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Important note: So, as you can see, I'm another one of those people who left booksie withg one excuse or another. I suppose you are right, but I am taking this break for security reasons. I don't mean to knock Booksie, but I have heard tell of people who join this site and steal un -copyrighted work. I don't mean to offend anyone I have exchanged conversation with on this site. I certainly don't mean to accuse you and I don't suspect anyone. Still, you can call me paranoid, but for all I know, someone I've never even associated with on this site could have stolen my work already. Maybe it is published in another country (not that I think my work is that good yet) and I have no idea about it. Then, when I am a professional, I may go to publish that piece and find that it is claimed to be written by somebody else. I could then be accused of stealing work, and there goes my carreer that I am working hard for. That may sound far -fetched, but when  think of what my work means to me, it just isn't worth the risk. Maybe I'll come back later, when my work is protected, and I may still want to come visit and read the work of others, so I haven't signed off completley. I want to apologize to those of you that have been faithful readers, but I also want to thank you for all the comments, posative or negative. Booksie gave me my first taste of constructive critisism outside of school and family. It was great to interact with all the other writers out there. So, it's goodbye for now. I wish everyone the best. keep writing! When I come back, I'll have a lot of catching up to do. 

Toodles, Swedish Fish


Hi there. People call me Addy. I suppose to start off I could tell you that I like to write. I've always enjoyed it but I think I knew it was what I wanted to do for my life in first grade. My teacher was the best and is still my favorite. She enciuraged me and set me on the path I am on now. 

Aside from writing I like to act, and I enjoy any kind of art. I'm very creative. I'm not good at any sports because I've always been afraid of balls. Nobody but my mom understands my fear because I think I inherited it from her. However, I do like to run. Hopefully I mam currently on a sort of junior track team. We get to run with the high -school runners, but we don't race. It is good preperation for next year. Camping is always fun. I play acoustic guitar. I have one TV show that I watch every week. It is basically the only TV I watch aside from movies. The show is Glee. I used to watch Project Runway but now that has moved to a channel I don't have. Oh well.  And yes, I like to design. I know some basics to sewing thanks to my babysitter. She rocks more than YOUR babysitter! (J.K. That was kinda mean.)

As far as looks go, I'm the carbon copy of my mom. I have shortish curly ebony hair. My skin tans nicely in the summer but turns a pale in the winter that is close to unatural. My eyes are dark brown. Sometimes I like them, other time I wish they were blue so I'd look a little more Swedish. My grandfather is from Sweden and although I'd never give up my hair, blue eyes would be nice. Speaking of the hair, I do not straighten it. Everyone says I should because it is the trend but I like it curly, so there.

That being said, I suppose you can tell that I am my own, independant person. I love colorful, vintage style clothes and I'm not big on trends. I don't think they are horrible things. If you like Hollister or A&F then that is fine with me. I won't persecute you for it. It just begins to bug me when people take trends to a clone level.

Of course, I suppose it is only fair to list my bad qualities on here since I'm listing all the good ones. I can be stubborn, when I do idiotic things or make mistakes I'm told I obsess over it to the point where it gets annoying. I end up saying sorry about 50 billion times and never forgive myself. When I am angry I can take it out on others. My mom says I make up too many rules for myself and I can be rather uncooporative and unflexable. I can talk too much or repeat something to the same person a lot. My friends think this is funny. My parents do not. 

My fears are all grouped into one catagory: death and murder. WHen I was 1o I locked every door and window in our house before I went to bed. Although I'm not as strict now, I am terribly and sometimes irrationaly afraid of ax murderers and such. One bump in our creaky old house leaves me up worrying all night. I am very cautious. I also hate planes becuase I'm afraid they will crash. i'm afraid of going too far into the ocean because of sharks and rip currents. The list goes on and on.

The list of things I like is thankfully larger. Little things like rainbows please me the most. Umbrellas make me smile. Kittens are a joy. Peanits comics always make me smile. Fuzzy socks rule! Crayons are a timeless smile maker. Books, of course. The way a dog cocks his head. You get the picture.

People tell me I'm usually very mature for my years. I agree but sometimes it's hard always being the organized neat freak of the lot.  I also tend to worry more than most about things most girls (or boys) my age don't worry about.I also have a decent sense of humor and a larger type of vocabullary. I love learning new words. I am usually very practical but fun too. I do not, however, like girly drama.  I believe in peace and equality. I am usually a very bright, happy person and most people are surprised to find that I have a dark side, especially in certain tastes of writing, theater and music.

I am the oldest kid in my house out of three. Thank goodness for my friends. I'm the 'few but close buddies' kind of person.  I have a cat named Toffee and a puppy named Bug. There are also two cats at my family's weekkend cabin named Milley and Flax. I've had other pets in the past, all of them adorable and unforgettable but it had to end, sadly and those stories are too long and end too sadly for me to post here.

I suppose that is the general information. Below are just the basic facts I think one may want to know about me.

Fav color: I can never decide between yellow and blue so I chose green.

Fav season: well, I live in PA so I have all 4 seasons to choose from but the problem is I can't choose. Each looks so pretty against the backdrop of the Appalacien Mountains. I also like just about any kind of weather. Yes, I'm a tree hugger. Also working on being a good vegetarian.

Fav animal: seals. I'm also a cat person.

Fav and least fav subject: The only subject I am actually really bad at is math. This is good because I spend a lot of time just trying to keep up with it. i fI were bad at another subject I would have no free time. My favorite subject would be literature and creative writing. English is important to me because my future will depend on it. Science, history, religion, etc. are all just okay. Yes, I go to a private school and I am proudly Catholic.  I'll beglad to have some more subjects to choose from in high school. My future and education are important to me.

Pet peeve: bullying. If you have ever been bullied put this on your profile

A few beliefs of mine: I am anti abortion, don't approve of seperating sibilings in an adoption, animals have rights too, peace is possible, recycling, etc. There are more. i kno these are controversial subjects. I respect everyone elses opinion as much as my own. We can agree to disagree.

Opinion on boys: I have never dated.I am still really young however and I'm just going to let it happen when it happens. I'll know when its the right guy, right time, and allI haven't had a crush on a boy since I was too young to understand what that really and truly meant. I'm not into all the boyfriend girlfriend relationship drama. I think the definition of couple for us teens isn't what it should be sometimes.

Fav music: I love musicals. Mainly, 'The Sound of Music', 'Les Miserables',  and 'The Phantom of the Opera'. My favorite singers are Micheal Buble, Harry Connick jr, Josh Groban, Charolette Church, Julie Andrews, and Frank Sinatra to name a few

Fav Movies/Movie Stars: I like many musical movies.ex: 'My Fair Lady' I also like tearjerkers such as 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas' or 'Marley and Me.' I also like the old black and white movies like 'Roman Holiday'. Classics like Disney movies or 'The Wizard of Oz ' are great too. My favorite stars are Emmy Rossum, Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews, Carol Burnette, Gerard Butler, and Audrey Hepburn.

Fav books/ writers: Kate Dicamillo, Roahd Dahl, C.S. Lewis, Lois Lowrey, Christopher Paolini, Judy Blume, Gail Carson Levine and many more. These are just off the tippy top of my head. Some books I like are The Inheritance Trilogy, To Kill a Mockingbird, Running out of Time, Just Ella, Ella Enchanted, Song of the Sparrow, Some Friend, The Chronicals of Narnia, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, and so many, many more. I mostly read realistic fiction, Fantasy, Poetry, Historical Fiction. I write this stuff too. I have a hard time reading Science Fiction or Horror. Sorry, I may not be able to read it if you ask me.

So, I guess that's a wrap. I do add to or change my profile from time to time so you may want to read it over every now and then. Dito for my news. Remember, no need to be shy of conversation around me. I have lots to say and love getting to know people.

Just remember that I plan to be a writer when I'm older so please give honest feedback if you comment on my work! 

A word of advice in memory of my dog I lost recently: enjoy every moment with those you love becaus you just never can tell which moment will be the last. Make the most of life and love.


If Hollister suddenly announced that breathing was uncool 93% of American teens would die. Put this quote on your profile if you are one of the 7% who would laugh!

We can only create what we imagine first - Swedish Fish

Rainy days bring people together - Swedish Fish

93% of Teens are bringing sexy back. Put this on your profile if you are one of the 7% that sexy never left!

Don't be limited by who the world says you are. Rather, be who you know you are - Swedish Fish

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Don't you just loathe it when you can't type or write fast enough but you have so many ideas pouring into your head?


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