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Three questions around which revolves life


 Why am I born? Why do I have to die? Why he didn’t call me? Why does the earth revolves on its axis? And why around the sun? Why am I wearing glasses thick as jars, when no one in the family has a dioptre? Why are people greedy? Why my aunt isn’t married, when grandmother said that all men wanted to marry her? Why are people jealous? Why my neighbor Sasa didn’t finish college, when all say he's smarter than all graduated boys ? Why I was born in Serbia, and not in America? Why dogs are man's best friend? Why somebody wins on the lottery? Why do some children have cancer? Why some people live 110 years? Why Vesna Vulovic is survived a fall from 10,000 feet? Why some people are born as leaders? Why he does not like me? Why is my best friend died when only he understood me? Why does my colleague apply for a beauty contest when she is one of the girls more ugly that I know? Why people fight and die because they have different religions, when the religions are invented to give us salvation from death? Why aliens haven’t arrived yet when we have been waiting their arrival for years? Why is Magic Johnson cured of AIDS, and Nikola from 23st block is not? Why do some people have a lack of energy and others miss it seriously? Why all disapprove the fraud, and everyone cheats? Why everyone is talking about true love, and nobody can give precise explanation what true love is? Why do I raise my voice against the racism and at the same time I can’t  stand the Chinese on the bus? Why do I want baby, and I can not stand children's cry? Why does neighbor’s apartment is nicer than my? Why does always someone’s else life is easier than our? Why rich men say it is nicer and simpler life of the poor people? Why poor people say that everything is easy  for wealthy people? Why I don’t know what I want, when I know what I like? Why the things I like are not always what I want? Why I’m nostalgic for Belgrade when I’m in Rome, and for Rome when I’m in Belgrade? Why I'm nostalgic for the events that I hated when they had happened? Why everybody laughs to people who stutter? Why I’m constantly re-evaluating and wasting time on redundant questions when life moves fast? Why life moves fast?


 How can I explain myself why I was born, and give it some meaning? How explain to myself and accept the death, when I'm an atheist? How Galileo Galilei came to see the Earth revolves around the sun? How can I be sure that after laser vision correction surgery, my dioptre will not come back? How to control my greed? How do I explain to my aunt that  grandmother lied when she said that for men at the first meeting the most important thing to hear is that girl has serious intentions to get married? How can I not be jealous of Mirjana when she all doing well, and I’m always wrong? How do I explain to my neighbor Sasa that in life is more important to be persistent and patient, but smart? How to explain to Americans where is Serbia? How do I accept that my dog ​​can not talk to me because he can not speak? How do I convince my mom that she is not guaranteed to win the lottery just because she plays it faithfully, every week ,for 30 years? How not to cry when I go to my annual review to Oncology and see children without hair? How not to make delicate when I see old people holding hands? How to get to Vesna Vulovic personally and ask her what she had in her mind while she was falling together with toilet from an altitude of 10.000 meters after the explosion of her plain? How do I become a leader? How to accept that some people simply do not like me? How do I’ll find a new best friend identical to old, when no one is exactly the same on this planet? How abolished Miss beauty? How do I believe in God when I am an atheist? How can I die for something I don’t believe? How I’ll  understand the aliens when they arrive, (when I don’t speak alien’s language, nor has it in the Google translator)? How to convince pharmaceutical companies to unlock some of the secrets? How do I find the true definition of love? How do I become the best friend of Chinawoman? How can I be sure I'll be a good mother? How can I be happy with my choice of flat? How can I be happy at all with my choices? How can I not be jealous of the rich people? How to help the poor, instead of judging them to be their own fault they are in that position? How do I figure out what I really want? How do I stay in the choice of what I want? How to achieve what I want when I'll be sure that is really what I want? How do I love Belgrade in Belgrade and Rome in Rome? How do I not suffer for the past just because it's passed? How can I not be ashamed when I start to stutter when I explain something? How do I stop wondering? How to make life more fulfilling, seeing it goes fast?

 What if?

 What if life does not go fast at all, but it is our perception? What if it's better to be a believer, maybe as a believer I would resolve all these philosophical questions about life and death? What if greed isn’t that bad because it forces us to achieve more in life? What if my aunt lives better life than most of people, because she wasn’t stressed by husband and children? What if my mom wins the lottery? What if Americans aren’t stupid? ..........................

 WHY not start from the opposite assumption? HOW to know if  the opposite of the truth might be true? WHAT IF all I write does not make sense


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