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It'll be awhile

No writing for awhile guys. I'm really busy and just don't have the time. I'll write when I have time but I can't say when thatll be, thanks for being patient.

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Hey there. My names Thomas, though I go by Thom. I'm 19. I'm not very good at these but we'll see how it goes. 

    I live in Maine, it's the furthest east state in the US. About as cold as my heart. Jokes... Sort of. I'm actually a really caring person and I try my best to help others. Thing is, when I was about eight, my emotions just kinda went. I'm pretty much emotionless, like I get happy and angry, sad and excited but they are so limited and practically nonexistent. I'm a loner and an introvert of sorts, I have one good friend who vists every few months and that's perfectly fine with me. My last ex was a demon and I shan't put details here, though I'm more than happy to talk about it. I've been single for two years and it's probably because of my anti social ways and or lack of empathetic emotions. However, I do care deeply for those around me and will do practically everything in my power to make them smile. Despite my lack of experience in the field of the opposite sex, I am quite flirtacious. If you're female, I will probably flirt with you. It's just who I am, I wouldn't take it to heart though. If I was interested in you, you'd know it, I also tend to go for older girls lol. As in 25ish range lol. Furthermore, I'm by most standards a country boy, but I'm also a city slicker. Good blend of both worlds in my opinion. I started writing when I was around thirteen but I've always been really creative. I love to read, primarily fantasy works. I love action, adventure, romance, mystery, and comedy. I also have a deep obession with dragons. Most of my fantasy based works contain dragons. I'm usually very serious but if I feel comfortable talking with you I may ease up and joke around, or flirt, if you're female hahaha. Being on this site is a great honor and I simply come here to read amazing stories and share my own in hopes that they provide some entertainment. I like to have constructive critism to some extent, I usually know what errors my story has. I also do not take kindly to belittlement or humiliation, I will proceed to reply with violent words and angry thoughts. I have no fear of people on the internet which will probably cause issues in the future. By no fear I mean, I will not hold any information about myself back, as in I will tell you my name, where I live, what I look like, all of that stuff with no hesitation. I'm very curious by nature and ask a lot of questions, usually info about your life. No need to fear as I simply am curious to the lives of others. If you aren't comfortable divulging such information, simply say so and I will stop. 

        I currently study Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and Ninjutsu, as well as some basic boxing. More so for the philosophy then the fighting. I am an avid anime fan, currently my favorite is One Punch Man, followed closely by Dragon Ball Super, then Sword Art Online. I have an obession with ancient weapons and military knowledge. I'm a part time mechanic of sorts, as in, I work on things when I have free time, and I have a love for computers. I built my own gaming PC which I have taken to calling, Behemoth. I do not have my licence or a vehicle but I do plan on getting both soon, I simply have no need for them at the moment. I dropped out of highschool at 16, and its a complicated reason but I'll sum it up quickly. Basically, I suffered from severe social and general anxiety which would cause me to become extremely sick and to the point of cardiac arrest, thus my parents decided it best to remove me from school. I then took online courses for about two years before I decided to stop as I simply wasn't learning anything useful. I'm very friendly, and you should feel very welcome to message me. We'll have a jolly old time! 

      I'm mainly Scottish, but it is closely followed by Irish, English, French, and Mongolian. I am extremely hard to offend and am a lover of all jokes deemed offensive and or dark. I am an avid cyclist and fucking hate winter, the stupid white cancer growing on my lawn. Go away you heathenous tumor. I also love to ride quads. I own a 2003 Yamaha Blaster which has been modified for trail racing. It's illegal but so what, it's fun. I use to be very obessed with video games but have seperated myself from that. Now I occasionally play Fallout 4 or Skyrim. That leads me to another thing, I absolutely love the Elder Scrolls. My current book, The Dragons Fire is even based off of it. Don't sue me Bethesda, I claim no rights to it at all. It's all yours. Well I claim rights to my characters of course but you know. I love firearms and strangely don't own any. Yet... I plan on getting my firearms licence soon. I can't purchase a pistol under the age of 21 here so there isn't much use in getting it yet. I'm a Vegan and animal activist (Make fun all you want, it needed to be said). I have been one for 5 years going on 6. You're bullshit lies of "You need protein, only meat has protein" are false. Come fight me bro. I'll wreck you. 

       My favorite color is orange, but grey is a very close second. My favorite song at the moment is a tie between Raise your Horns, by Amon Amarth and Lost in the Static, by After the Burial. My favorite features on a girl would be black hair, light green eyes, and short. Like under 5'8. I know that isn't short for a girl but I'm 6'0 so it's short to me lol. I have two older brothers and an older sister. I only speak to one of my brothers. The others are dead to me. 


On to more interesting things.

On Booksie, I can't say I've made any real friends yet. Hopefully that changes. But there are two who have been most pleasant to me, Ghost of the Rain and Shadastorm120, shout out to you lovely ladies. There are some awesome writers on here but most prominent to me would be ~

Craig Yorozuya (Hope I spelled that name right hahahah)

Ghost of the Rain of course

Shadastorm120 obviously :)

M.A. Yacone, seriously this guys writing is unreal.

Ryuu the Charizard, again fantastic writing. 

                                                                 I am Bushido



                                       I am a Spartan




                          Above all else, I am...





                                     I support anti bullying campaigns fully. And so should you.

















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