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Dear Reader,

    There isn't much that needs to be known about me, really there isn't. I'm just a small-town girl writing about things that spark my interest. Whether it be about a boy, a song, or just a simple bird that I saw fly by, I can't help but write something! 

    Certain things  that I write, or have written, have to do with boys. Other's with friends. Most commonly, a little fantasy I've dreamt up in some sleep or while I'm listening to a song from a movie soundtrack. I'm a girl of the arts, what can I say? Nothing. I can't say anything. I love everything and anything having to do with being able to paint a picture whether physically or mentally. Those, after all, are the best pictures, right? 

     The only thing that I wish, is that I could read better. I can't read to save my life, so I don't know how I am writing things. I guess it's a talent? Or a curse? Well, I have yet to decide. I can't really see, either, so I suppose that answers that. 

    I am a movie nerd. Not a small nerd, but more like, "Oh my G_d , Harry Potter is coming out in 3D I have to get tickets for the midnight showing right now! And, I need to get a costume and a wand and some Bertie Botts beans!"... Yeah, that's me.  I am a nerd unlike any other. I play Xbox 360, no you don't get my gamer tag, it's just a fun fact. 

   Random little fact: If a boy were to really make me happy on a date, he would take me to some place with sushi, then take me to a movie-- I don't care what movie, just a movie-- and then we would go to his house and play Assassins Creed or Kingdom Hearts. Fun, right? 

    The books I like are very few. I'm rather selective when picking out what I want to read. Let's begin. I only like a maximum of twenty wrters. No, scratch that, I only love a maximum of twenty writers. I can list a few for you: William Shakespeare, Kurt Vonnegut, Lemony Snicket, Frank Beddor,  Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nathaniel Hawthorne, M.T. Anderson, and a few more. I admire them all for a range of different reasons. Shakespeare for romance. Vonnegut for humor. Snicket for his wit. Beddor for his imagination. Hemmingway and Fitzgerald for their visions. Hawthorne for his power. M.T Anderson for future within a fictional story. 

    Like all writers, you begin to see the world in a different light as life starts to throw you curve balls. Sometimes, that light is darker than anything in your world, but you have to work with it. At times the world may seem like a dark and sinister place, but trust me when I say that there is much more good in it than bad. All you have to do, is look hard enough. {I have to trust myself with this sometimes because there are days when I don't even believe myself...}. One of the authors listed above wrote that in a book, maybe you've heard of it? The Serious of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket? Classic read, I recommend it greatly. Secretly,  I like when I don't believe that the world is as good as some people say. When you don't believe everything that you hear is when your best work comes out of you. When you're fighting forces is when your angstiest writing becomes tear-jerking and meaningful. When your mind has nothing but horrific visions, is when your stories gain the darkest, yet most creative, twists. And, when your heart is torn in two with no one to stitch up the pieces, is when your literature tells a story of its own just from the title. Silly, isn't it? My little thoughts on the darkness around us.

      I always used to think that I was like this girl, Harper, from this play Angels in America... As I grew throughout the year, I learned how true that really is... Sometimes, it scares people, the things I think when I'm alone inside my head, but I am okay with that because that means that I have a voice of my own, thoughts of my own that create things I enjoy creating-- literature for people to read and enjoy. 

    On a lighter note of this letter to you, my dear reader, I am now a college student. I can't believe life comes at you that fast. Interesting. Honestly, when people say to, "take a moment and hold it," Do it. Because, you never know when you will wake up one morning and suddenly you're no longer eight, but eighteen, driving yourself to work and school, about to start your future someplace out in the world. Despite everything that happens, never forget to keep moving forward because we are curious to the open doors around us, and they will only stay open for so long before fate moves us to a new door with a new path and a new adventure. 

Love Always,

                Taea (Matty)


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