on YouTube EVERY SINGLE DAY. .-. Yes I am a teen. Thanks for noticing. Just kidding.


BOOKSIE GOAL #1: To write 125 poems before 2014 ends. C: It's a hard challenge but...I accept that challenge. XD Status: Not Completed

BOOKSIE GOAL #2: To have 75 fans by the end of 2014. (Ha. Like that's gonna happen. But hey. A girl can dream. C:) Status: COMPLETED!!! :D

BOOKSIE GOAL #3: To win at least 5 story contests. Lol. So many AMAZING poets and storymakers out there though...And then there's me. A basic poet/storymaker. :3 I can handle a little competition though. DON'T GET SO EASY ON ME, PEOPLE. Status: COMPLETED!!!

BOOKSIE GOAL #4: To have 130 fans by the end of 2014. (Lol. I feel like this wouldn't be legit but I'll try my best on impressing you guys. C:)<<SUCH A FAN OF YOUTUBEEEEEEEEE. <3 Who doesn't love Youtube? C:





10 Quick Facts About Me:

10. I am 14.

9. I am hoping to become a teacher someday.

8. My dream is to help kids to grow up as smart grown ups.

7. I am afraid of a lot of things...Like about 30 things...Probably more.

6. Obsessed with distopian stories, mystery stories, and stories that can give you chills so keep in mind of that.  

5. I love anime, cartoons, and manga art. <3 #AdventureTimeANDPokemon4Life 1187116304_ZeAnimeGirl.jpg50555556722acd4780dc41b23155805f-pokemon

4. My lover is a food that is called rice. 63906-o.jpg

3. I am so obsessed with this acapella group called Pentatonix. I love them so much. <3 Pentatonix-I-Need-Your-Love-Calvin-Harri

2. I'm a gurllllllllll.

1. I'm just a random teenager that goes through life like everyone else with some drama and feelings inside.



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