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Hey there people! :D

So well, here's the thing. I started writing when I was twelve and enjoyed it. Three month ago I started a story and it turned out to be a fanfic and it's my baby! I published it at quizilla also but, yeah noone could comment the chapters which made me a bit sad because I wanted the people to tell me how they liked each one, so yeah. Theeen I found booksie which is great, because you can comment there! I grew up in Vienna till I was seven, then I moved to the country side and now I am back in the city, ready to experience great things and all the new! New people, new locations, brilliant for a curious person like me! Who I am? I am Cory, I am seventeen and I am a little crazy from time to time but, hey, who isn't! I like to colour, sing, play the guitar and the piano, and write. Everything that has to do with creativity :) Weeell also I am very optimistic, single and a cutie, that's at least what the people say >.> I can be difficult from time to time but yeah that's also a feature I am more proud about because it show's it never gets boring with me ^^

I love Scrubs, Starbucks, McFly, Smoothies, my friends, school and myself which is important! <3 ________________________________________ Maaany Questions


1.What time is it? 18:23 Personal 2.Do you want to answer these? I could at least give it a try :) 3.Name?  Cory (: 4.Name spelled backwards? yroc 5.What is your quest? no quest 6.Nickname? darling, cutie, lovely, weasle, cutepie, cory, curry,... 7.Age? 17 8.Hometown? Vienna :D 9.What were you born in? VIENNA 10.Where do you live now? Vienna ^^ 11.What state? uhm might surprise you.. Vienna 12.Ever going to move? I moved from Vienna to lower Austria now back to Vienna 13.Would you rather live somewhere else? Of course! In London *-* 14.Birthdate? 3rd November! 15.When do youblow out your candles? The same date 16.Day you were born? Omg! Stop that XD 17.Zodiac sign? Scorpio 18.Do you know what that is? yes I do xD 19.Sex? girl 20.Height? short 21.Weight?  heavy 22.Eye color? Greenish brown 23.Hair color?  Blonde now 24.Any siblings? Lil' bro, stepsisters, baby step bro' (: 25.Names and ages?  Roman, Michelle, Nathi and Benni 26.Do you get along with them?  Of course I do (: 27.Any pets? yes a cat ^^ 28.Names? Princess Minka 29.Parents? Mom and dad 30.Names?  mom and dad ^^ 31.Do you get along with them? yeah 32.Married or divorced? divorced 33.How long? longer34.Website?  none 35.Email?  ask me (:36.AOL s/n?  no 37.Yahoo s/n? no 38.ICQ?  no 39.MSN?  ask meh xD 40.How many people are on your buddy list? 137 41.Phone number?  Not available 42.Personality? quiet, happy and very very crazy School 43. Do you want to answer these? Why not :] 44.What school do you go to? Second Three year course in Vienna 45.What year are you? The first 46.What are you?  the sunshine 47.Hardest class?  dunno yet still in the first one 48.Easiest class? 1st I guess 49.Most fun class? this one till yet ^^ 50.What day did school start? Aw don't ask me 51.Do you have classes with friends? of course! We all like each other :) 52.Do you have friends? xD did you seriously ask me that? 53.Do you go to school events? Sure! 54.What was the last event you went to? Two days open, I was supervising the wardrobe  55.Do you have school spirit? Not anymore xD 56.Do you go to dances?  Sure! 57.Stag or with someone? aww I go with a bunch of friends (:

Relationships 58. Do you want to answer these? Yes :P 59.Have a significant other? Yeah I guess there's one for everyone but currently.. no 60.What is their name? Well there is none 61.How old are they? 62.How long have you been going out?

63.Have you been faithful? Of course always 64.Do you have a crush? yeah 65.Who? I wont tell haha 66.Do they know you like them? yeah 67.You ever going to tell them? nah 68.Do you have an online crush? no!69.Who?  come on! there's none!In the Past 24 Hours Have You? 70. Do you wonder why I'm asking these questions? no xD I DOOO71.Had a serious talk? no 72. Hugged someone? yeaaah, denise, piwi, julia, ricarda and carina73.Fought with a friend? no 74.Cried? NO 75.Laughed? YES :D 76.Made someone laugh? yes! my french teacher xD 77.Bought something? yes! A new make up! 78.Cut your hair? xD no 79.Felt stupid? Yes because I told a silly joke ^^

80.Talked to someone you love? yep my friends! 81.Missed someone? Yes :( Have-you-ever ? 82. You want me to tell you? ^^ huh? 83.Smoked?never 84.Stolen something? yeah a CD but my friend made me do it :( 85.Done drugs? never86.Drank? yeah a lot xD 87.Gotten drunk? xD yes 88.Eaten an entire box of Oreos? xD yes!!! but my stomache hurt after that! 89.Been dumped? Yes. 90.Had someone be unfaithful to you? Yes.. 91.Hiked up a mountain? Yes! 92. Stayed home on Saturday night, just because? Yes (:  93.Been in love? Yeah (: 94.Seen the White House? only on tv and newspaper 95.Seen the Eiffel Tower?  yes 96.Try smoking? no 97.Played monopoly? Yes! :D 98.Seen Titanic? Yes *-* 99.Kissed someone? many many times, many many frogs, and some princes 100.Tried a weight loss program? Many xD 101.Jumped on a trampoline? YAY :D 102.Colored in a coloring book (and had fun)? YEAAAH :D 103.Had a bubble bath? *-* yeah 104.Been on a plane? yeeeees and it's so cool! to flyyy and get free drinks!! 105.Been on a boat? Yes :D 106.Been on a train? Yes very often 107.Been in a car accident? Yes... 108.Ridden an elephant? Yeah it was out of stone *-* 109.Made a web page? Yes :] project in IT110.Played with Barbies? I also was just a girl :D111.Stay up all night? Sure! 112.Shoved stuff under your bed to make your room look clean? XD yes 113.Called a psychic or sex hotline?  xDDD no 114.Watched Jerry Springer? Yes!! 115.Gotten in trouble for talking in class? yes xD  116.Been afraid of the dark? Yes ._. 117.Been in the hospital (not visiting)? No ^^118.Had stitches? yeaaaah 119.Dumped someone and regretted it? No never dumped someone 120.Gone out with more than one person at a time? no 121.Lied? :P yes 122.Been arrested? No xD 123.Fallen asleep in class? Yes *-* 124.Gotten in trouble in class? Yes.. 125.Used food for something other than to eat? xD ... I wont tell that 126.Met a celebrity?  Yes :D franky from my chemical romance 127.Broken the law? No... yes okay.. I did 128.Ever loved someone so much it made you cry?  Mhm :( I did 129.Hated yourself? Yes v_v, but now I love myself 130.Been brokenhearted? yes 131.Broken someone's heart? yes 132.Are you a virgin? xDDDDDDDDDd of COURSE hahaha 133.Done something really stupid? Yes. 134.Been arrested? Nooo we had that before 135.Hurt a friend? Yes... 136.Broken a bone? Never :D 137.Ever had a crush on a teacher? Yes *-* Favorites 138. Why do you want to know? curious. 139.Guy name? Stanley, Danny, Matthew

140.Girl name?  Amelie, Emily-Grace, 141.Nationality? British 142.Color? aquamarine, purple, orange 143.Holiday? summer break 144.Day of the week? saturday 145.Restaurant?  sushi restaurants 146.Fastfood restaurant? GoVeg 147.Food? Asian :] 148.Animal? penguin^^, lemur 149.Pet?  monkey ^^ 150.Store? New Look. Topshop, Primark! 151.Mall? none 152.Clothes brand? Chanel *-* 153.Soda? Calpico-soda, cherry coke 154.Alcohol? Cosmopolitan, Heineken 155.Instrument? guitar 156.Season? summer 157.Number? 27 158.Radio station? BBC Radio 1  159.Song? Lunik - The most beautiful song 160.Sport? Fitnesscenter 161.Vacation spot? London :] 162.State? England 163.Country? Great Britain 164.Flower? orchidee 165.Perfume? the new Chloé 166.Thing to do? Singing and writing :) 167.Actor? Hugh Grant, Jim Carrey, Jake Gyllenhaal 168.Actress? Julia Roberts, Amanda Bynes,  169.Saying? Every story has an end but in life, every ending is just a new beginning 170.Car? VW beetle cabrio 171.Month? May172.Cartoon? Spongebob Squarepants :] 173.T.V.Show? Sex and the city, desperate houswives, what I like about you 174.Website? www.myspace.com :] 175.Book?  the secret – rhonda byrne 176.Quality about yourself? I am pretty chilled and happy 177.Your best friend? I have many :)178.Your best guy friend?  robin :D 179.Your best girl friend? I have more at this point180.Fruit? Pomelo :] 181.Vegetable? corn :] 182.Meat? I am VEGETARIAN :x 183.Quote? 184.Saying?  185.Type of movie? Romance/Comedy 186.Candy? everything that has to do with fruit gum :) 187.Language? English and French 188.Magazine? Cosmopolitain 189.CD? none 190.Store? Primark191.Movie? ooooh I got sooo many 192.Day of the week? Saturdaaay 193.Singer? Hayley Williams 194.Band? MCFLYYY :D Misc. 195.Why are you so curious? Yeah why are you? 196.Like to swim?  Yes :D 197.Like to dance?  Of course! Shake yer booty :D 198.Have a pool? No :( 199.Have a car?  No :( 200.Going to get a car? Yeah later.. 201.Your motto? Always look on the bright side of life202.What do you look for in a friend? Honesty, fun, love 203.What do you look for in the opposite sex? Beautiful eyes, hair and humor 204.Time you get up? 5 am 205.Time you go to bed?  21-22 pm 206.What color are the sheets on your bed? blue 207.How many pillows? 2 208.Ever skip school? no 209.Have you ever been convicted of a crime? XD no 210.What did you eat for dinner? Soup xD 211.What are you wearing? My blue hardrock cafe shirt from london with a black cardigan and jeans 212.What movie makes you cry? Uptown girls. Notting hill 213.What book makes you cry? none 214.What song makes you cry?  Too Close to comfort - McFly215.What/Who makes you laugh so hard you cry? My girls :) and dane cook 216.What is your favorite possession? My LG Shine cell phone and my face xD 217.What physical, tangible possession do you want most? new clothes xD ( I am a shopping addict) 218.How badly do you want it? xD so bad I could cry 219.Have you ever seen The Exorcist? Yes I guess 220.How long did it take you to understand why that question is here? I didn't think about it? xD 221.Does Christmas music played too far away from Christmas annoy you? Yes xD 222.How old do you think you will be before you stop liking getting older?  45 223.What was the best Halloween costume you ever had? My white lady costume 224.What was the worst Halloween costume you ever had? When I had none xD 225.What holiday do you think has still managed to retain its original meaning? Thats hard to answer =/ 226.There are currently no federal holidays during August-what should be put there? We have summer holidays in August here xD 227.How good is your short-term memory? Good! I remember quite everything 228.How good is your short-term memory?  We had that xD 229.(Not very good I see, I repeated that question, did you notice?) I somehow get the thought you are teasing me D: 230.How good is your long-term memory? also quite good! 231.What is your earliest memory? My earliest? Dunno 232.What is your happiest memory (other than receiving this survey)? Seeing mcfly live on stage for free :) 233.What is your strangest memory? Some dreams I had 234.What is your worst memory? Us breaking up.. getting hurt again 235.What song, movie, etc. 236.What song, movie, etc. 237.What size are your feet? Uhm 8-9 238.If someone you had no interest in dating expressed interest in dating you, how would you feel? I felt okay because it's not up to me but I'll comfort that person by telling him the truth239.Do you prefer getting to know someone first before dating them or going "blind"?  no I will definately try to get known to that person before I'll do anything with them 240.Could you carry on a relationship with someone with the same first name as a family member? Sure! why not? xD 241.Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a guy out? Uhm no xD 242.What's your opinion on sex without emotional commitment? No opinion about that it's cheap 243.Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive? Yes.. 244.Do you think the opposite sex finds you good-looking? Yes they tell me that ^^ 245.Would you be willing to give up sex in exchange for an emotional commitment you knew would last? I dunno.. because sex is something I want to share with my partner.. it's fun and makes you closer (but if he has a small dick it'd be better for him we had none xD) 246.Do you laugh when you hear or read the number 69?  No? xD 247.Were you lying about your answer to the previous question? No I weren't 248.Do you actually know your Social Security Number? ahah no xD  249.Do you actually know your IP address?  No xD 250.Do you know what an IP address is?  Yes xD 251.Do you know the four-character extension on your ZIP code? No xD 252.Ever think there were too many numbers floating around in our lives? Yes :x 253.Does your head begin to hurt when you think of infinity,imaginary numbers, irrational numbers, etc.? xD yes I hate maths 254.What do you think of pi, you know, 3.14152967 etc..? I don't give a shit about freakin pi 255.Do you have a driver's license? No ._. 256.Do you sometimes see a movie or watch a show just because a good-looking celebrity is in it? xD yes 257.What celebrity's autograph do you want most?  Danny Jones *_* 258.Have people ever said you looked like a celebrity, and if so, who? When I had my black hair I was called Kelly Osbourne and Björk, now they say I look like Brittany murphy oô whatever 259.If there was to be a movie about you, who do you think should play you (in personality, looks or both)?  Kate Hudson or Samaire Armstrong 260.Does it ever annoy you when you know someone is a celebrity but you can't remember who they are? :O yes! 261.If you could enter any celebrity's mind like in "Being John Malkovich", whose would you enter? No ^^ 262.Do you want to be John Malkovich? No xD 263.Have you ever wished you could experience being the other gender? Yes xDDDD 264.What do you love most about the other gender? Uhm that they can protect us and a good googoo ^^  265.What do you dislike most about the other gender? =/ shitty way of thinking and difficulty 266.What do you understand least about the other gender? Why they always have to haunt and collect =/ 267.Mac or PC? Mac 268.How much do you actually care about the inner workings of your computer or is it only as long as it works? xD I don't care much about it 269.Do you ever begin preferring IMs to other forms of conversation? No  270.Do you find you're different talking through IMs than face-to-face or on the telephone? Uhm no xD 271.Have you ever bid on something on eBay and regretted it later? Never :] 272.If you had been born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name have been?  Raphael :x (my mum would have named me that) 273.Would you name a child of yours after you? No (: 274.If you had to switch first names with a friend of yours, who would you switch with? 

Nooone ^^ I have mostly male friends and the female friends names won't fit me 275.What's the way people most often mispronounce any part of your name? .

Carina is my best friend and my name is Corinna they always switch it ^^ 276.If you were to become famous, would you drop your last name (like Madonna, Cher, Roseanne)?  Nooo I would give myself a totally different name :] 277.Like to give hugs? *-* yes 278.Like to walk in the rain?  Yes (: 279.Sleep with or without clothes on? Both ^^  280.Prefer black or blue pens? black 281.Dress up on Halloween? Not anymore (: 282.Sleep on your side, tummy or back? Tummy ^^ 283.Think you're attractive? Uhm a bit yeah (: 284.Want to marry? laaaaaaaater 285.Have a goldfish? ^^ uhm no goldfish 286.Ever have the falling dream?  Yes xD 287.Have stuffed animals?  Yes! 288.Do you believe in the traditional view of Heaven and Hell? Uh no xD 289.Do you think God has a gender?  No :] and if, he is a black woman 290.Do you think science counteracts religion? Yeah in many ways  291.Do you believe in organized religion? Yes..  292.Where do you think we go when we die? A place somewhere in the universe where we have a conference with other souls of our soul family to discuss how we will meet in the next life 293.How easy is it to make you laugh? xD very easy 295.Do you laugh at jokes you know you shouldn't?  XD yes 296.Do you tell jokes you know you shouldn't?  XD yes 297.What words instantly make you laugh or at least smile? Botox xD inside joke 298.What do you think is the funniest thing you've ever said or written? Those are way to many lines =)299.Do you ever dance to music when nobody's watching, when someone's watching? Yeah always I LOVE TO SHAKE THAT BOOTEY xD 300.What is/are the worst song(s) you have ever heard? Speed of light - Coldplay 301.What song(s) do you wish you could understand a little better? Some Sia songs 302.What song(s) are constantly in your head? Beyonce - If I were a boy303.What song(s) do you think describe your personality best? Sia - Lentil 304.If you were to serenade the object of your affections, which song(s) would you use? 

McFly -It's all about you

305.If the object of your affections were to serenade you, what song(s) would you hope he or she used?  McFly - It'S all about you 306.What movie(s) do you love that nobody else seems to? Uptown Girls (: 307.Do you agree with the idea that sequels are always worse than the original? Yes xD 308.Who's your favorite Star Wars character? I don't like starwars :x 309.What kind of movie do you think there should be more of? None <3 310.What movie(s) do you simply not understand the appeal of? Starwars and lord of rings 311.When eating, are you more concerned with taste or healthiness? Both xD 312.What's your favorite kind of cheese? CHEDDAR :D 313.What do you think your answer to the previous question reveals about your personality? It reveals.. just my personality and nothing about it (: this is me and I like it that way! 314.If you knew exactly what went into Chinese food,hamburger meat, etc., would you still eat it?  no 315.Do you ever feel guilty eating meat? I never eat meat because i feel tooooo guilty then 


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