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First and foremost, I love to read; always have.  I started writing when I was a teenager, then life got in the way for a little while.  I picked up a pen and started writing some short stories about three years ago, and although I don't write as much as I would like to, I absolutely love it.  Getting published has been an arduous task (to say the least), but at least I still have the thrill of entertaining myself with my stories.  I am always interested in other peoples' stories as well, I think us writers should stick together.  I love horror anthologies, especially when its done by multiple writers; I think you get a good variety that way.  Just got into Lovecraft, the man was a genius, and have always liked Stephen King, who, of course, is a master of horror.  I hope one day to be published; it's a dream of mine, but if that doesn't happen, then at least I can self-publish my work, and show it to friends and family, and hand my stories down to my daughter, who I hope would like them.  I love to have criticism on my stories, how else are you supposed to get better write, lol?  Ok, enough said...my blank pages await!!


Looking at other peope's bios on here makes me realize that mine is kind of plain, and there is more to me than just reading and writing ( a little more, lol).  So here goes:

I am 32 years old, and live in New Jersey.  I am a proud father, who loves and adores his little girl, who just turned 7 a little while ago.  She is my world, and there is nothing that I wouldn't do for her.  What else.....I like making new friends, which is one of the reasons I joined Booksie, not just for criticism on my stories.  I like watching movies (horror my favorite, but a good sci-fi will do, too).  Some of my favorites are horrors like Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street, and movies like The Time Machine and Robocop, and some sincerely touching ones like Awakenings (which I think was truly awesome).  I like all kinds of music, ranging from classical symphonies( Beethoven and Mozart) to country (Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, and Shania Twain are some among many of my favorites).   I enjoy walking, it really helps me clear my mind (which needs a lot of clearing, lol), and I think it's great exercise to boot.  My favorite time of year is Autumn (Halloween, crisp but not cold air, falling leaves of different colors), I love the beach (especially at night, where you can sense the great expanse of the ocean rather than actually seeing it), and some of my favorite foods are the Supreme Pizza from Pizza Hut and Big Macs (I'm kind of a big health food nut, lol).  There has to be more than that.....hmmm.......


How about some pictures??



This is one of my favorites of me holding my baby girl



I'm having a great hair day in this one, lol!!!



My daughter, now.  Beautiful, isn't she??



And here's one with me and her at her 4th Birthday Party.  Nice beard, huh?



I'm really into classic cars, and always, always enjoy a good car show.  Some of my favorite classics of all time are: '65 Mustang, '66 Chevelle, '64 GTO, '54 Corvette, '58 Fury (because it was Christine), and my personal favorite, the dream car I hope to own some day: a '68 Firebird (glossy black). 



I would like to give a shout out to some people on here, not only because they're very good writers, but because they've become personal friends of mine, if you get a chance, please check out their work:


Psychotic Thrillers

Artemis Nightshade


Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

We also have a chat room that we've created (it's really, really cool); if you're interested in joining, please let me or Alisindra know, and we'll hook you up with the link.  ALL ARE WELCOME!!!!!!


I kind of regret not doing more adventurous or interesting things in my younger days, but the greatest accomplishment that I am very proud of is the birth of my little girl.  There is just something so magical about bringing a new life into the world (all of you mothers and fathers out there know exactly what I'm talking about).  To see that first smile, watch her take her very first steps, speak her first word, feed herself for the first time, what can I say?  Precious. 

I currently have two major goals in my life as of now (three if you include getting published):

1) Spend more time with my daughter, who (sadly and unfortuneately) lives in another state then where I currently reside and,

2) Go back to school, get a degree, and get a good career (my absolute dream, and I'm going to check into this, is to become an editor, preferably for a magazine or, better yet, a publishing agency.  To be able to read all day, and get paid for it.....wow!!!  Heaven, plain and simple).


These are some short stories that I have read, that not only have stuck with me, but inspired what I write.  This is, by far, an incomplete list, and I will update it continually as I think of other ones:

The Chaser by John Collier

Night They Missed the Horror Show by Joe Lansdale

Shadow Out of Time by H.P. Lovecraft

Technicolor by John Langan

The Jaunt by Stephen King

Wake-Up Call by David J. Schow

Ms. In a Bottle by Edgar Allan Poe

Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Ropy Thing by Al Sarrantonio

Ubbo-Sathla by Clark Ashton Smith

An Experiment in Human Nature by Monica J. O' Rourke

Mr. Clubb and Mr. Cuff by Peter Straub

My Boat by Joanna Russ

The Hounds of Tindalos by Frank Belknap Long

Haeckel's Tale by Clive Barker

A Little Night Music by Lucius Shepard

Soft Monkey by Harlan Ellison

A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury

Talent by Theodore Sturgeon

The Thief by Gregg Hurwitz

Born of Man and Woman by Richard Matheson

Tunesmith by Lloyd Biggle, Jr.

The Nine Billion Names of God by Arthur C. Clarke

The Graveyard Rats by Henry Kuttner

Sandkings by George R. R. Martin

Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Well, that's all I can think of for now, but like I said, there are many, many more, and I will try to put them on here as they come to me. 


Some more little tidbits about me:

  • I would like to meet John Lithgow someday.  I think he's one of the greatest actors ever (I dare you to watch an episode of Third Rock From the Sun and not laugh, even once).
  • I admire Nolan Ryan, not only because of his stellar pitching career, but also for his longevity and leadership qualities.
  • In the ongoing debate of who is hotter, Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, I would choose Katy Perry ANY DAY.
  • I have two tattoes (and would love to get more): The Joker on my right arm, and my daughter's name heart on my chest, above my heart.
  • I hate when older people keep bragging on how cheap things were in the old days.  Duh, people MADE a lot less then, too!!!
  • Some songs that will always remind me of my daughter as an infant are: "That's Something to be Proud Of" by Montgomery Gentry, "I Cant Unlove You" by Kenny Rogers, and "Wherever You Are" by Jack Ingram.
  • I am proud to say that I attended a FREE Peter Cetera concert.  (Yeah, you heard me, free.  I gladly would have paid for it, though.)
  • I'm also proud that I piloted a big rig for a short while in nearly every state east of the Mississippi River, taking in the wondrous sights of The Statue of Liberty and the St. Louis Arch while I was on the road.
  • I would (of course) like to meet Stephen King, and have him read one of my manuscripts, just so he can tell me in a perfunctory way that it shows promise, but still needs work.
  • I can't understand the reason why anybody would ever want a cockroach as a pet.  DISGUSTING!!!!!
  • I have had a crush on Mariah Carey since I was thirteen years old.
  • The Twilight Zone is one of my favorite TV shows.
  • I have been to Nashville, TN, meeting and shaking hands with Andy Griggs.  If you don't know him, he sang "If Heaven".  If you don't know the song, look it up; it's very powerful.
  • I just want to put this out there, because it's important- Katy, if you (please God) happen to come by this profile, I will gladly give you my phone number, and my heart.  I don't think you'll need my money, but that's yours too, if you want it.  (The same goes for you, as well, Mariah.)

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I am a firm believer in getting something for giving something.  Sometimes, it doesn't have to be much, even a "Thank You" will do.  However, when it comes to booksie, I believe you should AT LEAST read somebody's work before leaving a reading request to that person.  Think about it.  Do you want somebody to comment on your work if you can't stand reading thiers???  I know I wouldn't.  So please, read my work first, before leaving a request.  If you like it, please let me know, and I will be sure to return the favor and let you know what I think about your short story, poem, etc.  If you don't, then please move on.  There are plenty of other writers on booksie, with many different styles.  You're bound to find one that matches your writing style. 
I just signed up for an account on Bookrix, too!!!  And I've posted a new story on there!!  Please feel free to check out my site on Bookrix, my name is Writersbug there, too.  Thanks!!




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