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Location: East Emoville (where the happy ones live) :D, United Kingdom

Member Since: August 2008

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About me


Nickname: Sam, Sassy or Toes... You choose

BirthplaceWest Emoville where horribly depressed people live there lives away...

Current LocationEast Emoville where the happy ones live

Eye ColourGREY when sad BLUE when happy INBETWEENIE most of the time.

Hair Colour:  A nice medium blonde, not cali-girl, but not quite brown

Height: 5' 2 or 1 i think

Boyfriend?:  maybe....

Vehicle:  I ride a pony named buttercup to and from school in East emoville. It's quite pleasant. The breeze blows through the rainbow trees ever so nicely and I love how the purple grass ripples. SUUUUUUU Pretteh

Overused Phrase"ish", "OMG", "That was hilarious" and "i'm gonna go put on my skinny jeans and cut myself"(teasing XD)   "WTF", "But I wuuuuuuvs...", "RAWWWR!!!"

My style: I may look emo most of the time (i love lotsofcolor half the time too), but a common thing yelled at me is "Oh my gosh... is that emo playing ring around the rosy????!"

Personality: VERRRRYY HAPPY. I hate spelling, I love thesaruses, and will commonly spell stuff compleatly wrong LOLOLOL. im REALLY REALLY hyper, in 2 advanced classes in school....uhhhhhh I PROCRASTINATE. Sorry but I do.... I LOVE fluffy and colorfull things, and am VERY VIOLENT!!  I have a horrible temper, but i'm really nice unless i'm mad 8D.

AND I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBE TO RANT...and I lose track of stuff.....and forget lots! : )




Restaurant:  I likeeeeee..... Genji's (japanese grill)


Number: 3, 7, and 13 


AnimalCrocodile (NOT ALIGATORS DX), Snakes, Wolves, Dogs, and kittie-cats

Drink: POP!

Perfume: i like Coconut-Lime-Verbena,, Orange-Mango, and Sun-Ripened-Raspberry

TV ShowShippuden, Total Drama Island, Spongebob, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Naruto, DEATH NOTE ♥ , Inu Yasha, House MD, Monk,American idol, CSI

Song: Oh Jeez...

Almost (BFS), I Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison (MCR),There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey (PATD), Build God The We'll Talk (PATD),She Had The World (PATD),  Northern Downpour (PATD), Our Lady of Sorrows (MCR)To The End (MCR), Honey This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us (MCR)Hang 'Em High (MCR), Devil in A Midnight Mass (Billy Talent), Fallen leaves (Billy Talent), This Ain't a Scene It's a Goddamn Arms Race (FOB), Sugar We're Goin' Down Swingin' (FOB), Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (FOB), Disturbia (Rihanna), You Can't Stop the Beat(Hairspray), T.N.T.(ACDC), Hot'n'Cold(Katie Perry), The Tide (The Spill Canvas)

Music AlbumA Fever You can't Sweat Out(PATD),All MCR, Pretty Odd(PATD), Billy Tallent II, From Under the Cork Tree

MovieVan Helsing, Taledega Nights, 30 days of Night, The Grudge 1 and 2, Scary Movie4, My Girl, the Nightmare Before Christmas, The Dark Night, Howl's Moving Castle, and Spirited Away

Actor/Actress Johnny Depp♥ ,  Hugh Laurie, aaaaand James Marsters♥


This or That

Pepsi or Coke:  Depends on my mood, coke is crisper.

McDonalds or Burger King: BK, but mc D's for french fries

Chocolate or VanillaVanilla for icecream, chocloate for everyting else

Hot Chocolate or CoffeeMIXED!! *drool*

Kiss or HugHugs and kisses ♥  XO

Dog or Cat:  Dog!

Rap or Punk:  Rap for dancing.

Summer or Winter:  urgh. I love summer for warm, but I hate the sun (the reason i'm so pale) So i guess winter.

Scary Movies or Funny MoviesFunny. i still can't go downstairs in the dark, or even down the hall because the grudge will gets me TT__TT

Love or MoneyLove, definantly. (but some cash certainly is handy)



Bedtime:  9:30 to 11:30 on weekdays  11:30- 1:30 weekends

Most Missed Memory:  You can't miss a memory, because that would mean the memory would no longer be there, which means it's no longer a memory

Best physical featureTiny waist long hair, lovely eyes

Ever Kissed Opposite sex: on the cheek and hand

First Thought Waking Up: Another wonderful...*asleep*

Ambition:  I want to publish atleast one volume of manga

Best FriendsLydia T, Lydia L, Morgan T, Morgan P, Abby, Courtney, Ashtons,

Best friends on Booksie: .....*cries* i'm all alone...

Weakness:   semi-long hair, pretty eyes, CUTE BOYS >.<, cute Uke-faces.

FearsClowns, porcelein dolls, puppets, the grudge, lesbians, embarrassing stuff.

Longest relationship: ...3 weeks about.

Ever been beaten up:  Sorta.

Ever beaten someone upHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Many (but they deserved it, they were all bullying me FIRST)

Ever Shoplifted:  Hell NO.

Been Dumped Lately:  yes. and i'm still mad. VERY mad. Not sad...well maybe a bit. But mostly ANNNNGRY.


In A Guy

Favourite Eye Colourgreen/blue/grey

Favourite Hair ColourBlack or Dirty-Blonde or Dark Brown

Short or Longsemi long

Height:  just taller then me  TALLER dangit TALLLLERRERRRRRR

Style:  as long as he doesn't wear pink

Looks or Personalitynice, tall TALL very TALLL, NOT FROM CANADA thinish, doesn't SMELL, and not FAT

Hot or Cute:  ....... Either. It really doesn't matter.

Muscular or Really Skinny:  Not anorexic, not some freakish hulk. Not that picky from there.

Extra: He just needs to be willing to like ONLY me and he can't be on drugs DX


More random

What country do you want to VisitJapan, Italy, France, Germany, and Canada again, because the accents are adorable. But I hate the people

How do you want to Die:  Natural causes, I guess... But, most importantly, with the guy I love.

Mall Lately: ew, no.

Get along with your Parents: Sorta GET ALONG SCALE:(♥is u)     GREAT                 mid                 HORRIBLE

Health Freak: Hell no!

Do you think your Attractive:  Yes, i guess

Believe in Yourself:  HEEHEE. SURE

Want to go to CollegeWho doesn't?!

Been in deep crap:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. You are HILARIOUS.

Been in Love:  A little, not like "OMG I WANT TO HAVE UR BABBIEZ".

Do you Sing:  If you need some glass stuff broken, invite me to karaoke.

Want to get Married:  Yes

Do you want Children:  two...i think. I'M ONLY 13, GEEZ

Ever embarrassed yourself to get his attention: Errrrrrr.....sorta.

hate anyoneMany.

Least Favorite Colour: PINK


I'm just an artist, here to spread my love of writing as well as drawing 8D


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