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I love manga and anime, and final fantasy games.

Mood: Neutral.

current favourite anime character: ULQUIORRA!---i think thats how you spell it

altHe kicked ichigos asss!

Love is a four letter word, but so is HATE. Love is a feeling, so is HATE. Without hate, no one would know what Love is. HATE With Love or not Love at all.


french teacher has a grudge against me

maths teacher dosent like my graffiti

english teacher simply doesnt like me

history teacher despises me

R.E teacher hates everyone

Form tutor thinks im a saint

art teachers been waiting for a project for 4 months

I.T teacher is an ass

and yet, none of them even know my NAME!

if the truth hurts, people i talk to are living in paradise.

i can get an excuse for absolutely anything. i never do my work. ive still got a art project that was meant to go in 4 months ago

my bikes trashed, dont care. make fun of me, dont care. holy .... theres something in my hair?! get it out!

i really dont care about anything. im too lazy to. i got brains but i havent got the energy to function it. - like shikamaru (naruto)

i DONT CARE. i put a show on to make people laugh. thats all. maybe cause some fear. gain a little respect. y'know.

if destiny controls your life, why live?

to live your life right think about what you want to do then dont do it.



long hair. its mine. no touchie.

its not even that long. maybe,what, 4-5 inches? well its the longest thing theyve seen in a while if you know what i mean...

i hate those pricks who have the gall to insult my hair when they dont even own a mirror.

i like to make things explode, bring things to life, kill things, break stuff. HELL NO I DONT. ok maybe the breakin stuff. like peoples hopes. dreams. generally smashing them down until they feel helpless. tiny....

death favours those who have something to live for

if faced with a gun, say your prayers and hope you're going to heaven.

if wishes were fishes kids would surely drown us all!

things i like... latin... final fantasy...manga...rock music... red...my hair :P....

i like dogs for their strength

cats for agility

birds for freedom

mice for bravery (i mean, to them things are huge and they just go on through life without a care)

i hate bugs. they go through their lifecycle following destiny. eat, sleep, mate, die. and theyre just creepy too.

i hate being around people that dont know what fun is

i hate talking to people that dont have a sense of humour

i hate people that are too focused on studies

i hate people who compete for my friends

i hate people who think theyre high-and-mighty

i hate people that talk trash when they live in the dumpyard

i hate my orthodontist... chinese guy freaks me out and i gotta stare at him while hes "operating"

i hate people that are too serious

i hate a boy who goes to my school and his name is jake.

i hate people the screwed up facial features

i hate nerds

i hate when people question my authority

i hate people that gossip

i hate it when people treat me like a kid!

i hate it when people dont understand the meaning of "shut up"

i hate it when people ask you something at last minute.

i hate wannabe's

i hate people that follow the crowd

i hate people that ask me too many questions

i hate when people forget something and ask me for it when they know i dont have it either.

i hate kids that think theyre cool when theyre not

i hate small kids that think theyre strong.

i hate anything that trys to be what its not

i hate girls that get over-dramatic over little things. i wonder how they'll cope with life.

i hate chavs. alot

i hate people who try to imitate famous people.

i hate nerds who do cosplay and put it on a website. do it but do it behind closed doors.

i hate my screwy computer

i hate people that argue over religion, cast, skin colour, musical interest.

i hate people that pick on smaller people

i hate... alot more things...

93 percent of teens would have a severe emotional breakdown if someone called them a freak. If you're a part of the 7 percent who would ask the person, "What was your first clue?", copy this into your profile. <-----HELL YEAH! freak = unique! o.O

PS: look at that cool squall pic i found! so cool! lol

cutepictureofsqualla reeeaaally cute squall pic i found

althehe, explains itself. from deathnote

altcute squall with a little chocobo

cool pictures!


archie, if our favourite character can live in harmony so can we! and ff 12 characters. gabs, iknow how much u like balthier! lol


oh my god its ultimecia! get em squall!

altjust a cool pic of loki

alt-snarl- seifer. squalls exact counterpart, even the same gunblade. i hate him!

altVincent, awesome character from FFVII (final fantasy seven)

altichigo, another cool anime character

altsephiroth, another cool final fantasy villain.


altcool deathnote pic of amane and ryuzaki fighting over light. not real light if you dont know deathnote, the brown-haired guy. i bet hes thinking, "ok, ok, theres enough of me to go around"

altawesome fight, spike vs pierrot le fou. a epic fight from cowboy bebop. spike is great. he may lose this fight, but he gets his revenge soon enough.

altSpike, right before he dies after injurys from the fight with viscous. he has the heart to taunt before he dies. one of the greatest anime characters ever


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