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To my grandparents Fred Myles Sr., Lillie Myles, and Rosevelt Brown for planting in me the seeds of my spiritual inheritance and making sure that a relationship with God was the most important thing in my life.


To my parents J.B. and Toni Brown who nurtured me, encouraged me, and pushed me to always shoot beyond the stars, and to be a man of honor, integrity, purpose, and respect.


To my wife Brandy Danielle Brown for her support, love, and prayers continually in all of my various ministry endeavors.


To my children (Raquan, Brandon, Jeremiah, Kristin, and Tyler) who are a constant reminder of God’s blessings.  It is a privilege to be your father and I pray that my life is a continual example of what it means to live, and walk by faith.


To the members of First Baptist Church of Chesterbrook it is a privilege being your Pastor and I pray that even as you read this book it will increase your faith day by day.
















This book is an outpour of all that God has placed in my heart and spirit.  That the words that the Lord has spoken to me to encourage me, push me, convict me, correct me, equip me, and show forth His great love to me might do the same for you.  The body of Christ has been missing the prophetic call in this modern age of society.  We have been enthralled with tickling sermons, and ministry that gives us a good time, yet does not transform our lives and move us into the unique calling that God has for our life that we might join Him in the work of His will.  It is through this book “The Thoughts and Reflections of a Prophet” that you will hear the prophetic voice of God telling you to get up, and walk out the will that God has for your life.


 “Becoming the Extraordinary” Day 1



Scriptural reference: 2 Tim. 2:15 (Please add to this document)


Becoming the extraordinary is about walking, and working out the process that God has you in to mature you in your relationship with Him, and to bring you closer to obtaining the destiny and call He has for you.  


To be extraordinary is to be more then ordinary, it is to be highly unusual, remarkable, and a standard above others.  We as believers are called not to be ordinary in our lives, but to be more then what the world says we can be.  God has called us to greater then what we are right now, and the way to become the extraordinary is to allow the Word of God to have its rightful place in our lives by dwelling in us richly, in order that we may be able to use it properly in aiding us to fulfill the will of God for our lives.  So as we continue to align ourselves with and work out God’s will, ask yourself have I positioned the Word of God in its rightful place in my life that I may become the extraordinary.  So as we walk together let us rekindle the flame for the Lord and become sacrificial servants for His glory.



Automatic Flush

Just a few weeks ago I was on a road trip with the children, and we had stopped at a rest stop in Carolina to stretch our legs, eat lunch, and of course change diapers and for Jeremiah use the potty.  As we went to the family specific restroom which is a private restroom for adults with small children (Thank you Jesus) the scene went a little like this and God gave me this word that I am sharing with you now.  "Buddy have you finished yet?"  "Not yet Daddy” A few moments later I say, "Hey Buddy" "no mess yet Daddy."  Then after a few more minutes I hear "Daddy I'm finished!"   I say to Jeremiah "Ok pull up your underwear and pants so we can get back on the road” But, there's a problem, Jeremiah says "Daddy!  I can't flush the potty it's broken"  "What? I say."  Jeremiah says "Daddy the potty is broke it won't flush"  So I come into take a look an notice it is one of the auto flushers and say to Jeremiah "Buddy this is a different kind.  When you walk away it flushes automatically!"  So of course it became a game for a minute over this auto flush (lol) but God spoke to me in this moment about how He cleans up a mess.


Whether you sing in the choir , usher, serve as Deacon, Trustee, Pastor, or just a good ole tambourine playing saint, we must agree we all make a mess of things from time to time.   There are people that have made a mess of forgiveness and ended up in hatred, some of us have made a mess of relationships and ended up with children born out of wedlock, others have made a mess of money and ended up working every day and still broke with nothing to show for it. Here is the redemptive newsflash for you today.   When you stop trying to deal with your own mess and realize that it takes a God in heaven to help you with it, heal you from it and deliver you from it you are going to rejoice in the fact God knows how to deal with human mess and with Him it flushes automatically.


As John writes to believers that are in the midst of a mess he makes it clear that God knows how to deal with any human mess that can come His way.  Here's how the scripture reads, "If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness" (1 John 1:9, KJV).  Get this in your spirit, if you try to deal with your own mess you will always end up with a bigger mess.  But, if you give all that you have messed up to God He knows how to flush it. 


First of all you have to be honest about your mistakes. Do you know what makes a messy person messy?  It's not just the fact that they are in your business.  But, it is the fact that they will take the time to deal with your mess and refuse to take the time to deal with their own.  This is a footnote for all of the messy people; you have enough mess and mistakes to keep you busy the rest of your life so leave my mess alone.  Or as the Williams Brothers say sweep around your own front door before you sweep around mine.  In other words, confession happens when you see what you did the way God see's what you have done.  Okay, I can hear you thinking.  Why do I need to confess it if God saw it and I know that I did it?  Because God wants you to get well.  Don't miss this; the private root of confession will give you the public fruit of healing and blessing.  You can't have the fruit until you've got some roots.  If you want God to flush it you must confess it. 


Secondly, you have to be earnest with your maker.  Hear this, God is faithful!  He is not going to let you down.  You can depend on Him because He is dependable.  In short, it means that God is both firm and fair.  But, here's what's deep.  It is a figure of speech that suggest a this for that.  It is a figure that means that when you do your part, God is without a doubt going to do His.  Here's the solution to the equation of receiving all that God has for us.  If you tithe, the windows of heaven will open (Mal. 3:10-14), if you pray, God will answer (Matthew 7:7), if you believe, miracles will happen (Acts 16:31) and If you shout, the walls will fall (Joshua 6:13-16).  More than that, when you confess God will forgive and you will discover that even when you were not faithful to God, He will be faithful to you.


Lastly be open about your miracle.  Some people say that "God will not bless a mess."  But, that is not totally true.  If everything that you have ever done to others came back on you none of us would not be here at all.  People often go around looking for miracles but miss the miracle that is looking at them in the mirror. Forgiveness is to release someone from custody.  It means God has let you off of the hook!  It means you are forgiven!  Wait; take a moment to think about all of your mess.  I mean mess from back in the day, and the mess from today.  I mean mess that you are ashamed to talk about.  Now imagine this, the Lord flushed it!  Even though you had no answer for your mess your Master did!


Jeremiah after using the pot now needs to wash his hands at the sink.  He discovers another problem.  He cannot get the water to come on.  But, I had some good news for him.  I say, "Buddy the way you get clean over here is to simply wave your hand."  Can I ask you a question right quick?  Has the Lord ever flushed any of your mess before?  Has He ever caught you in a mess but refused to give up on you?  Have you ever been in a place where you knew better, but did not do better and the Lord looked beyond your faults to see your needs?  If so, you ought to wave your hand right where you are to tell Him thank you for cleaning me and healing me like only God can do, so your hands can be clean to serve the Lord with gladness and continue on this journey of faith with God.



Coming Out On Top

Romans 8:37

Is such an encouragement unto us as believers.  It is a reminder that no matter what, we come out on top.  There is something that God has revealed to me in looking at and meditating on this passage of scripture, and it is this, that our conquering is a direct result of our ability to be prepared for those things which try to separate us.  


As believers we must realize that we come under attack every day in some way.  Some of us try to run and hide, and hope that by quoting scripture we will be victorious, or conquer what is attacking us.  The power of the Word is not just in speaking it, but in applying to the life that is actually speaking it.  Think of how many times we quote this scripture, but at times have still been defeated even though we have claimed to be more then conquerors.  This is a result of us not being properly prepared for the battles that we face and our unbelief in God's promises.  When we aren't prepared, we are the conquered and not the conqueror. If we are going to be more then Conquerors there are some things we must do.


The first is we must be in Him, in other words our relationship and power must come through the LORD and His Spirit, and not ourselves.  We also must allow the LORD to equip us through the teaching of His Word (which is really following the example of Jesus).  The LORD has not promised to hide us from stuff, but He has promised to protect us from the attacks of the enemy (the Devil).  How the LORD protects us, is by equipping us for the battles that we will face before we even see the battle coming.  We become more then Conquerors when we allow the LORD to train us in the times of peace (when your day starts, during your quiet times of worship, study, meditation, and prayer), but too many times we look to be equipped when the war is already raging and then wonder why we are being defeated, it is because we aren't allowing ourselves to be prepared at the proper time. 


The closer we draw to God the more attentive we are to His Spirit, and His Word.  The more attentive we are the more prepared we are to operate and walk in faith.  When we walk in faith, and are fully armored as the Word declares in Ephesians 6, we are able to then be the Conqueror that has been promised unto us.  When you are more than a Conqueror, it means that you are over or on top of the thing that tried to defeat you, like a young David standing on top of a defeated headless Goliath, he put the attack under his feet which means it was fully subdued unto his authority.  When we walk in the power of God through allowing Him to prepare, and train us we can then begin to be above those issues that attack us, we subdue it to the point that it becomes a stepping stone to our next blessing and breakthrough.  So on today seek to be a conqueror and allow the LORD to train you so that you can subdue your enemies and be a step closer to your blessing and breakthrough.











Access Granted Day 4


In Mark 4:34 we see that as a disciple/follower of Jesus Christ, you are granted access that many others are not.  Jesus when He would speak to those who were not His had to speak in terms that they could understand thus He used parables.  When He would get alone with His disciples (those chosen to follow Jesus to be trained in the ministry of an apostle which means one sent with a message), His conversation would be different, and much more revealing.


As disciples we are privileged to hear from God directly without the means of stories to get us to a place of receiving Him and His Word.  When we walk with God, God just reveals Himself, or makes Himself known to us, it is a direct correlation of how close we are in relationship to Him.  It is just like two friends who are tight, and they are able to know the other so well that they don't have to explain themselves with many words.  This is how our relationship with God ought to be, that God can communicate with us without always having to use many words just to get us to see and understand what He is saying unto us.  The only way this can happen is if we are doing like the disciples and making sure that we are staying close to Jesus daily.


The more time we spend with Jesus the easier it is to understand how He communicates, and how He operates.  Remember because you are saved (chosen of God) you are privileged to know all things pertaining to the Kingdom of God.  Are you taking advantage of your privileged information?









Can You Hear Me? Day 5


In Mark the 4th chapter Jesus is speaking to the disciples about taking heed to what they hear, and what happens when we don't hold ourselves accountable to what we hear the LORD speaking to us.


To hear means to be able to receive communication from someone, which in turn produces a result in the one, communicated to.  Now this is important because the LORD speaks and reveals Himself to us based on our ability to hear Him, or receive communication from Him, which should cause a response in us to do and live out that which we heard.  Why this is important is because the more that we show ourselves faithful over what we have heard from the LORD, the more He is willing to speak to us.  


God's willingness to speak and reveal Himself to us, is all based on our willingness to receive His communication, and to then respond or act on that which He has spoken to us through His Spirit that lives in us.  As we walk in what we hear and are accountable to it, God says since I can trust you with that, let me now share this, and the more we take heed, or are alert to what He says, the more He will communicate with us, which in turn grows our faith, and the more our faith grows, the stronger we become in God, and the stronger we become in God, the more God uses us to His glory, and the more God used us to His Glory, the more lives are changed through the message of the Gospel and Kingdom that God has put in you, because you are hearing/ receiving His communication.  


Now that is the positive side of it, the negative side is this, if we don't hear, what we did have we begin to lose (verse 25).  So as we look at our lives some of our struggles could be a direct result of our not hearing what the LORD is saying unto us.  But there is good news, all you have to do is repent of your lack of hearing and commit yourself to hearing from the LORD through Jesus and watch how your situations, circumstances, and impact for the Kingdom changes.  Have a blessed and prosperous day in the LORD and open your ears to hear what the Spirit is saying unto the Church.


Seed Day 6


I wanted to remind you on today that God has invested in you.  The thing that He has invested in us is His seed.  Now seed in a natural sense is the part of a plant that can make another plant, that when planted in the ground it will eventually open up and sprout into another plant.  In a spiritual sense it is almost the same thing.  Seed when you look at it spiritually is a source that brings about inspiration and manifestation at a later time.


Now God has given each of us seed, which comes to us by way of His Word.  When we receive the Word it inspires us to be more like God, and Manifests God in us as well as supplies us with seed ourselves to give to others.  Each of us has some type of seed in our hand that is based on what the LORD has spoken into us, blessed into us, breathed into us, as well as put in us the moment we were created.  Our seeds are also developed through what we experience in God as well.  Now knowing that you have seed is great, but you must understand that the seed you have isn't for you, as a seed is used to develop fruit, and once the fruit is developed you can take of the fruit, plant it and a tree sprouts.  What this says is that if you have the manifestation of the specific seed in your life (that is manifested in the fruit of your character), then it qualifies you to pass on the seed to someone else, in order that the LORD may go to work in another person life.  So on today as you look at your life and the character that God has developed in you that is like Him, ask yourself am I planting the seed, throwing away the seed, or holding onto the seed?  I pray that we all are planting the seeds of His Kingdom, Power, Grace, Mercy, and Love.  That others may enjoy the riches of a relationship with the LORD.  Have a blessed and prosperous day in the LORD. 


When you have opportunity read Matthew 13, and ask yourself where is the seed of God's Word sitting in my life, and what type of harvest is the Word yielding?




Praise Him Day 7


The Lord is great and greatly to be praised!!! Just thought I would share that with you today, as we must understand that praise is more than just a celebration but it is a weapon that can be used to change the outlook of our day, as the Word reminds us that the LORD inhabits the praises of His people.  So just for a little bit why don't you stop what you are doing and take a minute to give God some praise, cause in spite of what we may be going through He is still worthy of our Praise.


You know I was going to write something else today, but I just felt a shift in my spirit, so I will go with the shift.  Praise ladies and gentlemen is a praise that we offer unto God because of the things He has done, and it isn't just limited to what He has done for us.  It deals with any and everything that God has done from waking you up, to keeping the universe together, to the air we breathe, to the miracle of life, from a cool breeze on a sunny day, to the work of His hand in our lives, to others lives, Praise is my ability to recognize that no matter what God did it, and I am grateful for His doing it even if I can't fully understand it our trace it.


Praise can manifest itself in a number of ways, I can praise Him with a dance, a shout, prayer, the lifting of my hands, the clapping of my hands, the slow tears that fall from my eyes, rolling on the floor, hollering (that is therapy for your soul) known as a shabac,  a hand wave (cause sometimes He is so good that words can't express and I just got to wave a hand), leaping, shaking yourself, running (and being on the Holy Ghost Sprint and Distance team), and just letting yourself go in all the good things you have recognized Him to do.


Praise comes hard when we don't recognize that it was God that did it.  If we recognize that God truly is the creator of Heaven and Earth and that He was in the beginning (Genesis 1:1)  then it is easy to recognize that all praise belongs to God, cause anything we have and are able to enjoy is because God did it, and that is enough to praise God for.  I don't know about you, but I feel like David when He encouraged Himself in the Lord, I believe David just started reflecting on all that God had done and started praising and in him praising the LORD it caused God to be bigger than his problems, situations, trials, tribulations, worries, set-backs, shortcomings, and mess-ups, and caused him to see what God saw when He put His hand on David's life.  Today you may be saying I need victory in an area well one thing I will tell you is this if you want victory begin to do like this and make this declaration for your life:


I will bless the Lord at All times (have something good to say about the God I love), and His praise shall continually be in my mouth (that is a promise made to God of what you will do which is to be thankful to what He has done and it will be found in your mouth the instrument that speaks life and death according to proverbs).  My soul shall make her boast in the Lord (recognize anything we have is because God did it).  Oh magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt His name together.



















Give it Up Day 8


Today when you have take a moment to be with the LORD pray, meditate, and study Romans 12:1.  To some this is a familiar scripture that is often quoted, yet seldom lived out.  It is a reminder unto to us of our responsibility to God each and every day.    That we are to come before the LORD presenting ourselves as a sacrifice.  A sacrifice is an offering that is provided as an act of Worship.  What this means is that daily we as believers are to be giving up something that matters unto us to God.  Notice in the Old Testament that any time a sacrifice was given it was something that was of importance to the one who gave the offering, whether it was the first of their harvest, or their best calf, they brought their best to God, to show their loyalty, reverence, honor, and Love for the LORD who had continually been keeping His hand upon them by bringing them out of bondage, and being faithful to all that He had promised.


Now since today we don't have animals to offer up the question must be what are we offering unto God when we present ourselves to Him daily as a sacrifice, which is our reasonable act of Worship (in other words this makes perfect sense)? 


Do you offer your attitude, your time, money, resources, creativity, talents, gifting, abilities, or are you like a Cain of the bible and just giving God anything and not what He really desires of you.  If we really want to see God move in our lives and truly be empowered by His Spirit it is going to come through the result of what we are sacrificing of ourselves unto Him.  So as you walk with God today ask yourself, what have I offered unto God on today, and is it the thing that will cause His presence to dwell in the places where I am dwelling, as we must remember that according to John 4:24 The Lord seeks out those who will WORSHIP Him in Spirit and in truth, but Worship begins with what you bring to Sacrifice unto God.





With all of my Might Day 9


Hebrews 4:11-16.  It reveals so much about our responsibility to God, and what He in turn does on our behalf.  The first thing is you must realize that being in relationship with God should bring you into rest.  The reason this is, is because once you have salvation you don't need to work to maintain and to receive more of it.  Our responsibility is to rest in the work that the LORD has done in our lives through saving us, then allow His Word to bring us into life, as the Word declares that He is quick (which means living) so when we engage the Word we are coming into contact with life.  So we must ask ourselves is the present condition or state I am in, is it a result of the life giving power of Jesus, or my lack of fellowship with the Word that brings life?  If it is the latter then all you need to do is dedicate yourself to spending time with the life giving Word. 


By spending time in fellowship with the Word it empowers me to hold fast to my confession/profession(if you read King James), that confession/profession is that you are a part of a Royal Priesthood, a chosen generation, that no matter what the circumstances or situations of life will lift up the name of LORD and His Kingdom.  To hold fast means that I am clinging to God with all my might and have put my full trust in Him and the plans He has for my life.


Our ability to hold fast allows us to cry out to God and receive the help we need in the time of trouble.  I don't know what some of us may be going through during this season of life, but I want to encourage you to hold on to what you have declared you believe and know that God will supply His mercy (His compassion on those who suffer), and His grace (His favor that gives you the power to walk with His power and ability).  The catch is He will supply it to you if you can come to Him boldly with the things that cause you to struggle, and fall short of your confession/profession.  To come boldly means to come to God without shame cause you understand how much He cares for you, and that by you sharing with Him, He will supply you with what is needed to be healed, delivered, empowered, saved, and equipped for the priesthood He has called you to which is an agent of His Kingdom

The Spirit at Work Day 10


The greatest work of the Spirit in the life of the believer is not gifts (though the gifts of the Spirit are important as this is what brings people into an encounter with God), but the joining of the believer to God, bringing forth the fruit of the Spirit, and bringing us into unity with one another as believers.  The Spirit also works in and on us to get us to execute and fulfill the will of God for our lives.


He is a helper whose main function in our lives is to get us to manifest in our lives the glory of God, and to illuminate the teachings of Jesus in us, so that we can be walking as the Royal Priesthood that we are.  The Spirit does this through a multitude of ways, and these are a number of ways that He manifests Himself in us, so we can be confident in God, and the Power of His Spirit, and fulfill the will of God for our lives.


He confirms our salvation as evidenced in Romans 8:16, 1john 3:24 and 4:13

He gives life according to Romans 8:5-11, Brings and gives Joy Acts 13:52, Gives us hope Romans 15:13, liberates us or frees us Romans 8:1-2, gives us the power to overcome sin Romans 8:9-11, Galatians 5:16, He is the seal of God on our lives Ephesians 1:13-14, He is the one who speaks through us Matthew 10:19-20, He teaches us and makes known to us the things of God and His Kingdom Luke 12:12, John 14:26, 1Corinth 2:13, He comforts us John 14:16, He brings unto us and reveals to us the Testimony of Jesus Christ John 15:26, 1John 5:6, He convicts us of sin that we may get back in line with the will of God John 16:7-8, He is our guide into the paths and things of God John 16:13, Rom. 8:14, He is the one who supplies us the power to witness Acts 1:8, Gifts to win the lost and empower the saved 1Corinth. 12, He loves through us Romans 5:5, Produces Fruit in us Galatians 5:22-23, He aids us in prayer Romans 8:26-27, He aids us in worship Eph. 5:18-19; Phil. 3:3; Jn 4:24, He edifies our spirit man Jude 18-20, Unites the body of Jesus Christ Eph. 4:3-4; Phil. 2:1-2, He strengthens and encourages us for the work of ministry and life Acts 9:31.


These are the works that He does in us, and through us, so as we look at our lives and our effectiveness for the Kingdom we must ask ourselves are we really giving way to the Spirit's work in us, or are we trying to do the work of the Kingdom through ourselves.  Remember the Word of God says not by might nor by power but by My Spirit, sayeth the LORD.  So as you walk with God through the day ask yourself who is running the show me, or Your Spirit


Truth to Power Day 11


As believers we have a responsibility to number one be in search of the truth.  Truth is a fact that has been verified or confirmed.  We are responsible to be sharing the facts/truth of God.  What makes this so important is what is produced from truth.  Truth when it is shared and given properly as God has instructed and as we see evidenced through the life of Jesus produces miracles or signs and wonders for those that don't believe, in order that they may have the opportunity to receive and believe in the LORD.


Notice in John the 3rd chapter the second verse what truth to power does.  Because Jesus/the Word was teaching truth it caused one of the religious leaders to inquire because he had seen and heard of the miracles that Jesus had performed through His ministry of the truth about God and His Kingdom.  What this one verse lifts up to us who walk with God is to show that we first have an obligation to know the truth, and once we know the truth we must share the truth that God has revealed unto us.  When we share the truth we will see the manifestation of God's power that those who don't know God may have opportunity to receive and enter into the Kingdom of God.  So if you are wondering where the power of God and His Spirit, are ask yourself this:  Am I seeking, walking in, teaching, and operating in Truth?  If the answer is yes then look and give God the glory for Him manifesting His power in, through, and around you.





Bearing Fruit Day 12


Take the time to read all of John 15 as it is such a blessing in what Jesus speaks into the lives of those who are following Him in this passage of scripture, and the liberation, empowerment, equipping, and encouragement it should bring to our lives.


What I wanted to focus on today was in the 16th verse the Lord speaks to His disciples and tells them that He has ordained them to go and bear fruit.  To be ordained is the key to this verse.  Ordained means to be appointed to a position of functionality and manifestation of the Glory of God.  It is a choosing that God declares upon those that are His and is not something to be taken lightly.  Each of us who follow God are Ordained to an extent if He has chosen you to walk with Him.  The question we must ask ourselves is am I living up to the Ordination of God upon my life?  Since you have been ordained to bear fruit, what have you done?  Can individuals see that God has chosen you to bear fruit? Or are you just excited that you at times can operate in a gift that comes without repentance?  Know that it is the fruit of God's Spirit that wins souls, that separates us from the world, and opens doors for God to make an impact in the places that He has placed us to be effective for His Kingdom.


Because God has chosen you, let's you know that He will give you everything you need to be successful in fulfilling the appointment, all we have to do is make sure we are connected and in fellowship with the LORD through Jesus Christ (the Word Anointed).  As we do this we begin to bear/produce in our lives fruit that those who come into contact with us can eat from and have opportunity to come into contact with God and His Kingdom.  You may ask well what does that fruit look like?  The answer is found in Galatians 5:22-25.  This is why the Lord has appointed us, that we may look, act, and walk as the LORD here on earth.  So as you walk in this day, know that God has chosen you to be on assignment in bearing the fruit of His Spirit and Character.




Revival of Purpose Day 13


In the passage of scripture that many like to quote (Jeremiah 18:1-6) because of the imagery and symbolism of the potter and clay we see that the LORD is addressing those who have turned away from Him.  We turn away from God when we don't fully identify our purpose.  Purpose is the designed intention that something is done or is created.


Each of us has a purpose or an intention for being who we are.  The only way we can discover our purpose is to be in contact with the originator of that purpose and that is the LORD.  Since the beginning of time the LORD has had and has a purpose for our life, the difficulty is being able to find and walk in that purpose.   I believe that at this time God is calling for a revival of purpose in the life of all of those that He has called to walk with Him.  To revive means to bring back to life, or to recharge.  Which means that God in this dispensation is trying to bring back to life our purpose, or recharge us so we may walk in the purpose that we know, but are not fulfilling (I pray that you are even seeking God about your purpose as you read this). 


God in this text is challenging us to allow Him to rework, remold, and reshape us into His original intention/purpose.  If we are going to have a revival of purpose, we must first allow the Word of the Lord to come unto us and receive it, secondly we must recognize that we are a vessel to be used unto His glory, and He has the final say when it comes to what we do, and who we become.  Thirdly we must find ourselves in the right hands, when we are in God's hands great things happen and the favor of God rests on us.  Lastly allow God to determine the content that goes into the vessel that He has made and fulfill the purpose that He has revived in you.







A Good Gift Day 14


Gifts are a very interesting thing to look at and study, because they tell you so much.  Gifts are given out of an individual’s love, and care for another individual.  It is usually also given in order to enhance, or bring enjoyment to an individual’s life as well.  Now good gifts are the kind that are given and it is what you needed, and accents who you are as an individual.  When we get a good gift, we like to show it off, as well as do all we can to take good care of it, as that lets the person who gave the gift, know how much we appreciate it.


As you look at the gift that God has given you in the gift of the Holy Spirit, I want you to ask yourself, what have I been doing with the gift?  Some may ask well I have the gift, but I really don't know what it is for.  Well the gift of the Holy Spirit is first God living in you.  This gift gives you access to the Father, is the seal of God's purchase of your life, is the one who bears and produces the fruit of the Spirit in your life in order that you can give witness to the glory and kingdom of God, This gift also makes known unto us the things of God when we study the scriptures, evangelize the lost, teach, preach, minister, and walk in our daily lives.  This gift is a gift that keeps on giving as the Spirit keeps us continually connected to the Vine which is Jesus Christ, in order that the anointing and power of God can flow in and through our lives.


Now that you know a little about this gift ask yourself what are you doing with the gift?  Can the LORD see how much you appreciate the gift by your yielding to the power of the Spirit, allowing the Spirit to convict you and correct you when you are wrong, allowing the Spirit to speak into you and fill you so you can be spiritually prosperous in God?  Because all of these things are ways in which we can show God how grateful we are to have the gift.  Or do you hide the gift so that individuals don't see it?  On this day I pray that we all become proud of the greatest gift God has given us to be spiritually prosperous and that is the gift of His Holy Spirit.



Manifested Glory Day 15

John 2:11

Signs and wonders that are performed by the LORD are to bring individuals into contact with God's supreme reign and authority, or glory as we call it.  It is also the means by which God shows Himself to those who don't believe, or are growing in faith.  Cause notice His disciples believed in Him, because of what they saw Him do and perform through signs and wonders. 


The only way we will ever come into contact with the manifest glory of God is if we are making every effort to walk with Him daily.  Because if the disciples weren't close to the Lord, they would have missed their moment of increase.  Ask yourself today have you been doing all that is necessary to walk with the Lord, in order that He may do things in your life to show and manifest His glory in your life?  Because it is not until the glory is manifested in us, that we will be able to be an agent that declares the glory of the Lord in our places of life, ministry, and witness.  So on this day do what you must to be seeking after the face of God, and walking with the Lord that He may manifest His glory in your life.









Greater is Coming Day 16


Today I wanted to take time to share with you that greater is on the way.  Greater faith, greater anointing, greater witness, greater wisdom, understanding, love, peace, joy, worship, praise, and revelation is on the way to those of us who are walking with God. 


At the end of John the 1st chapter, we see Jesus calling His disciples to follow Him, many where brought to Jesus based on the witness of someone else (as it is our witness of the King that brings people into relationship with God and the Kingdom).  And we see Nathanael raise a question about Jesus, and how did Jesus know Him (look at verse 48) And Jesus response was He knew him before he came into contact with Phillip.  Isn't it good to know that the LORD is so mindful of us that He knows what will happen and who we will encounter before it even happens, and will always confirm your meetings with others.  So as you look at all the individuals who paths you have crossed in coming into contact with God, know that it was the LORD's way of setting you up in order that you may encounter Him, and receive His Kingdom and be blessed with greater.


Notice once Nathanael realized that he had encounter Jesus, he then gave Jesus the honor for who He is which is Rabbi (which means teacher), and King of God's chosen people.  Once this declaration of the Lordship of Jesus was declared in the life of Nathanael the LORD then spoke to him to say that because he (Nathanael) believed the Word of the LORD, he would see greater then what he had even seen in just that moment.  Our ability to receive the Word ultimately is the driving force in what the LORD will reveal to us, so as we look to receive the greater that is coming we must ask ourselves, what is it that I believe about the Word that God has spoken to me right now, and how will this push me into the greater that He desires to reveal, and lead me into?  So as you walk with God today, know that His desire for you is to reveal greater unto you, in order that we may walk in the fullness of God and make an impact for the Kingdom.




Unity Day 17

We as believers have a charge to do all we can to keep the unity of the body of Christ.  As the Devil seeks to divide us through things like doctrine, lifting up denomination more than lifting up Jesus, the Holy Spirit and how He operates in our life, what makes a person more spiritual, and the twisting of truth, we must be doing all that is necessary to keep one another covered, encouraged, and equipped to walk in the full measure of their call and purpose. 


If we are going to be the agents of unity in our respective places of service (the place God has called you to), there are some things we must do continually.  One is we must find opportunities to praise and rejoice in the Lord, as God inhabits the praises of His people, and where the presence is, God's power, instruction, anointing, word, and truth can be manifested, which are the things that will break up discord, and bring unity.


We must live our lives in a posture of prayer, as we are constantly in prayer we are constantly in contact with God, and the channel to receive from the Lord is always open when we are in the posture/position to pray.  As we pray we should lose our anxiety just as Paul talks about in Philippians 4:6, as prayer takes away my anxieties about my own needs, because making contact with Him, puts me into contact with that which He has promised me, so why need I be anxious for anything, if God has already promised me and shown me the outcome through His word as it pertains to my life?  This gives me opportunity to pray more about and war against those things which are trying to destroy the people of God.  So prayerfully on today you will look at those who you come into contact with and seek God on how you might pray for them, as well as how you might pray for the places, households, communities, and bodies of Christ to where you serve and worship, and ask God the question how might I be an agent to bring about the unity of the body and Spirit?





Be Positive Day 18


Positive minds produce positive lives, while negative minds produce negative lives.  The centurion in this passage, was able to receive from the Lord, because of what he believed God for (he had a positive mind set in regards to the ability of Jesus Christ).  Positive thoughts are always full of our faith and hope in God to do that which He has promised us.  Any time that we find ourselves lacking a positive outlook on our trials, tribulations, situations, and circumstances; it must mean that our faith needs a boost, or we have not received the promise of God unto us.


We as believers must learn to think and speak in accordance with God's will and plan for our life, as this is what keeps our joy full, keeps us positive, keeps us empowered, and keeps us in a position of expectation in order that we can receive all that God wants to deposit into our lives.


Make sure that daily you are asking the Spirit of God to convict you each time you feel a spirit of negativity coming upon you, and when that conviction comes ask the Lord to help you, by revealing His promise to you, and make His will plain for you.


The more positive we become through the growing of our faith, the more we will be able to flow in the will and power of God.  So as you walk through this day look for the good even in the bad and most importantly cling to the testimony of our God.










He Prayed for Me Day 19

John 17

It is good to know that not only did Jesus teach us how to pray (Matthew 6), but more importantly He prays/intercedes for us and on our behalf.  Because He prays/intercedes for us it is a reminder to us how important and precious we are to Him.  It is a sound reminder to the believer that He isn't a dictator that just wants to use us up, but He yearns to have relationship with us, and desires to be heavily involved in every aspect of our lives, and is concerned about those things which concern us and affect us, and can draw us closer or draw us away from His loving presence and power.  Look at what Christ pleads, prays/intercedes for when it comes to us in John 17.


1) That we would know Him (His desire for intimacy with us)

2) That He would be fully revealed to us who believe

3) That we would receive and keep that which He has given and entrusted to us.

4) That we would be kept/safe and live in harmony

5) That His joy and our joy would agree and be the same

6) For protection from the attacks of the enemy

7) That our fellowship with Him and the Word/Jesus would keep us separated from the world, and prepared for service as an ambassador of the Kingdom of God.

8) That our witness would be strong and draw others to the LORD

9) That He might be revealed through us, through our actions, the manifestation of Himself in and through us, and mainly just the way we live our lives.

10) To have what He has and to be where He is.

It is interesting that Jesus prayed about 10 things in His prayer, and that the number 10 is just like the number three in biblical matters as those two numbers represent divine perfection.  Always remember that Jesus’ desire is to perfect us into the person we were created to be.


It is through constantly being reminded of these things that God is able to have entrance into manifesting Himself and His character in our lives.  The result of prayer is that God's glory may be revealed in all that He is.  Thank you Lord Jesus that our lives and our salvation is a direct result of your praying for us.


Guard your Heart Day 20


One of the areas that the devil will try to attack and get at is your heart.  The reason for this is because your heart is the place that keeps us sustained, as well as it is the epicenter of life flowing through our bodies.  This is why Jesus looks to dwell in our hearts, because if He has our heart, He has all of us. 


The heart is also the place to where your affections and desires dwell.  Whoever or whatever has the affection or desire of your heart has you and if it does it can control, and manipulate you into whatever, and wherever it wants to take you.  How you know where your heart is, is indicated in what you are drawn to the most, as well as what you talk about most, as out of the abundance of your heart does the mouth speak, what is the thing that tugs at you, that you can't let go of, is it God? Is it something else, or someone? 


In order to guard our hearts we must be in consistent fellowship with Jesus/The Word made flesh.  We must be in prayer about the things that tug at us and lay them before the Lord that He may show us how to deal with them properly.  You must acknowledge that you have an affection/desire for something else and be willing to allow the Spirit to examine and correct that thing.  Have fellowship with other believers who will guard and intercede for you in that area. Who will speak life into you and guard your heart when you cannot.  And lastly put on the full armor of God, as we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against Principalities, and powers, and rulers in dark places.  So as you continue to walk with God, make sure you are guarding the most important part of you your heart.





Success Principles Day 21

Psalm 1:1-3

Success is something everybody desires, and everybody has their way of how they think it can be obtained.  We will go at great lengths to be successful like put in long hours at the gym, the library, networking, studying, and seeking after the next degree that will make us more marketable.  The world tells us that success is defined by what you have, but the Word of God lets us know that success is more about who you are, and who you have then what you have.


The Psalmist David shares with us the true principles that lead to success in the Kingdom.  David in this Psalm of reflection tells us that to be successful in God you must first watch the company that you keep.  David understood and so should we that positive people push you into positive things and thinking, while negative people push you into negative things and thinking.  David also understood that we are and should have a good time in the Lord.  God desires that we have a good time with Him.  This good time is found as we worship, serve, and praise God. 


Lastly to have Kingdom success you must stay connected.  To stay connected to God means that I am not just satisfied with having a relationship with God but I want to have continual fellowship with God.  Relationship in this sense means that I know God, and He knows me, which truthfully is a beginning stage of our salvivic experience.  We all should be daily growing to fellowship which means to spend time and gather with regularly.  The power of God moving in our lives is equal to the amount of time spent in fellowship with God.  It is like a tree that has dug its roots deep in the ground; it has a consistent supply that it might reach up to the heavens and be a nesting place.  As you walk through this day have success as you watch your company, delight in God, and stay connected deeping your fellowship with the Master.





Breaking the Barrier Day 22

Joshua 6:1-5, 10-18


Barriers are structures that prevent and inhibit free movement.  Barriers have many manifestations in our lives.  We have physical barriers, emotional barriers, spiritual barriers, financial barriers, personal barriers, relational barriers, educational barriers, racial barriers, and socio-economic barriers.  No matter what kind of barrier an individual has it keeps them from being free.  Truth is some of us have not been able to experience the fullness of God due to a barrier.  Just like we face barriers in our lives the children of Israel faced barriers as well, and God’s servant Joshua teaches how to overcome barriers that we might continue in our growth and Kingdom advancement.


In order to break the barriers in our lives we must first seek the guidance of the Lord and follow the plan of His Word for each barrier, as for every challenge we face in life God in His infinite wisdom has an answer and plan in His Word to see us through.  Once we have received the plan we must be obedient and put it into practice the way that God has laid it out for us.


In addition to following the plan we must silence the distractions of others opinions, as if I allow the opinions of people to shape my reality it can cause me to lack faith in the plan that God has revealed to me to break my barriers.  Always know that the murmuring and complaining of ignorant people can prolong the move of God in moving you through your barriers. 


Lastly the barriers of our lives are broken when we bring the presence of God with us.  The reason we must bring the presence of God with us, is because where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.  When we invoke the presence of God into our life we bring in the yoke destroyer, barrier breaker to destroy all things that inhibit us from enjoying and receiving the fullness of who He is.    So as you look at those things that are preventing your freedom in God this day seek God for a plan, silence your critics, and invoke the presence of God and watch the walls of your Jericho come crumbling down.

The Perfect Storm Day 23

Matthew 14:24-30


The Lord is always trying to get us to grow and to move from glory to glory in Him.  Inorder for us to move from glory to glory and spiritual maturity God must push us out of our comfort zones and stretch us so that He can mold us and shape us into His image and likeness.  Sometimes God does this by allowing us to go through storms.


The storms in our life come about so that God may teach us the following about Himself:  To get us to understand that God’s time, and our time aren’t the same.  It is in the storms of life that God teaches and develops our patience to wait on Him and to learn how to trust Him in the midst of adverse situations, knowing that He always shows up when we need Him.  The Lord also teaches us and displays the different ways that He can manifest Himself in our lives due to the different types of storms we go through.  The storm of sickness allows us to see the healer, the storm of lack allows us to see the provider, the storm of unbelief allows us to see His faithfulness.


The reason we sometimes don’t see these manifestations in the midst of our storms is because we expect God to show up in a certain way as opposed to allowing Him to do what is best for our development and growth in Him through what He allows us to go through.  Remember beloved that God is a very present help in the time of trouble as the Psalmist tell us in Psalm 46.  So when your storm comes look to God who is our ever present help that through the storm He may grow you and develop you for the next glory He has for you.








In the right place at the right time Day24

Luke 10:38-42


As I have grown in my walk with God I have noticed that God is a God of precise timing, as well as planning.  God is a great archtichet who is always able to devise and implement the best of plans to grow us and bring us into our unique call and purpose. 


The challenge that faces us daily is can we bring our lives into sync with God’s plan and will for our life.  As when we are in sync we will find ourselves in the right place at the right time to receive exactly what God has desired and designed for us.  Now before celebrating lets understand that there are some things that get us out of sync, and they are sin, flesh, selfish motives, pride, and lack of fellowship with God.


To be in the right place at the right time, I must do the following things.  I must stop and sit down, in other words be still and know that He is God.  My agenda can never be more important then God’s.  So each day I must take time to sit with the Master, and stop from pursuing my wants knowing that if I delight myself in the Lord, He will give me the desires of my heart.  The second thing is I need to do like Mary and position myself close Jesus so hearing Him is easy.  Our fellowship is paramount if we are going to receive clarity in what God says, and if we are going to flow in the power of His Spirit in joining God in the work of advancing the Kingdom.


Lastly to be in the right place at the right time we must submit ourselves to God’s authority and order.  Because God is like the archetichet He draws out the plan ahead of time, and then asks us to follow it.  God’s plan for us is found when we are sitting at His feet listening with an attentive ear, and heart.  Let’s do our best to sit, position, and submit and allow God to put us in the right place at the right time, as He is always on time.




Don’t lose that loving feeling Day 25

II Timothy 1:6-7


There are moments in our walk with God that we sometimes lose the feeling of excitement, happiness, passion, and zeal that we once had.  It can be a result of a number of things like complacency, lack of fellowship, routine, or sin.  When these things creep into our life it causes us to lose that loving feeling.  The good news is that even though we do have moments of losing that loving feeling we can regain it again.


Like Timothy in the text what brings us back to regaining that loving feeling is when we receive a reminder from those who love us, pray for us, and care about us.  A reminder is simply one of the things God uses to bring us back from something we have forgotten, or due to the fact that we have gone astray and found ourselves ensnared in sinful lifestyles.  God also uses reminders as a means to encourage us that we might do better, as the life of the believer is about striving to do better with each day that the Lord allows us to see.


To restore the loving feeling that comes through my relationship and fellowship with God I must make worship and praise a priority of my day.  God inhabits the praises of His people and wherever the presence of the Lord is there is fullness of joy or that loving feeling.  Another key component to restoring that loving feeling is to be in communication with God (prayer), as the more I communicate with God the deeper my intimacy with God is and thus comes that loving feeling.  Lastly to restore the loving feeling I must spend time in the Word of God.  It is the Word of God that shows me how much God loves and cares for me as the Word is God’s love letter to us, as we spend time identifying ourselves with the love of God we find the loving feeling coming back.


When the loving feeling is restored we see the results of it in our lives in the following ways:  We have power, we do every and all things in a spirit of love, we do things and live out of a sound mind in other words our thought life is disciplined thus our lives are disciplined and in line with the will of God.  So this day do as Paul instructed Timothy and stir up the gift of God so that you are always enjoying that loving feeling.

It’s your time Day 26

2 Timothy 4:5


The world is looking for a demonstration and proclamation of God’s power, and it is the responsibility of the body of Christ to be that display that the world is so in need of.  Inorder for this to occur the body of Christ (the church) must understand like Timothy that it is our time to launch out and fulfill our individual and collective ministry.  What has been stifling the church is that we are yet to realize it is our time is


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