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Hi! Thanks for viewing my Booksie profile.

About me: I'm a 13 year old girl who lives in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I was seaching for a site where I could share my poems ect. And I found Booksie! Yay Booksie! Hahaha... I love to laugh and have crazy and fun times! Me and my friends always play around. If you really must know... My school is SMK Lok Yuk Likas. Tell me if you are in my school. :)

Hoobies: Laugh, reading(duh), writing(double duh!), laugh, play the piano, singing, dancing, laugh, reading manga, watching anime, having fun!, laugh, drawing, playing games, surfing the internet, laugh, meeting new friends, chatting and laughing out loud!(lol).

Likes: How many times am I going to say this? I like to laugh! XD Oh, and I like to type >>>XD<<<. I like the color purple and violet. Hence my user name. I love anime and manga. I love to eat chocolate and cheese! Mostly milk chocolate that doesn't have nuts in them and melted cheese. Fondue anyone? ^_^ I love my family and friends. I love my computer! Almost half of my love belongs to my computer! XD I love nature. I love flowers mostly lavenders and lilacs. Wonder why? XD I love cute things! They are just CUTE!!! I just want to pinch them you know? XD I love and like mostly everything and everyone except those that I hate. Lol.

Hates: Bad people, annoying people, those people who think they are the only important thing in the world, smoke!(I hate the smell of smoke! Fortunately none of my family members smoke), people who kill animals for fun(I mean who in the right mind will do that?!), people who just can't leave me alone(XD), bossy people(except those who boss people at a good cause), the people who say bad things behind other people's backs(but if you are talking about me I probably won't do anything to you...yet. *evil laugh*), I really hate it when my handphone doesn't have anymore credit(When that happens my friends sms me and I had to telephone them using home phone just to say 'No credit, sorry.'), eating the things I hate to eat(mushroom, onion, pig(my zodiac sign is a pig you know. XD), pineapple, most of the vegetables). Oh my gosh... after writing this I noticed that I hate a lot of things. So I'll stop now. XD

Things that make me who I am or random things I can't put anywhere else:

1) This can be considered my daily need or hobby if you must. XD Everyday I will change the background of my handphone. Yes, everyday. So you can imagine that my handphone is full of pictures. What background you ask? Well, anime pictures. I started when I first got my handphone in 6 -10-2008. The very first anime I put as my background was Cardcaptor Sakura, then Shugo Chara, Gakuen Alice/Alice Academy, Black Cat. Currently I'm using Special A. My change in what anime to put will change once I'm satisfied. XD

2) I think that I'm the only one in my family to own a Booksie account. I've once asked my big sister if she had one but she replied me by saying 'What's Booksie?'. Lol. That answered everything. I didn't think of asking my parents because maybe they don't have the time you know? As for my little brother... he... can't read... so I pass at asking him. XD

3) Wondering why VioletDiamond42 is my user name? Let me explain. Violet is my fave color. Violet=Purple. Violet sounds better. As for Diamond...when my big sister was deciding her user name in some other site, she chose a jewel type of name(Amulet, Ruby, Sapphire...). So I chose Diamond since she called dibs on the others. And 42 is because when I was chosing a suitable 'add on' in my user name and I thought of adding a number. And at that time my placing in my class was number 42. It was alphabetically not arranged by test scores of course. Just to let you know. XD

4) As you can see I'm a (crazy) anime and or manga lover. XD It fills my time of boringly boringness bored of boredom... It's very educational! I promise! I never lie! Well...except just now. ;) Confuse much?

5) I can't think of anything right now... So I'll amuse you with juggling! Watch and learn! Yes! Yeah! Are you getting this? I'm juggling 6 balls at once! A new record for me! Thanks for being here to support me. I *sniff* like to *sob* thank my parents *sniff* for my sucess. Thank you all and good night! :D

6) Why did I tell this things to you? Well... we can share anything here right? XD

Anyways... sorry for keeping you for so long. Your eyes probably hurt right now. XD Because of all the colours. So I'm giving you a special black and white text only. XD Thanks and please if you have the time...... comment on my poems, short stories....ect. I'll be sure to reply them. :) Complains and or criticism are welcome but it might make me sad. T_T Lol... Thanks again!

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