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If you plan to make  WOLF FOR MY STORY, FOR IDEAS YOU COULD GO HERE~http://khalypso.deviantart.com/art/Create-a-Wolf-v2-144937481 You can make a wolf here, all rights go to khalypso.If you ever want to talk to me about something, you can just ask! Or if you want to be friends! Okay! Well, there is no due date for y wolf quiz, and im looking for more members! Dont be shy!I'll be working on the lonely angel for awhile, so if you want to read more of the packs, just wait! I will definetly upload more!YAY!! 200 Views on The Packs!

Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Yavie Aelinel, Crazy Billie Joe Loving Freak, Shadow929, The Astrology Nerd, brown-eyed angelofmusic, piratesswriter/fairy to be, The Gypsy-Pirate Queen, watching-waiting-wishing, 100-percent-Harry-Potter-obsessed, iluvdavidwright45, dianeandnumairareahotcouple,windsoftiti, Ilovethelittletacos...Ilovethemgood, i-have-issues-deal-with-it ,Sn1ck3rD00dl3, Annoyed Child, Ryu-chan the koorime,sqishy-muffin, AkatsukiFan, Shifter-youkai,watches sakura blossems fall, Two Tailz, keeah, Lacie Aliss, DuskAndDestiny, MacGirl, Aria Aiedail,XxGrimmjowxX,

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Welcome to The Pack

Name: Sasha Looks: silvery blue moon color with silver streaks Personality: speaks with the eyes. Very attentive to emotions and body language Pack: Mist How she became a member: was led by the glowing moon and brightened stars to a secluded misty forest. Met with the clan who accepted her as their own. 

 name - maxine but better known as just max looks - black and white fur with silvery eyes pack - mist personality - she's bubbly, fun and witty but all that is just a facade concealing the deeper mysteries and horrors of her past. how she became a member - she stumbled upon the pack while looking for reason to live. special ability - she can torture people by dillusioning them into thinking that they are living their worst nightmare.

Name: Caligo(cali for short) Looks: A midnight purple(Blurple lol), that at times looks black and at times looks a deep purple. Grey eyes with grey around the mouth area, paws, ear and tail tips. Personality/background: Once a lone wolf created from a secret union between two members of differnt packs(Darkness and Water). Cali was raised in secret by her mother after she left in fear of her life and that of her unborn child. When Cali was 16 her mother was brutally murdered by a pack of humans. Thinking she was utterly alone she wandered the land restlessly until she came across her mothers old pack(Darkness)They thought her a freak because of her strange and unsettling powers. Spurned by her mothers pack she cared for no one and nothing causing chaos and destruction everywhere she went. Years later and she grew weary of her life deciding to end it. She is rescued by a member of the mist pack, and is surprized to find that this band of misfits accept her for what she is. She is looked down upon by the Darkness and Water packs, but is calmed by the fact that her pack loves her. She is extremely tempermental and often acts first and thinks later. Loyal to a fault, she will gladly give her life to save that of a comrade. She has the power to manipulate the water particles around her creating dense fog/mist which aids with her preferred mode of attack: guerrilla, and she has the strange ability to create objects from water by changing the atom arrangment from gas to liquid to solid.

Pack: Mist Name - Phantom Look - White gray male wolf, with flaming red and amber eyes. He has swirls of black on his flanks and stripes on the tip of his tail. Personality - Quiet and yet deadly while in a battle with other wolves. He has a calm side, and usually doesn't loose his temper. How - He became a member as he was simply a lone wolf abandoned by his mother at a young age. He has leaned patience over years of travelling. Pack - Mist

Name - Mirage Look - A misty grey female wolf with dark blue eyes, always holding a mystery. She has what looks like crashing waves all along her back and flanks in a black/blue colour. Personality - She is fierce, bitter-tongued and always wanting to run. She is stubborn and yet quiet all the time. She loves Phantom. How you become a member - She found Phantom when she'd run away from her family. She and him had become very close friends. Pack - Mist

Pack of sky-windy. She should be silver with swirls of baby blue markings. She is very high strung, or hyperactive. She becomes a member for her ability to be very fast like the wind. Speed is her game. i think sky would be a good pack, since wind and sky fit well together. I hope I'm doing this right!!!

NAME: Spryte. APPEARANCE: Spryte is a rather small wolf. Her fur is snow white, with the tips of her tail and ears a lavender. Her eyes are bright, violet purple with an iridescent sheen to them. When she gets mad, though that spin inside her irises, turning lime green. She has a scar along her neck where the hunters had kept her chained up to a tree. Desperate to get away, she pulled tighter, and the chain wrapped so tight around her neck that she could hardly breathe. PERSONALITY: Spryte has a huge heart and attitude, despite her small size. She protects what is hers, keeping watch over the smaller ones. HOW SHE BECOMES A MEMBER: She runs from poachers, where she then meets up with her new pack. She follows her heart, taking the path where it leads here, and thankfully, it leads her to the Air pack. PACK: Air ADDITIONAL: The poachers killed her mother, as well her her sisters (Crystal and Fae).

Name: River that Flows over Souls (Riversoul) Looks: A starry spirit-like color, Riversoul has the ability to speak Cat and Human. Personality: Wise, strong, is a valuable ally and a powerful enemy. How you become a member: His original pack was captured for Human researched, because he spoke to a young Human boy as a pup. He escaped, and ran into the sky pack. Pack: Sky

Fire Name: Cannon Looks: Jet black fur with traces of red throughout, and the tips of his ears are crimson. Personality: Very serious and quick-tempered. He is commanding but not very outspoken. How he became a member: born into it (not sure if that's what you had in mind or not.) Pack: fire

Lyla (Cannon's twin) Looks: She has red fur with traces of black throughout it. Personality: She is almost impossible to anger and is rarely serious. She is also highly outspoken, but never commanding. In short, she is her brother's complete opposite. How became member: born into it Pack: fire

 Name: Flake Special Power: Fire breathing. Pack: Fire Admittance: Born into it. Description: His fur is red on his back but as it stretches out in all directions it steadily gets lighter until it is pure white. The only pure white on him is on all four paws, the tip of his tail, and the end of his snout. Personality: Flake is usually really hyper and jumps around a lot. When he gets angry his body temperature sky rockets and heats up everything close to him, setting easier to burn stuff on fire. He is young but can hold his own against a well trained adult.

Name: Domin (Doe-MIN) Pack: Darkness Description white, silver, and gray. White body with silver on his back, toes, ears, and mouth. On the outside of each silver part I want there to be a little gray that spreads out an inch or two.: Admitence: Just kind of showed up. Special Power: Can move through shadows. The dog dissolves into a shadow and then resolidifies out of a conected shadow. Comlepey of his own free will. When he wants to he can become a shadow. He likes to fight and he is good at it, but he cares about his family (pack) the most. He will give his life for any one of his family members. Domin is very noble, when he stands he always holds his head up high. People along side him will be encauraged, but people against him will be demoralized just by the very sight of him.

Name: Diem Looks: The picture at the bottom might not work.. So she is blue with markings that look like the moon and stars along her back and paws. Personality: Not shy, but relatively easy to manipulate. How you become a member: She was born into the pack and fought her way through the ranks. Can feel the physical pain of everyone in the world and can help them before they get hurt. If she doesn't help the pain she feels gets stronger. Pack: Darkness

Name:Akane Looks:She is a lean red wolf with whitened spote along her fur. Her eyes are a sky blue and her muzzle is white even if she is only a few years old. She is muscular and lean, built for running and hunting. Personality:She is stubborn and sneaky. She has a loud mouth and isn't afraid to speak her mind about things. When angered she isn't afraid to put up a fight that she thinks she will win. She has a genius mind ad can figure her way out of anything. How you become a member:She was caught stealing from the pack and was forced to join if she wanted to keep her life. She is now acting as a hunter even if the others in the pack treat her as a prisoner. Pack: Darkness

name: Quinn (does it matter wether its a human name or not??, if it does then maybe... Jeron) Looks: Pure black fur with one scar that goes across his muzzle. Pack: Darkness Personality: He prefers to keep in the background, though he is a great fighter. He hardly loses his temper but when he does he gets extremely violent. He takes orders but doesn't always stick to them. He doesn't really talk/commicate with the other wolves.Has ability to suddenly turn invisble, and also can read minds (but he can't help it, he just reads them) How he became a member: He just appeared one day and just started reading their minds so they decided to let him in. :)

zunza is his name he has black fur and a white crescent moon on his forehead.his paws are white and the tips of his ears and tail are white too.on his stomach is a pattern that looks like his bones printed onto his fur. his eyes are purple. he was found by the darkness pack and recruited. he could control the shadows and travel through them.he is charming and cocky and has a great sense of humour.he has no family and no mate..yet.he also has anger isues and thinks he is cursed.he can morph into a half human and half wolfe boy whenever. when he is human he would be a teen. no pack before darkness. -darkness

Name: Misha. Appearance: Long russet fur tipped with black on the edges. Golden eyes with spots of amber in them. Personality: She is very headstrong and strong. She is very quiet, but will speak up when she feels she needs to. How she became a memeber: She woke up one day and felt a longing in her heart to go East. She ran, letting her footsteps guide her. Fate led her to the pack. Pack: Earth. Ability: She can can cause violent earthquakes with only a simple thought

Name: Tuck Appearance: Tuck is pretty small, her fur is brow with little dashes of green, and her paws have forrest green socks. the fur that is green changes depending on the season. Her normally gray eyes change color according to her feelings and what is about to happen, Black for rage or dark magic, red for romance or blood shed, green for calm or easy times, yellow for happy or sunshine, But when her magic is being used her eyes become a brilliant bronze How she became a member" Tuck was born into the pack of the mist and she was born with the ability to shape shift. but her group of the pack was attacked she tried to protect her family but she failed her group was killed and all she was left with was a slashed scar across her left eye so now she lives with the earth pack Personality: Tuck is a spunky person. she's actually pretty sarcastic but can be hard and tuff when the situation requires it Additional: The only reason tuck was allowed to stay with the earth pack was because in truth her father was not of the mist pack he was of the earth

Name: Malachite (Malachite crystals represent psychic powers! mIght be useful in your story). Pack: Crystal Color: (Malachite crystal is a deep green) To see exact color google malachite and click on images. Personality: I would say that of a healer. Since crystals are a healing agent and also spiritual. I would liken my wolf to a shaman. So the group healer and spiritual leader or helper. How I became a member: Maybe another wolf got hurt and I stepped in or I found the pack after I had a psychic vision that I was to find them?

Name: Serenity (Peace) Looks: Serenity has midnight black fur, except for the tip of her tail which is a red-blonde. Her eyes are a bright shade of aqua. Wren isn't large, but she can take on anything. Personality: Wren is feirce and brave, almost to the point of stupidity. But she's also sad, as no one ever truly accepted her. Her best friend, a wolf named Hailleigh, is the only one who treats her as if she was born into the pack.  Serenity can see visions, of things that happen, although they're very subjective. She sees flashes, mostly colours and auras, but often has nightmares of her brother. How you became a member: When Serenity was only a few months old, her original pack was being hunted. When the majority of the pack had died, her older brother, Byron, took her to a hidden cove. He died soon after, and Wren just ran. She ended up running into Hailleigh and the pack took her in. Pack: Crystal

Name: Hailleigh (Meadow) Looks: Hailleigh's fur is almost a pure red, but her feet and a marking in the shape of a cresent moon on her forehead are pure white. Her eyes are emerald green. Smaller than Serenity, but not by much. Personality: Hailleigh is the peace keeper between the pack. Her father is the alpha, and so she has priveledges. She is feirce and bold only when she needs to be, but she is very protective.Hailleigh has this affinity to speak with other animals and growth and creation bloom in her pressence. Like, she can cause flowers to bloom in the middle of fall. How you became a member: Hailleigh was born into it as the alpha's daughter. Pack: Crystal

Name: Snowflame Looks: Pure white with vivid blue eyes. Personality: Helpful and calm, eager at times, and sometimes overreacts to situations. She tries to help others. How you become a member: She wandered into their packlands by accident, when she was younger, so she decided to join. Pack: Crystal. Additional info if needed: She is three years old, she is an orphan, but is willing for any older wolf to "adopt" her. I think that's it.

NAME: Aya LOOKS: Pure white fur, with mismatched eyes, one green and one blue that change to golden respective red when she's angry, in pain or in turmoil. PERSONALITY: She is very proud and tries to act cold towards the other members of the pack but she actually cares a lot about them and helps them without them knowing it. She always says that she will not save them if they are in trouble but she often puts herself in danger trying to come to their rescue. Most members of her pack think badly about her but they begin to change their opinion as they witness her courage and skills but she still acts indifferent and doesn't want to open her heart fearing betrayal. She is very smart and always able to come up with a battle plan. HOW SHE BECAME A MEMBER: When she was a baby she was abandoned because of her looks, the pack thinking she was cursed and that will bring them misfortune. She manages to survive somehow, growing to be very beautiful and deadly at the same time, and, one day, she came in the rescue of a wolf that was surrounded by (I don't know what to put here lol! but they wanted to kill the wolf...). They manage to defeat their dangerous enemies and the wolf, to express his gratitude, invited her to the pack whose leader he was. Aya accepts the invitation although the other members of the pack, with few exceptions, express openly their dislike towards her, having the same thoughts about her appearance as her old pack and considering her cursed. The pack leader though, considers her special not cursed and thinks she has a bright future ahead although he never explained his reasoning to the pack. PACK: Crystal, i think but she can be from the other packs either if it will fit better in your story SPECIAL ABILITIES: ...tell me what pack she'll be in and I'll come up with something or better yet, if you have some ideas please feel free to use them.

Name: Natalia How She Became A Member: Her family was a member but they were killed (somehow) Pack: Crystal Special Power: Crystalization Description: Silver coloured fur with a burgandy lightening bolt across her side Personaility: She may seem like a young wolf but she is actually a wolf who is sarcastic, playful, silly, clever when it comes to solving problems quickly, She has the will power to fight anything when she needs and wants to Name: Diamond (Dia for Short) (Girl incase no1 knew) Looks: (Like Pic) White with traces of Grey and Solid Silvery-White Eyes Personality: Placid & Playful, but with a deadly bite when needed How you become a member: Found injured in the forest and taken in Pack: Crystal (I honestly can't remember what Crystal did, sry) Additional info: (as seen in pic) Can somewhat bend light to appear transluent or mistical, depending on her mood

Name: Cobalt Looks: Fur is pure white except for the very tip of his tail which is black. His eyes are a light shade of blue. Personality: He tries not to stand out much and tends to blend into the background. He takes directions better than he gives them, but he tends to come through for his pack in dangerous situations. How became member: saved one of the pack members from drowning Pack: water

Name: Alena Looks: She has dark, grey fur and very dark eyes. She's fairly small, but she is also strong. Personality: She is rambunctious, outgoing, and a little clumsy, but she is extremely loyal and trustworthy. How became member: Got lost during a storm, and was taken in by the pack. Pack: lightening

Name: luna Looks: strong but lean with jet black fur with jagged bolt of white going down her sides Personality:very secretive but friendly to those she trusts and cares about. shes the one that you want on your side because when your her enemy your in trouble!extremly smart and come come up with plans on the spot How you become a member:she has been running the woods all her life but was always alone never surrounded by others. one day she ran into Alena, she found there other wolves that acually lived as a family and she couldnt turn that down. she has been there ever since. Pack:lightning

Outacasts or rouges: Name: Jarsha Looks: Red coat, white paws, orange eyes. Pack: Originally part of the Lightning Pack, currently pack-less --attempting to destroy the current Lightning Pack in order to rebuild it in his own image. Personality/Background: Originally brave and loyal, though he was often arrogant. He was the son of the Alpha male, and many thought he would grow up to be a good leader. He was very outwardly and spoke his mind, even when he ought not have. Eventually he angered another, older male who challenged him. For his entire life he was told that he could never loose and accepted, even if it was a foolish decision, because he could not judge it. He lost and was banished from his pack; the winning male forced him out when he assumed control. Despite that the other packs find the Lightning Pack as stable and are unwilling to wage battle against them, Jarsha will do anything to destroy the male who banished him. He has been corrupted by his failure to win, even if it was not his fault, and cannot move on. He is offered to be a part of the Fire Pack and declines. Instead, he intends to find some way to either kill the male or ignite war between the packs. Ability: Once Jarsha could command the skies, a power said to be bestowed from the Gods. When he lost the battle, however, his ability vanished. He claims that the male who defeated him stole his power (though deep down it is still within him, held back from his shame). So instead he fights with weapons that he forges himself. This, too, makes him more of an outcast because his behaviour is considered un-animal. Tell me if you like him and want to use him. He's more of a bad guy though.

Name: Cidney Pack: None Special Power: He can control people, the weaker willed they are the he can control them. He can only use his control power after dark. During the daytime he can teleport short distances. When Cidney teleports it uses a lot of energy. If he teleports more then 10 times within 10 minutes he will pass out. Background: Cidney has been alive for 317 years. He was originally born into the now extinct Seeker pack. There are a few members of the Seeker pack still around. (I have a few ideas for them that I think would be cool in the story.) Description: Long gray fur with some black running through. Cidney is missing his right eye. The skin grew over the missing hole but you can't see that because his hair is long and it covers that side of his face. Personality: He doesn't speak much but often giggles and laughs. He is really good at using his powers and is extremely knowledgable.

The Packs.

To keep the world in balance, all the gods came together and created the packs. Each pack was granted a ability that they had, each one unique. They made 8 individual packs. The pack of mist, whitch could turn there body into mistThe fire pack, which could withstand any heat. The pack of water, which could control any type of water. Pack of darkness, which could control the shadows and meld into the darkness. The lightning pack which could control lightning and make it storm. The sky pack, which is where very few wolves live, few can withstand the altitudes, they are the fastest of the 8 packs, and can control the wind. The crystal pack, not much is known about this pack. The earth pack, one of the few packs that live out in the open, are gifted in controling the ground. The leader of the mist pack, Arma, forsaw that in the future the world would be surronded in darknes, so she asked each pack to choose 2 members to go and stop the world from being consumed in darkness...


Hi! Im glad to be on Booksie and hope to read great stories and make many friends! I LOVE ohhc! (If you cant tell 83) BUT! I also love GRIMMJOW! If your looking for a good anime to watch, you should try Natsume Yujinchou! My name on Booksie shall be  Chou! That might not be my real name but it fits! I love anime, fma,bleach,naruto,wallflower,ohhc,black blood brothers,kingdom hearts and lots more that would take hours to type! I also love animals! My all time favorite is the wolf! I was thinking about posting some things up on here, maybe later.If you like vampires, watch black blood brothers! Me time! As you can see, most of the members people will make will go up there. And the story plot. Know, some pics and stuff that I like!





altZeus and alt Casa

altAer  andaltShu

altBloodstone and alt Opal





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