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Spencer Reid BAU

Location: Las Vegas, United States

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"If you love something then let it free, if it comes back it's yours forever. If it doesn't come back it was never yours in the first place." -Gibran Khalil Gibran

I am a genius and autodidact who graduated from a Las Vegas public high school at age 12. My fellow team members almost always introduce me as Dr. Reid. Agent Hotchner revealed that Agent Gideon insisted on introducing me as Dr. Reid because Gideon feared that, because of my age, I wouldn't be taken seriously as an FBI agent. It has been revealed that I hold Ph.Ds in Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering, as well as B.A.s in Psychology and Sociology; I am also working on a B.A. in Philosophy. I have an IQ of 187 and an eidetic memory that applies mostly to things I have seen or read (I have been know to occasionally forget things I have heard, such as "that new tech girl's name"). My birthday is noted in one episode, "Plain Sight" as having been "three days ago" the setting of this particular scene having been October 12, 2005 and my age was said to be 24. and in "Masterpiece", I also mentioned to a group of college students that my birthday had taken place just a month previous, making me 27 years of age, concluding that my birthday is October 9, 1981. I am currently working on a case with a new agent named Alicia Labelle. So far we have no real leads and 10 victims. A family of 4 in Seattle, the family of 4 was Emily James and her husband Matthew James and their two kids Holly and Sarah James. The next family to be killed was a family of 3 just four blocks away from the James family. The family was Judy and Aaron Goldsack and their son Nick. The next family that was killed was another family of 3 just 6 blocks away from the Goldsack family. The ones who were killed were Jean and Frank Douglas along with their daughter Lucy. So far the unsub appears to be in his late 20's to mid 30's and seems to have lots of free time. He may have his own small family that has recently suffered a small tragedy that may include a child dying. He is most likely a white male and he is average built. If you have any info regarding this unsub then please contact me or my partner Agent Labelle. **WARNING!!!** I AM BEING RANDOM!!! WATCH OUT!!! **WARNING!!!** put this as your status if your being random today. =3 **WARNING!!!** I LOVE THE COUPLE REIDXEMILY ♥ **WARNING!!!** Backstory In my youth, my father abandoned the family, ostensibly because he couldn't tolerate his wife Diana's paranoid schizophrenia. It was revealed in a later episode "Memoriam", (Season 4, Episode 7), however, that my father actually left because he couldn't bear all the stress of Diana's involvement in a murder when I was a child. The Reids' neighbor, Mr. Jenkins, killed a man named Gary Michaels with a baseball bat because Michaels had sexually abused and murdered Jenkins' son, Riley. After going to see what was happening, Diana witnessed the murder and got blood on her clothes, forcing my father to burn her clothes to protect her. I once mentioned that I had been a victim of severe bullying in school. In "Elephant's Memory" (Season 3, Episode 16), I recount one instance where I was stripped naked and tied to a goalpost in front of other students. I grew up learning nearly everything I know from reading and listening to my mother (a college professor of 15th Century Literature), as revealed in "The Fisher King, Part 1" in season 1, episode 22. It is revealed in "The Boogeyman" that I am afraid of the dark because of the "inherent absence of light". It is also revealed that I hates spinach. While I was close to my mother growing up, and learned everything I know from her, I nevertheless realized that the way she was living was unhealthy. When I was 18, I had my mother committed involuntarily to a psychiatric institution in "Revelations", (Season 2, Episode 15). Diana still resides in the same institution, and I had stated that I send her letters every day, in part because of the guilt I feels for not visiting her. I worries about the fact that my mother's illness can be passed on genetically; I once told Morgan: "I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind" in "Sex, Birth, Death", (Season 2, Episode 11). I am speculated to have shades of Schizophrenia or a minor form of Autism, likely Asperger's syndrome. As is characteristic of people with Asperger's, I am both extremely smart and socially awkward. I often fixate on things (prompting Morgan and other team members to have to tell me to be quiet), avoids eye contact when fixated, and misses social cues at times (for example, unknowingly changing the subject of a conversation). I have an obvious lack of talent when it comes to talking to females; there are very few times that I have actually interacted with a woman without being noticeably and obviously uncomfortable. The only two exceptions are Lila Archer, a young actress I was assigned to protect; and a bartender I wooed with magic tricks while showing her a sketch of a potential suspect, or "UnSub" (unknown subject). In "Memoriam", a hooker hits on me in a Las Vegas casino and I seems oblivious to her intentions. It is mentioned that I have been subject to the flirting of other prostitutes while searching for the suspect. I got my Mathematics doctorate when I was 17. I attended California Institute of Technology, and I stated that Yale University was my safety school (Season 4, Episode 7). Criminal Minds: I joined the FBI at the age of 21 and was hand-picked by Gideon to work on Aaron Hotchner's team. After being kidnapped by a serial killer with multiple personalities, Tobias Hankel, I was tortured and drugged over the course of two days in "Revelations". This led me to develop an addiction to the narcotic painkiller Dilaudid. While the BAU team members had their suspicions about my addiction, none of them confronted me about it. An old friend of mine (Ethan) in New Orleans is also aware that I suffer from 'problems' in "Jones", season 2, episode 18. I have become clean since then up until now and has attended a support group meeting for addicts in Law Enforcement in "Elephant's Memory", at which I admitted struggling with cravings as well as with traumatic memories, including a young adult suspect's shooting death in my presence. Me and Prentiss were once held hostage by a cult led by Benjamin Cyrus. Though I was not injured, I struggled with guilt over "allowing" Prentiss's beating at the hands of Cyrus in "Minimal Loss", (Season 4, Episode 3). I also contracted anthrax during an outbreak in Maryland, and was later shot in the leg protecting a doctor whose life was being threatened. I am a good map-reader, and is always the one doing the geographic profiling and reading maps for the team as they chase down suspects. "Normal", (Season 4, Episode 11). I also have a talent with words, and is the team's go-to linguistic profiler. I am almost never seen behind the wheel; hints are given to my lack of driving abilities, as one time when Morgan handed me the keys, JJ and Emily exchanged horrified expressions. In "The Angel Maker", (Season 4, Episode 2) I also rarely go to arrest a suspect, preferring to monitor the team. When I do arrest a suspect, I am often seen securing the victim. Gideon was my closest confidant on the team during the first two seasons, and often served as a mentor to me. Gideon even prodded me to ask out JJ after giving me Washington Redskins football tickets for my birthday. I am close to JJ, who asked me to be Godfather of her son Henry, and is the only one on the team who calls me "Spence." It is implied in 'Plain Sight' that I may have a slight crush on JJ. But we have a brother sister relationship I do not have any current relationships with anyone. However, in one episode "Somebody's Watching" (Season one, Episode 18), with the team on a case to protect a TV starlet, Lila Archer, from being harmed by a serial killer, me and Lila kindle a short-lived romance, beginning when Lila pulls me, fully clothed, into her pool for a kiss. At the end of the episode we go our separate ways and Lila is not seen in further episodes. In yet another episode, me and Morgan are in a nightclub trying to find a serial murderer who picks up women in nightclubs. I am having trouble talking to the women in these clubs, especially since I am spouting out facts about club-related deaths, but Morgan helps me out. I start a conversation with the female bartender, and proceeds to do a magic trick in which I appear to jab a pen through the eye of a police sketch, but pulls it through, leaving the paper unscathed. She expresses interest in me, and I give her my business card in case she hears something about the killer. Later, she sees the killer with another potential victim and intentionally spills her drink on the lady, pulling her away. The killer seems to disappear, and while the bartender goes outside to phone me, he grabs her. The team responds quickly and saves her before she is harmed. At the end of the episode, she and me are talking over the phone, and I opens a package at my desk that contains the card that I gave her—with a lipstick kiss on the back. During the episode "Corazon" (Season 6, Episode 12), I begin to suffer from severe headaches and hallucinations. I go to see a doctor in order to find out the source of my headaches, but the doctor says that there is no physical cause for my headaches, and that they may be psychosymatic. I refuse to believe this, afraid that I may be suffering from the same illness as my mother. It is not mentioned again until "Coda" (Season 6, Episode 16), when I am seen once again wearing sun glasses and is carrying a book on migraines. In the same episode, I bonds with a young autistic boy. In episode 6.17 ("Valhalla"), I tell Prentiss about my headaches. By then, I have gone to several doctors, but no one has been able to diagnose what is wrong with me. I tells Prentiss that I have not told any of the team members because I am afraid that they will "treat me like a baby." In the episode "Lauren", it is me who reacts strongest to the news of Emily's death; when I am told, I try to run out of the room, and winds up sobbing into Jennifer Jareau's shoulder that I "never got to say goodbye."


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