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People trust me with their valuables; they shouldn't. I am a thief. I am a spy. I am the best criminal Japan has ever known about.  They call me blank.

I step on the train with my fake baby and I move with heavy steps. I find my way to a seat and keep my head down. To my right an old man with a newspaper so big you can´t see his face. Across from me a young couple in love. The young man points at my baby carriage and gives the girl a smile. Orange seats run down the sides of the train. Dusty in this metal box almost like it hasn't been cleaned for years. Sun pours in from the window right into my eyes.  

Shaking back and forth the train comes to a hard stop. Gathering my things I lift the blanket up from my carriage and check on the doll. Using my best high pitched voice I say ¨That's my baby girl. Did you sleep well?¨. People on both sides of me smile and their eyes get glossy. I shuffle around on the train till I reach the outside. I’ve made it to my destination the museum of ancient jewelry.

Behind me was a class field trip here to see the new jewelry exhibit. With all the kids here it's hard to go unnoticed. Almost 100 young children were crowded around a glass case. Inside was a necklace. The most expensive necklace i've ever set my eyes on. Diamonds on diamonds on diamonds. It was absolutely stunning. It was displayed on metal rods that suspended it in the air inside a glass box. The oval shaped crystals fit so effortlessly into the next. The light hit the gems in the most precious way. How could something so precious be displayed so vulnerable and exposed.

“Excuse me miss could you please move?” said a small 10 year old girl. I moved slightly so she could get by me. She looked back and gave me the most beautiful smile.   She was very polite but moving could mess up my steps and nothing was going to inconvenience me.

        I set up all my equipment. Tiny Cameras that not even a magnifying glass can see. I place them on each hallway as I walked around and inside the security room. I placed movement sensors in front of all the exits and light detectors all around the necklace exhibit.. While wandering around the museum I start to memorize my way around. Through the door you take 10 steps to the left then rotate 45 degrees and continue straight, another left another right and you're there. I could do it with my eyes closed and I did. Rolling my baby carriage around I notice that same small girl following me but she was harmless. I stepped into the bathroom and went in a stall. I lay out a map of the museum on the changing table and mark where I put the cameras in red ink. I put my doll into a baby carrier around my chest and leave the stroller in the bathroom.

    Night falls and a hush came over the museum as all the people made their way out. I felt safe. I opened a door that is labeled ¨Staff only¨ and got inside. To my surprise it was a staff room that lead to the second floor. I go up the stairs and sit on a balcony until it was time for the museum to close.

The nighttime security guards were about to start their shift.  A tall dumb looking man with dark brown hair and small eyes dragged his feet inside along with a small younger looking woman who was all done up, hair curled, lipstick on and smelled of  cheap flowers. They make their way to the office located in the back of the museum. I had 4 minutes that no one was watching the cameras before they get there. I leave the balcony and make quickly make to the necklace room. Arm's length away from me I'm standing directly in front of what was going to be my most prised possession. The necklace.

    Suddenly unexpected footsteps come from down the hall. Little tapping filled my ears. My shoulders dropped and my face became long I begin to panic this is never happened before. I gather myself and find the nearest exhibit I can hide behind a big statue. A small girl peeks her head out from the door frame. I feel on edge I don’t move. She walks around the room looking for an answer. She broke the quiet. “Is anyone here?” I don’t say anything and focus on my balance behind the statue. My spy glasses send me a notification that the guards made it to the monitor room. I watch them and realize they’re not paying attention to the screens and they leave the room with puzzled looks on their faces. Rushing now I move my focus to the necklace. I jump off the statue and move swiftly to the necklace. Standing in front of the display I rip the head off my baby to expose all my tools. I lay them on the floor gently. ¨Excuse me miss can you please help me?¨ Slowly turning my head I couldn't believe my eyes. It was the same girl who followed me during the day. I start to take the necklace out of the box as if the girl wasn't there.¨What do you need I'm very busy.¨ The first screw was off. ¨Oh I know  you!¨ She seemed excited to see me, a stranger. ¨No you don't.¨ Second screw came off. ¨Of course I do! what happens to your baby didn't you have one. I think i'm stuck in this museum. Do you have a phone? Could you actually call my mom? Her number is 555-758-...¨ I cut her off ¨Listen kid I'm busy go play in the museum.¨ Third and final screw was off now. I switch the necklace with a fake. The necklace was finally mine. The girl wandering around the room gave me a chance to slip away. ¨But I can't. I need to go home. What's this do?¨ She pulled the fire alarm. Water came pouring down from the ceiling and it couldn't have been a more perfect exit.



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