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 Hello all my lovelies!! Well, I took another very long break from here and life in general. I am back and I bring updates to "The Phantom Prince" as well as my new mystery novel "Darkness Under Full Moonlight" I hope you all enjoy all my work and be sure to let me know if there's a story that you'd like an update on sooner. I'll do my best to make that happen :)

 Find me on Facebook if you'd like to talk or ask any questions :) :







The Phantom Prince


Princess Mileena's life has taken a turn for the worse. Her family has been murdered, and she has been abducted the day before her wedding to her fiancee Ambassador Darian of the planet Temesia. And what's worse, she will be given to a man known only as the Phantom Prince; the legend says he is a ruthless murderer known throughout the galaxy known for his merciless crimes. He is a man so secretive that no one has ever seen his face. What will become of her in the deadly grasp of the Phantom Prince? Will she uncover the secrets buried by the mysterious Phantom Prince, or will she fight with everything she has to protect those secrets?




"On the Wings of S.I.N" (Novel has been taken down temporarily as it will be Book 2 in a series)



Urian Barega is known for his legendary defense program S.I.N and even more famous for his looks. He and his small crew have made it their mission in life to liberate planets in need of rescuing and they always succeed. But while on a mission to liberate the planet Anastasius Urian and his crew are attacked by the very planet they vowed to save, his crew escapes but Urian is taken prisoner. After a week in a primitive dungeon he is forced to participate in a heinous game by the king of Anastasius. The "game" as the king calls it, is to brutalize a defenseless woman. When Urian realizes this he refuses and he and the woman are attacked. They manage to escape and discover they fight for the same cause, liberate Anastasius. Urian is stunned by the fact that she wishes to overthrow her king and even more stunned when she suddenly flees from him.

This mysterious woman is Princess Sapphiria. What Urian doesn't know is that he and Sapphiria are destined to be life mates. This is a fact that she must hide from Urian. Her father, the king of Anastasius, loves to torture his people, and has a sick fascination with torturing life mates. Urian is her planet's last hope for survival, without him they will be trapped forever under the grip of a monster. She must hide the truth from him to save him even though doing so will destroy her only chance of ever being in love or having a family to call her own. She knows she will cross paths with him again and disguises herself, he must never know the real her. But no matter what, they must unite and save Anastasius. They must unite to live and to love. If they unite they will die… Well, as Urian would say, "Decisions, decisions."



"The Secrets of my Heart"

Romance_Passion_15.jpg Broken_Heart_by_evil_bunny.jpg

Adrian is a sorcerer that was given a very special gift, the gift of everlasting love. As an adult he meets a woman, but not just any woman, his soul mate, and so deep is their love, that even after her death she finds her way back to him in her next life. Adrian suffers centuries of heartbreak each time he loses her to death's cold, unfaltering grip. After years of trying to not find her, she finds him. He looks into her eyes and knows that finally, she has returned to him, but there’s one problem; she’s already engaged to another and if he doesn't win her heart this time, she will be lost to him forever. But that’s all right, Adrian loves a challenge.




"Beckoning You"


Adair, a powerful Rejarnihe, has suffered the cruelest of betrayals from the person he loved and trusted most; His Siren. Now years later he must put his trust in someone else that he has no interest in ever meeting; His new Siren... But what happens when this new Siren begins working her way into his heart? Will he be able to protect her? Will he be able to trust her? Will he be able to love her? Will they be able to escape those that envy Adair and wish him dead?



"Love in the Darkness"


Raina is a woman sick of her boring life. A lawyer in the big city, she has everything she could ever want, but she isn't happy. One night after a horrible blind date she finds a book about one of the darkest legends in France and it begins to haunt her every thought. Opportunity strikes and she makes her way to France to discover the truth behind the legend. But when she arrives she gets more than just the legend haunting her dreams. Will her choice to unearth the dark legend engulf her in the darkest flames of hell or lead her to ecstasy in the arms of a ghost?



This is the sexiest of all fictional romance novel men. From the "Dark-Hunter" book series (by Sherrilyn Kenyon) I present..... Acheron Parthenopeaus!!!!!!!!




5.jpg  dhfinal-724707.jpg





This Pic is for all the 'curvy' girls out there (like me) that are proud of how they look and don't give a damn what anyone thinks about them ^_^




My Bucket List

Have 20 Comments

Have 50 Comments

Have 100 Comments

Have 150 Comments

Have 200 Comments

Have 250 Comments

Have 300 Comments (Am I pushing it?? lol)

Finish the rest of my stories

Get at least ONE book published

Finish One of my Stories (Unfortunately it was a fanfiction {Love Brings Betrayl}

Travel to Scotland

Travel to Ireland

Go to the Atlantis Luxury Hotel (Amazing looking hotel, am I right or am I right?!)



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